Herpes on the tongue how to treat the disease and to care for the oral cavity?

Лишай на языке: как лечить болезнь и ухаживать за полостью рта?Hello, dear readers! Ringworm is a very common disease. Perhaps his popularity increased for the reason that few people know about the differences, the pathogen and the infections. Specially for you we have prepared information on shingles on the tongue.

Of all the existing varieties of the disease, only lichen planus can appear on mucous membranes and tongue in particular.

All other types of this disease occur only on the smooth skin and scalp.

Lichen planus can affect how smooth the skin and mucous membranes, including the oral cavity. Medicine identifies three forms of this disease:

  • plaque;
  • atrophic;
  • erosive.

The rash usually appears symmetrically and one form passes into another, or all three symptoms occur simultaneously. Because of this, the treatment is very complicated.

More than 70% of cases of lichen planus appear in the language, without affecting the skin at all, but women suffer more often than men.

The disease can be caused by decreased immunity and problems of the digestive system, and low-quality dentures, and other dental problems.


Лишай на языке: как лечить болезнь и ухаживать за полостью рта?The manifestation of the disease in the region of the mucous membranes is different, but often it is the small nodules of a grayish color and when merging they formed figures resembling snowflakes, spider webs, tree branches and other. Outside of the nodules remained healthy mucous membrane.

  • on the back of the tongue formed plaques in about an inch in diameter;
  • on the lips is the gray papules with scales;
  • exudative form is characterized by a hyperthermic mesh of papules and swelling;
  • the erosive form is accompanied by severe inflammation and ulcers covered with bloom, when you try to remove that, begin to bleed;
  • bubble form usually forms bubbles after a few days they burst and in their place appear the sores;
  • gipertroficescoy form solid plaques that form the crust and a small elevation above the surface of the epithelium.
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All of the above forms are in discomfort and pain during eating.

When considering a disease such as ringworm on the tongue – all of them have education of a different nature, accompanied by pain.

On attached photos you can consider in detail what symptoms accompany this pathology.


Лишай на языке: как лечить болезнь и ухаживать за полостью рта?As a rule, the definition of zoster in the mouth is not difficult. The characteristic of its manifestations it is difficult to confuse with any other disease.

To confirm the diagnosis the doctor orders a biopsy. In addition to lesions of the oral cavity and tongue, a characteristic rash may appear on abdomen, folds of the joints, lower back and other parts of the body of the patient.

Can you get disease?

Despite the fact that the science is still studying the nature of lichen planus, to get it impossible.

The pathology of infectious components are completely absent, and physicians tend to the version of an autoimmune nature.

Only processes in the body, can cause a similar reaction.


Лишай на языке: как лечить болезнь и ухаживать за полостью рта?In this case, therapy offers a comprehensive, but with detection of lichen on the tongue, the first thing the dermatologist gives direction to the dentist.

The latter is conducting the rehabilitation of the teeth, examines how the dentures fit and if they do not injure the mucosa.

If necessary, the prostheses are subject to correction or replacement. Only then proceed to treatment.

First appointed by rinsing and lubrication of the platelets medicinal solutions, which have a high antimicrobial effect and healing at the same time.

For internal treatment used hormonal drugs and is required vitamin.

This vitamin a, normalizing metabolic processes at the cellular level, and vitamin E, which gives strength to the epidermis, which speeds healing.

For complex and chronic currents depriving necessarily prescribe a course of physiotherapy: ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy, and magnetotherapy.

In combination with medicines and external treatment they provide quick and positive result.

Let’s say antibiotics, but they are used in advanced forms, when none of the alternative therapies has not brought the desired effect.

I recommend to watch an interesting video about how to properly care for your mouth:

Helper methods

During treatment it is important to follow some simple rules, which are aimed at giving strength to the body and to avoid repeating the problem:

  • diet – do not eat spicy, salty, sour and highly sweet, to give preference to need neutral food in order to avoid amplification of the inflammatory process in the mouth;
  • to prefer the correct diet, consisting of meat, porridge, stewed vegetables and similar products;
  • strengthening the immune system, by hardening, walks and basic gymnastic exercises;
  • hygiene of your mouth, but not to overdo it when brushing your teeth, as in the formation of new injuries not excluded, and their defeat is ringworm;
  • compliance with drinking regime – as we all know, a man needs at least two liters of pure water a day;
  • healthy sleep is about eight hours the charity will affect a speedy recovery.


Лишай на языке: как лечить болезнь и ухаживать за полостью рта?We understand the causes and symptoms of lichen on the tongue. This disease can appear in any person and as such prevention methods of it does not exist.

It is therefore important at the first suspicious wounds on a language to visit a dermatologist. After diagnosis he will prescribe a treatment optimal for your body and forms of pathology, which appeared in his mouth.

Observing all recommendations can be cured quite quickly and the risk of re-infestation minimize. Be healthy!