Herpes simplex: what is it?

Dear readers, Hello! Did you know that at the present time you can easily get rid of frequently recurrent of girisindeki triggered by the virus herpes simplex? If you do not know, then read an article in which I explain everything!

What is herpes simplex?

Герпес симплекс: что он собой представляет?These simplest herpes viruses – type 1 and type 2. The first is a catalog of beautiful girisindeki, and the second genital (private parts).

There are other types (8 of them), but they are less likely to give symptoms (e.g., virus type 6 in adults, almost always develops without symptoms). Therefore, the first two types are the most common.

You probably know that erisipela not fully cured – the virus eliminated from the body.

Yes, it is really impossible to get rid of completely, but thanks to modern medicine can do so that it never recurred. Surprised? Want to know how to do it?

If you often recurs herpes 1 or 2, then you should pay attention to contemporary and little-known drug Herpes simplex–Nosode-Injil.

My patients who have tested myself this treatment, I always leave positive feedback, such.

Victor writes:

«Tormented herpes for 10 years, frequently appeared repeatedly and not allowed to live in peace. Tired is almost always to go with a sore on the lips, so I tried Herpes simplex.


At first not really believe that something will change, but fortunately, wrong. After treatment, the relapses disappeared and to this day does not appear, although it’s been quite a long time.»

Anna writes:

«Suffered from herpes my child, who is chronically weakened immune system. The doctors told us that our immune system is not able to contain the virus yourself and what you need to do something to activate it.


We were advised this medication the standard course, and we agreed. The child bore it well, no side effects were not. After treatment, recurrences become less severe and then gone.»

Andrew writes:

«In 50 years had to deal with shingles. The disease is unpleasant, especially if complemented by neuralgia. This is what happened to me and I certainly didn’t like it.


The doctor advised Herpes simplex (Nosode-Injil) and, you know, after neuralgia has passed! Very happy with the result.»

What is this drug?

It antihomotoxic medicine, the main effects of which are as follows:

  • immunomodulatory;
  • drain;
  • detoxification.

If to explain in simple words, this drug makes the immune system work to protect against viruses, so the infection becomes less frequent and less severe.

Герпес симплекс: что он собой представляет?And yet we know that it reduces the effects of erisipela, namely herpes zoster, in the form of postherpetic neuralgia.

Its effectiveness of the above medicine, has received thanks to its unique composition.

It includes specially treated (weakened to the limit) herpes viruses: Herpes-simplex-Nosode «D12», Herpes-simplex-Nosode «D30», Herpes-simplex-Nosode «D200» 0,367 ml.

During the preparation of the source material necessarily sterilized, which is virulent and, therefore, can no longer infect. Hence, such treatment does no harm.

Indications: in which cases are assigned?

The cure described in the article, is appointed in those cases, if the infection the patient becomes protracted, or recurs frequently provoke lasting consequences.

Personally, I prescribe it to those patients who started the infection or healed her to the stage when the immune system is completely refusing to fight on their own.

This treatment will be the impetus for activation of the antiviral properties of the immune system allowing a natural defense of the human body will work again and begin to actively fight the herpes viruses.

The main indications for the use of the above medication are:

  • the frequent recurrence of any form of herpes;
  • persistent symptoms do not pass within 1-2 weeks;
  • aggravation of other infectious diseases on the background of girisindeki;
  • neuralgia after herpes zoster.

The drug is available in ampoules in liquid form for injection. You can buy it at the present time is problematic – need to book in advance and know the price in the course of checkout.

I have to say, the price is relatively affordable and definitely matches the quality.

Contraindications and side effects

The above features of the drugs are not available. In addition, there have been no instances of overdose, which means that the drug is safe.

Despite this, it rarely appointed for children up to 12 years of age (only in cases where there are no other options), but prescribed to pregnant women if the risk is less significant than the benefits.

Method of use: how is treatment with the drug, the Herpes simplex–Nosode-enyel?

Герпес симплекс: что он собой представляет?Method of use described in the instructions, I highly recommend that you read the instructions before treatment.

Below are the standard dosage, but in each individual case they can be corrected.

The dosage and duration of treatment determined by the physician based on the condition of the patient. The classic regimen is as follows:

  • for adults, a single dose of one ampoule;
  • the drug is injected intramuscularly or under the skin;
  • the procedure is repeated one to three times a week;
  • if the above introduction is not possible, then the drug is administered orally – the contents of the ampoule is dissolved in 100 ml of water and consumed.

We strongly advise you to self-medicate! Do not heal yourself though, because you don’t know what to expect from the drug.

Despite his security, he still has one feature that could be called something like «side effect». Are you curious about what is this feature?

Feature of medicine Herpes simplex–Nosode-enyel

After the first injections may be a temporary increase or sudden onset of symptoms of girisindeki. It’s not a side effect, but a normal reaction to the introduction of viruses.

Moreover, it is a favorable sign, indicating that the immune system again to fight the infection.

The above effect does not appear at all, and to get rid of it by using drugs Galium-heel and Lymphomyosot, which are taken courses for two to three weeks.

Prevention of frequent recurrences of girisindeki without medication

If you don’t want to take medication, then to prevent frequent recurrences, observe the following recommendations:

  • tempers, for example, spill cold water, but start to do it gradually;
  • try not to catch a cold, time to treat SARS;
  • avoid relapses of chronic infections;
  • eat right, enter in the diet of foods with a high content of vitamins;
  • exercise (even regular morning exercises will be enough);
  • avoid stress, as stress has a very negative impact on the human immune system.

That’s all, dear readers. See, erisipela you can really fight, and now!

If you are tired of frequent recurrence, then contact the hospital and go through treatment with the drug, described in the article.

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I wish you good health and rare recurrence of erisipela! Up to new meetings!

Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)

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