Herpes on the tongue: can be and how to treat it?

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?Hello, dear friends! Do you have kids? Then you have to know what is herpetic stomatitis, which affects often children! This disease is a herpes on the tongue and is difficult to treat.

Wounds in the oral cavity particularly vulnerable to additional infection, so without proper care the disease often develops into a complicated shape.

Want to know how to care quality provided to cure herpes? Then carefully read this article.

Could it be that: jumped the herpes inside the mouth?

To the question: could there be a herpes rash on the tongue, there is a definite answer: can! The saddest thing is that this happens mainly in children.

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?Without treatment, the disease provokes serious complications such as bacterial intraoral infection, tooth decay, various types of stomatitis, inflammation of the tonsils, etc.

The herpes virus enters the body and settles on the mucous membranes and then spreads throughout the body along with the bloodstream. After the first flash he settles in the nerves and can Wake up at any moment.

Despite the development of modern medicine to cure oral herpes completely impossible as any other kind. Herpes viruses not killed (yet), but still they can be addressed, it is important to know how to do it.

But first, let’s understand how the infection occurs.

Reasons care quality provided to herpes

Often this disease is triggered by simple herpes of the first type that causes the common cold on the lips. Symptoms infection appears exactly where it begins to actively isnegative provocateur.

How is the herpes virus can get on the tongue and in the mouth of a child? Ways are many, and the article presents only the basic:

Viruses move through the air with saliva and sputum. This method of infection is called airborne.

If you communicate with sneezing or coughing and sick, it will surely breathe the tiny particles of his sputum, and the virus with them. Children are very sociable and that’s why more frequently infected.

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?Through shared personal items can also be infected. For example, the sore you have jumped on the lip, and you decided to drink tea. During the tea party, your child is asked to share a drink, and you give him his Cup.

To make it not worth it, since viruses remain at household objects and transmitted through these items to others. Not only ware threat. You can become infected via toothbrush, food, etc.

During kissing you in contact with one of the most contagious bodily fluids — saliva. In saliva the herpes viruses can isnegative a very long time. When the kiss happens the majority of infections by the care quality provided to erisipela.

During oral sex genital herpes to your partner can be your care quality provided to. This method of transmission peculiar to adults.

Distributing viruses is also possible. How, you ask? It’s very simple. For example, you or your offspring sprang cold on his lip.

Touching it with your fingers, you collect the virus and then, if you can stick your fingers in your mouth, what children often do, carry the virus in the mouth and on the tongue.

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The above causes will provoke the first outbreak of the infection. After recovery comes remission, the duration of which depends on the immune system. The stronger the immune system, the less frequent will be the recurrence. Relapse is triggered by:

  • hypothermia;
  • decreased immunity;
  • to hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • overheating and other adverse factors.

Who gets erisipela?

The risk group includes everyone who is in contact with the patient. That is why if you have herpes on the tongue or in other places, you need to temporarily isolate myself from others (for the whole period of treatment).

Patients are considered to be most infectious in the acute stage — during a relapse or at the time of the primary manifestations of infection. Let’s figure out how to recognize herpetic stomatitis on the tongue.

Symptoms of various forms of care quality provided to herpes

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?The above-mentioned problems, there are three forms: mild, moderate and severe. Easy there is little rash, which can be placed under the tongue or on the inner surface of the cheeks.

The other two forms are accompanied by abundant rash located on all surfaces in the oral cavity. Let’s look at the symptoms from the beginning to the end of the disease.

Illness begins sharply:

  • the temperature rises;
  • there is a strong fever;
  • somnolence and constant fatigue.

In mild herpetic stomatitis would be negligible temperature (37-38 degrees), and with an average weighted high (up to 40 degrees).

In the language appear to be a tiny blisters with transparent liquid, which at first are rare and hardly noticeable, and after 2-3 days spread to the whole oral cavity and begins to worry. This process is accompanied by an itch and burning and pain that is enhanced in his mouth if something falls.

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?Gradually, the pimples grow turbid and burst. The standard herpes infection, they would be covered with crusts, but in the oral cavity, and especially in the language, this is not happening, as peel washed off by saliva.

Because of this, on the site of the blisters appear inflamed erosions, surrounded by a whitish bloom. The plaque is stable, it is difficult even removed with a toothbrush, dense and thick.

After a couple days ill have a familial problem. Throughout the week, then disappear and other signs of infection. The recovery occurs.

Severe herpetic stomatitis accompanied by additional symptoms:

  • cough due to the affection of the throat;
  • runny nose due to destruction of mucous membranes of the nasal cavity;
  • conjunctivitis due to eye damage.

The main peculiarity of the herpetic rash is its appearance: it is a translucent blisters with a diameter of 1-3 mm with a completely transparent first, and then with turbid contents. Knowing this, you will be able to distinguish this infection from any dental disease.

What to do if there are signs of the care quality provided to erisipela?

As soon as possible, contact your physician, pediatrician or infectious disease. A specialist will be sent for tests such as culture testing, ELISA (antibodies), PCR. A full diagnosis can not only determine the type of infection, but also its remoteness, phase, and other characteristics.

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Treat herpes rash on tongue medicine

If you think herpetic stomatitis can be left untreated, then you are wrong. Treatment need to spend necessarily, but it must be complete and comprehensive. First and foremost, is herpes defects on the mucous membranes of the tongue treated with antiviral drugs.

Such drugs can not be taken by pregnant women and children under the age of twelve. The dosage is selected individually, but often it is the same for children and adults. Below are the most effective antiviral in the form of tablets:

  • Acyclovir is a practical medication which is drunk on the pill five times a day;
  • Valacyclovir is the modern equivalent of the above medications, to take one pill three times a day;
  • Famvir is the same as the previous drug.

Herpes if the disease has just appeared, you can try to treat with ointments. From the above drugs have the same name and other analogues in the form of ointments.

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?For example, Acyclovir ointment, which is similar to the drugs, or he needs therapy with valtrex, which is created on the basis of Valacyclovir.

The ointment is applied on each element of the rash, then you need to sit with my mouth open for 15 minutes (so as not to swallow the medicine), after which the mouth thoroughly propulsives. The procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day.

Popular remedy for the treatment of intraoral herpes is Holisal. This drug produces several effects simultaneously:

  • anesthetic;
  • antipyretic;
  • anti-inflammatory.

And what antiviral effect? Some pediatricians do not recommend giving children antiviral, as the child needs to develop immunity to herpes viruses, in the future, he did not suffer frequent relapses.

If you are also inclined to this opinion, then treat the child Holesale designed for outdoor use.

Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?If suffering from severely weakened immune system, that he needed immunostimulant — Cycloferon and Interferon. Tablets are placed under the tongue every four hours. There is also a similar nose drops that need to drip a few times a day.

For removing plaque from the tongue you should use enzyme preparations, for example, Linuxor.

In addition, to prevent additional infections to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution after every meal. As an antiseptic use a solution Hexoral.

At home you can boost immunity folk remedies: tincture of Siberian ginseng; ginseng decoction; decoction of rose hips and viburnum.

If a relapse of the infection occurred in a young child (up to twelve years) or in pregnant, that will help rinse the mouth with a decoction of medicinal plants: chamomile, burdock, lemon balm, clover, calendula, bark Duma.

What other traditional recipes will save you from intraoral herpes?

The most effective folk remedies that can be used for language processing:

  • Egg whites — separate the crude protein from the yolk and whisk it with a fork. The obtained white foam apply to affected area inside mouth and hold until dissolved. Remember that raw eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella, so choose only high quality eggs, produced large and well-known manufacturer. Do not buy eggs in the markets or unfamiliar people.
  • Propolis tincture — alcohol-containing tincture you can buy at the pharmacy. Drug lubricate the affected area three to four times per day. After 5-7 days, the rash should fully pass.
  • Soda saline — rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda and salt in water. For cooking, mix in 0.5 liters of water a teaspoon of salt and same of soda. Use only fresh solution if it has stood for more than a day, it is better to prepare a new.
  • Onion or garlic juice is a natural immune stimulant, safe for children. Take onions or garlic, RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice and apply it instead of the ointment on every lesion of herpes on the tongue.
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    Now you know how to treat the care quality provided to girisindeki, example of which is shown in the photo. Most importantly, avoid secondary infection of wounds by bacteria.

    Bacteria cause purulent inflammation, to treat you for a very long time. To expedite recovery you need to eat properly. What diet is recommended to observe the specialists-nutritionists?

    Diet with herpetic stomatitis

    Герпес на языке: может ли быть и как его лечить?From the diet of a sick person excludes all spices, especially sharp and aggressive! Any spice, especially the red/black pepper will irritate the mucous membrane of the tongue, which will increase pain and burning.

    Salt you can use, but only in minimal quantities. To preselvat need cereal and it was necessary that the grains of undissolved salt does not impinge on the inflamed language. During illness it is better to use fine salt.

    In addition, excluded from the diet of acidic foods. It’s a citrus, sour berries, and acidic juices. The acid will injure the already inflamed mucosa.

    To unload the intestine, and to direct all forces of the body to recover, it is necessary to refuse from junk food: fried, fat, smoked and fast food. To maintain the body’s consume a variety of cooked grains, especially astringents, such as rice. Ill also allowed to eat lean fish and meat.

    Now you are aware of the care quality provided to the herpes everything. I hope the article was interesting and entertaining.

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)