Herpes sore throat: everything from symptoms to treatment

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияHello, dear friends! This summer my child is sick with a sore throat. I was very surprised – well, what tonsillitis may be in the summer? It turned out, we were faced with an unusual form of this disease.

My son had a sore throat herpes – specific viral illness which has much in common with the usual form of angina. We went to the pediatrician and learned a lot about this disease.

Want to introduce him to you, because it is quite common, especially among children.

What is a herpes angina and how is it transmitted?

It is an acute infectious-allergic disease, the instigators of which are Coxsackie virus groups A and B. these pathogens belong to the family of enteroviruses and herpes have nothing in common (except of viral origin, of course).

Herpes sore throat called because its main symptom is special rash on the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth, resembling a standard herpes.

The disease is transmitted only from person to person. My child most likely contracted the disease from their peers, with whom I walked. It is believed that herpetic angina is a disease of dirty hands, so how it is transmitted contact-household and faecal-oral methods.

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияBut the main method of transmission remains airborne. Therefore, the main infectious objects, transmitting the infection, serve as the biological fluid of the patient (e.g., saliva) and household items.

After talking with my son, I found out a few days before his illness he was playing with a friend who had a cough and do not cover. Most likely, it was infected my child.

To prevent this I could not, therefore, had only to combat already existing disease. Unfortunately, our kids are very careless, so neglect the rules of personal hygiene, especially when we do not look at them.

Don’t be surprised if your child is often sick. In the children’s society, any infection spreads like wildfire.

Who is most often sore herpes sore throat?

Most often, this viral pathology develops in children and above I explained why. After the first infection the child becomes an active disseminator of infection, especially in the first 6 days.

After recovering, he produced a persistent lifelong immunity, so the chance of getting the same disease again is almost zero.

Despite the immunity, herpes sore throat sometimes occurs in adults. For example, my sister ran into her at the age of 30 after a complicated surgery and a long recovery.

For repeated outbreaks, you need special conditions, namely critically weakened immune system.

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияTherefore, if you in childhood chickenpox, try to keep your immune system in adulthood, of course, if you don’t want to deal with the disease again.

I heard that babies are also infected with herpes angina, but it happens, fortunately, very rare cases. So, for newborns, this infection poses special challenges.

They often develop different types of complications, which we will discuss later.

And yet, who is most susceptible to herpes sore throat? After watching the video of the pediatrician Komarovsky and other authoritative experts, I came to the conclusion that most with the disease experienced by children aged 4 to 10 years. My son is 8 years old, so he gets to group of risk.

At the present time, the herpetic angina is diagnosed quickly by specialists. But inexperienced parents often confuse it with the ordinary form of the above illness.

Perhaps your child is also a form of herpes, and you think that normal? How to distinguish specific disease Coxsackie from any other? Now I will reveal to you all her secrets.

Symptoms: specific and additional symptoms herpes sore throat

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияMy son’s disease began in the standard way – very dramatically! On the first day the temperature jumped up to 38 degrees, and then sharply dropped, but a day later, again increased and kept at this level for about 4 days.

As it turned out, this is the default behavior of the temperature in this disease. The son complained of pain in the abdomen, a couple of times he was sick.

That’s okay too, because herpes sore throat affects the intestines and creates intoxication. And, of course, we have a sore throat.

This symptom I propose to consider in detail, since it helps to distinguish this disease from the ordinary.

First, the throat was just red, like the standard flu. The next day, the tonsils and the palate rash:

  • small;
  • reminiscent of blisters;
  • gradually mutneyuschee;
  • very painful.

My child was literally climbing the wall from itching and pain. There was impossible, because any food that enters the mouth, exacerbated these symptoms.

I was frankly scary and painful to look at his son, so I immediately called our doctor at home, and advise you to do if you happen to have the same.

Three days later, the rash mouth was uncovered and turned into erosion. I thought that all the worst is behind us, but, unfortunately, very wrong. Erosion ached incredibly, drove the temperature was not allowed to sleep. Tongue covered with a grayish-white coating.

Want to know how many days my son suffered? The total duration of the disease the child was seven days. After a week all symptoms disappeared, and we went to the amendment.

Now you know what it looks like herpes sore throat. Using our example, you will easily distinguish it from the ordinary.

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияBy the way, in adults the symptoms are not necessarily such as described above.

My sister, for example, the disease develops almost asymptomatic, as she had already encountered it in childhood and at least some immunity she survived.

If your child strong nature immunity, it too could face an asymptomatic form, which is only accompanied with a rash in the mouth and throat.

Fortunately, we just went to the doctors and cure the disease without complications. Scary to imagine what could be if I launched a situation.

And you know what complications herpes gives you the specific a sore throat? If you do not know, then read.

The most common complications are

  • serous meningitis – the most frequent complication in children aged 3-6 years;
  • myocarditis and other lesions of the heart muscle;
  • liver failure;
  • necrosis of muscle tissue.

Diagnosis: we diagnosed «herpes angina»?

I am often asked this question, because every parent I wonder what awaits his child, and that’s absolutely fine. We passed modern diagnostics in the direction of a pediatrician.

First, the doctor listened to our complaints, and then sent on standard tests and extra – ELISA. With the latest in the blood of the son found antibodies to the virus-the agent provocateur, which has diagnosed with 100% accuracy.

After the examination, we prescribed treatment. Are you curious about how we cured a sore throat Coxsackie at home?

If you’re interested, then read and do the same, but must be surveyed at the doctor that the treatment was effective, as it seeks to fight against the above diseases.

Treatment Coxsackie angina: our experience and expert advice

We were warned that today there is no medicine that can destroy virus-provocateur Coxsackie completely, so the treatment can be only symptomatic.

Герпесная ангина: все от симптомов до леченияI remembered protivovirucnam the drug Acyclovir (herpes disease, supposedly).

The doctor told me that this drug, like any other kind, against Coxsackie does not apply, as it will be useless.

And how to treat this strange disease? It turns out that the child’s body should cope with the virus itself, otherwise it will not develop immunity.

All we can do is parents is to relieve the severity of the infection. How, you ask? To relieve symptoms, observe the following recommendations:

  • To relieve swelling taken any antihistamine medication. We dust the proven and safest Treatment. Be sure to follow the dosage that is prescribed by a doctor!
  • As an anti-inflammatory therapy taken Ibuprofen or Nimesulide.
  • To reduce the pain and itching in the oral cavity, we rinse mouth and throat with liquid Castellani and sage broth.
  • In addition, because mouth ulcers were formed, they had to be treated with antiseptic. We rinsed with a solution Furatsilina.
  • Necessarily for the whole period of treatment the ailing ensured strict bed rest. The room in which it is located, should be regularly (twice a day) to ventilate. I suggest you to isolate the patient from others, as the infection is very contagious.

    I had to wear sterile medical mask, the same thing I was forced to do her husband. Despite the fact that again the disease is rarely, if ever, need to do it, because you can’t know for sure, ill do it in childhood.

    Gargle definitely need every hour. Additionally, we rinsed after eating, as the food irritates the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth. To eat child should be regularly in small portions and only liquid food.

    We ate soups and pyureshkami and lean cereal. As a binding agent to promote healing of the rash can use a decoction of oak bark rinse.

    In any case, warm the affected area! Viral sore throat that affects only positive – the virus will begin to multiply faster, which will increase symptoms.

    If your child has not been ill with herpes angina, like mine, then try to defend against it by all available means of prevention.

    Prevention of Coxsackie angina: how is it done?

    Specific prophylaxis in the form of tablets and vaccinations to date, but there are General rules that help to prevent infection:

  • Teach your child to observe personal hygiene in any place and at any time. The first time it will be neglected hygiene, especially when you don’t see, and then hygiene should become a habit. Most importantly, wash hands thoroughly after street, especially after playing in the fresh air and contact with surfaces in public places.
  • Avoid contact with people who have visible signs of disease. Of course, you won’t look anybody in the mouth, but if you see a man with a sickly appearance, it is better to have them not communicate and keep away from your child. Some parents are insufficiently responsible attitude to the disease in their children, so let sick children in kindergartens and schools. I never did and you shouldn’t either! If your child is sick, be sure to make a hospital and are treated at home until full recovery. Health is the most important, and transferred to the legs infections often lead to complications.
  • Try not to visit public places during epidemics SARS. Periods of outbreaks are always reported in the news, so watch for them periodically. Often, these periods falls on the fall and winter, so be especially careful this time of year.
  • Encourage your child not to give anyone your personal belongings. In addition, explain to the child that all products before use must be washed, and what not to eat one candy for two.
  • Strengthen your immune system, for example, temper as a child. Most importantly, do it correctly and gradually. The best way to strengthen immunity in infants is a natural breast-feeding, so do not refuse to breastfeed if you have no contraindications.
  • After reading the article we can conclude that herpes sore throat is not herpes, but also viral disease. Many pediatricians think it is even mandatory for transfer to the children’s age, as after it I had been ill remain resistant to virtually lifelong immunity.

    So do not worry much if your child gets sick, and it is better to just react and call your doctor, who will prescribe treatment!

    And in any case, do not try to be treated on their own, including folk remedies, especially if you do not know, we have had to fight.

    That’s all, dear readers! Examples of herpes sore throat is shown in the photo, be sure to consider them. We managed to get rid of the disease relatively quickly and without complications, and what you want.

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)

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