Herpes stomatitis: a description of the disease and its treatment

Герпесный стоматит: описание болезни и ее лечениеHello, dear friends! Jumped a rash in the mouth similar to herpes?

Most likely, you have herpetic stomatitis – a form of erisipela, very unpleasant and quite dangerous, and it’s safe to say, as she came across it.

The disease rarely affects the mucous membranes in the oral cavity. This typically indicates excessive weakening of the immune system.

Let us study the disease thoroughly, as it can affect anyone. Today I will tell you about our experience in dealing with this type of herpes.

As I met with herpetic stomatitis?

My child from early childhood manifested herpes on the lips. It’s hard to say how he was infected, but the fact remains.

This herpes infected more than 90% of the world population, so there’s not much to worry and panic if the same problem happens to you. My child is always easily endured relapses, and they have it very infrequently.

Once a child came up to me and said, «mom, in my mouth something and got hurt.» I looked and immediately realized that it was herpes stomatitis.

Seizing my child, rushed to the hospital where we were prescribed tests and consultation of an immunologist. It turned out, the immune system critically weakened due to chronic tonsillitis, and therefore got such a sore.

What is this?

This is one of the many forms of girisindeki that affects both children and adults. Its peculiarity is the localization of the primary symptom is a rash jumps up in the oral cavity on mucous membranes.

My child’s rash was literally everywhere: on the inner surface of the cheeks, on the palate around the tonsils, on the gums. Disease caused by herpes simplex virus (the first type) and is considered relatively safe.

In the course of the disease, I noticed a number of features of stomatitis due to herpes, which I want to introduce you to not panic and promptly reacted to the problem.

Features of intraoral herpes:

  • starts and grows very rapidly;
  • only affects mucous membranes inside the mouth;
  • rides temperature;
  • increases the viscosity of saliva;
  • can further cause gingivitis (we just so happened, by the way, gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums);
  • often occurs in children of preschool age.

Why do I get a stomatitis due to herpes?

Герпесный стоматит: описание болезни и ее лечениеWant to know how explained to us? This is a completely unconventional picture of girisindeki.

The virus remains in the body for life, and periodically give relapses, but they should appear exactly on that place, which was located before.

My child was a couple of times the cold sore on lips, but not in the mouth, and then this problem appeared.

It turns out that the sharp decrease in immunity can cause the nomadism of the virus.

On the eve of the sores we have worsened chronic tonsillitis due to hypothermia (child walking in the yard and my feet were wet). There are several reasons due to which labial herpes may be vnutrimatocny:

  • injury in oral cavity, burns, cuts, dental operations;
  • dehydration and as a result, dryness inside the mouth;
  • excess or lack of oral hygiene;
  • the deficiency is seasonal or atypical, triggered by poor diet;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • hormonal or other difficult for the body to drugs;
  • exacerbation of chronic infections;
  • infection further infections.
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Even our doctor said to provoke this form of herpes may not correctly chosen toothpaste. Often this is due to the toothpastes with sodium lauryl sulfate in the composition.

Can adults get sick, or only sick children?

In adults this problem can also happen, especially if a person has an immunodeficiency. Thus, most often the herpes stomatitis affects adults HIV infected, cancer patients and people undergoing major surgery or weaken the immune system treatment.

For natural reasons the immune system is weakened during pregnancy, and hence they are also at risk to deal with this form of girisindeki.

But still more often an unusual form of herpes appears in children, mostly preschool age. Getting sick can children from six months old at least, so says respected pediatrician Komorowski.

Specialist explains that until six months old in the child’s body there are antibodies to the herpes that is transmitted through breast milk from mother. After the cessation of breastfeeding, these antibodies disappear, and a new (personal) has not time to form.

Therefore, the child becomes vulnerable to viruses, but this has not constantly, but only to the first flash. Then he developed his own immunity to protect from infection throughout life.

Where does herpes in children and adults?

You can become infected in various ways:

  • airborne;
  • contact;
  • contact-household, etc.

To infect the child, even the parents while caring for them, as well as close relatives, kissing and hugging the baby. Especially infectious are people with obvious signs of infection.

Herpes viruses can be passed completely through all biological fluids of humans: saliva, blood, etc.

If you have a sore on the lips, then in any case not kiss and not cough/sneeze on others.

In addition, you need to get your personal dishes and things that no one else will use. Herpes is very contagious and can be transmitted even using common household items and personal belongings.

Symptoms: as we noticed the infection in your mouth?

At the beginning of the article I already talked about the fact that a child came and complained of discomfort in his mouth and a strange rash. What I saw by looking in his mouth?

The symptoms of such ailments are hard to miss, I tell you. Want to know how they look? Then look at the photo and remember the appearance of this rash.

Герпесный стоматит: описание болезни и ее лечениеThe incubation period of the sores triggered by the herpes vary from 1 to 8 days. Therefore, symptoms will not appear immediately, but after some time.

Before the appearance of the major signs ill be sluggish, irritable, tired, he may increase the temperature, and often displayed signs of intoxication.

We described above the company did not notice. The child was, as usual, is absolutely not sluggish and not sick. He just suddenly appeared herpes rash and only then started feeling worse.

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Rash from herpes stomatitis looks virtually no different from the standard herpes. It can appear on any surface in the oral cavity:

  • in the language;
  • on the tonsils;
  • on the inner surface of the cheeks;
  • in heaven and on the gums.

First rash transparent small, very itchy, and when it gets food or hot tea, begins to burn and hurt. Then it gradually becomes cloudy and visibility.

In its place there are sores that are not covered by the crust as herpes and just heal gradually, by the way, very slowly.

My child especially strongly suffered after a rash burst. The sores were horrible and brought a variety of discomfort, then it was OK to eat and drink.

The child was acting out, freaking out, throwing tantrums, but I it is not abused, because it is perfectly understood that he is now going through.

An additional symptom of herpes stomatitis is the increase in the submandibular lymph nodes and tonsils. We have only increased tonsils and, fortunately, only slightly. The doctor told us that the severity of symptoms depends on the severity of the disease:

  • if the disease is light, then the symptoms are subtle and almost never bother;
  • if moderate, then they felt, but also relatively tolerant;
  • if severe, it starts to bother all at once, including joints, muscles, gastrointestinal tract, chronic pathology (in such cases, a rash appears not only in the mouth but on the face).

I wonder whether you how long is herpes stomatitis? We have he completely took over the week, but in General its duration can reach up to 14-20 days.

Diagnosis: where to go and what to do if you had herpes inside the mouth?

We immediately went to the pediatrician, and if this problem happened to me, then I would go to the therapist. You also act if necessary. The doctor examined the boy and sent for tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Герпесный стоматит: описание болезни и ее лечениеIn such cases, it seems to the standard test – ELISA, which can be used to find antibodies in the blood to the herpes viruses.

If antibodies are found, then the infection in the body is present. Why, you ask?

The fact that for the production of antibodies our immune system needed a viral attack.

Antibodies are designed to fight viruses. Therefore, without virus antibodies in blood.

If IFA does not give the accurate result then is assigned to PCR analysis, which carried out a search of viral DNA. This diagnostic method allows to detect infection even at an early stage when other tests just don’t show.

Treatment of diseases provoked by herpes

After the diagnosis, the treatment is selected, which, by the way, you can not hold yourself. Usually against herpes viruses are assigned to the antiviral medicines, but if you have a sick child under the age of 12 years, then the doctor will try to do without them. Why, you ask?

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The fact that specialized antiviral drugs are highly toxic. Consequences after taking such drugs can be much more sad than the disease.

If the infection is uncomplicated and non-threatening complications, then the treatment is done only through strengthening the immune system drugs, and antiseptics.

First, consider antiviral medication, as adults they are prescribed almost always. The most famous among them is Acyclovir or its equivalent Zovirax.

The medicine is available in tablet form, is taken in 200 mg (one pill) every four hours. In severe cases this drug is administered intravenously in an individual dosage. If you want, then for children dosage of Acyclovir is chosen based on 20 mg/kg of body weight.

We have appointed only immunoglobulins to strengthen the immune system. Among such drugs are very popular:

  • Viferon;
  • Anaferon.

We also spent symptomatic therapy, namely, drinking Ibuprofen of temperature and inflammation and rinse your mouth with a solution Furatsilina. Another important part of treatment is diet. The patient can not eat:

  • hot food;
  • coarse products such as black bread and crackers;
  • food with spices, even with the usual salt.

All this will irritate the already injured mucosa. Throughout his illness we were sitting on a diet soups and gruel.

To support the child, I dieted with him and, by the way, I lost 5 kg After each meal need to be sure to rinse your mouth with antiseptic. Instead of Furatsilina you can use:

  • a solution of tincture of calendula (pharmacy alcohol, just drip in a few drops of water and gargle without swallowing);
  • decoction of calendula, chamomile or oak bark (herbs can be bought in any pharmacy).

If ill six-month old child, then rinse the mouth alone he certainly can not. In such situations, treatment of the oral cavity is the parents. How?

Very simple: take a cotton swab, dipped it in antiseptic solution and gently wipe all of the damaged surface.

Now you know how to treat a herpes infection in the oral cavity, as well as other basic information about this disease. We hope our experience will help you, if you or your child, God forbid, get sick.

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Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)