Herpes symptoms: in children, women and men

Симптомы герпеса: у детей, женщин и у мужчинMy beloved readers, Hello! There are people who know the symptoms of herpes thoroughly, because often encounter with him, and yet there are those like me who have herpes never had.

I know the symptoms of this infection because I have to regularly see it in their patients. So, if I have something similar, I immediately recognized the problem.

If I weren’t, I would never have different from herpes from the usual allergies or irritation. Certainly among my readers there are people who have never seen this disease. Let’s find out how it looks in various occasions.

Cold on the lips is the most common and its symptoms

Sore on lip constantly appears in the winter my mom. The idea is that I have it, too, needs to be, but most of all, my strong immune system makes the disease manifest.

Noticed a sore it is easy, its main features in children and adults the same and it looks as follows:

  • First, the place where later there will be a rash starts to bother mild discomfort. It itches, swells, and may turn white or blush. My mom before the appearance of the sores always feels a burning sensation and tingling. This (type 1) herpes can appear on any area of skin near the lips, and children with weakened immune systems sometimes jumps around the eyes and even nose.
  • The day after the first discomfort of the damaged area is red. Itch is greatly enhanced, it may create a sense that the lips are something burnt.
  • Even a few hours on the lips or near them jump characteristic of the herpes small pimples-like blisters. The contents are transparent, they are dense to the touch, a little baking and very itchy.
  • In a day or two the rash becomes cloudy, filled with yellowish content and becomes more visible. I have the feeling that it festers and is about to reveal.
  • On the same day or the next day the rash revealed themselves. At the same time on its place there is a solid sore, itchy and highly baking. It is a long time does not heal, constantly oozing, inflamed.
  • After a couple of days the sores appear, the crust is a natural protective substance that appears on all markets. It is by no means impossible to tear! The crust will disappear by themselves after 3-4 days.
  • The above described visible signs of infection, which can be seen with the naked eye. Them a coma, a person may experience systemic signs, which can be easily attributed to the flu or simple fatigue. These signs include:

    • the increase in temperature (most of my patients the temperature rises to 37 degrees max);
    • nausea and dizziness (and other symptoms of intoxication);
    • weakness even in the afternoon, when, apparently, you need to stay awake;
    • slight pain in the throat (this is not a mandatory symptom, in any case, my mother never had one).

    Симптомы герпеса: у детей, женщин и у мужчинSo looks like classic herpes, which, by the way, infected 90% of the population of our planet. Why, then, it appears not at all?

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    Because the organisms and protective functions of the immune system have different. To activate herpes requires the weakening of the immune system, trigger that can be: stress, colds, hypothermia and more.

    Did you know that herpes can occur not only on the lips? The same sexual infection in the intimate area is also not uncommon. Want to know how she looks?

    Signs of sexual herpes: what are they and what should we be paying attention to?

    Frankly, the sexual form of herpes is virtually no different from the previous one. The only difference is that the rash does not occur on the lips, and in an intimate area:

    • in men on the penis, most commonly on the head or near it, as well as on the scrotum or in the perineum (the homosexuals often around the anus);
    • in women, the labia, pubis, inner thighs, around the anus, and even inside the vagina.

    In General, it is believed that the symptoms rerpesentatives there anywhere infected fluid. Infected is any biological liquid person. This and semen, and saliva, and vaginal, and of course, blood.

    During the course, unsafe sex almost all of these fluids get on the skin and mucous membranes. This is how outbreaks of genital form of this disease.

    Special attention is given rash on mucous membranes. In contrast to the skin, this rash is not covered by crusts because of the peculiarities of this tissue.

    It just turns into a sore and a long time to heal. But if you do not observe hygiene, then the herpes can join a bacterial infection which the sores fill with pus and gets inflamed.

    Intimate herpes in initial stage you notice such signs

    • pain and burning in the course of visiting the bathroom to pee;
    • abnormal discharge from the vagina or dick (one of my friend intimate herpes started with the transparent heavy flow days unscented);
    • pain in the groin area;
    • the increase in regional lymph nodes (regional are those that are closest to the problem location).

    Knowing the symptoms, you will quickly be able to distinguish herpes first and the second types from other diseases. By the way, this infection is more varieties, in General, eight of them. Are you curious about what impact other species?

    Less common symptoms of herpes infections: eye, chicken pox, diseases Epstein Barr:

  • Eye infection is more likely to occur if you accidentally bring the virus into the eye. Manifested by photophobia, profuse lacrimation, blistered rash on the eyelids or inside, and sometimes even a rash on the eyebrows.
  • Chickenpox is caused by herpes Zoster and occurs mainly in children under the age of 8 years. It is believed that this is the best age to recover from this disease. A rash from chickenpox is scattered on the body, she is single and larger than the same on the lips. It is very itchy and can leave scars if it is wrong to care. Chickenpox rarely gives a relapse in the form of herpes zoster, which is accompanied by severe pain the affected area and copious rash, a strip or belt (so called).
  • The disease is Epstein-Barr is a relatively rare form of herpes, the symptoms of which are headaches, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, resembling quinsy.
  • Herpes over the little – known virus type 6, 7 and 8 types – recently diagnosed increasingly. It is attributed to him, chronic fatigue, and some scientists believe that these types of herpes can affect even Oncology.
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    Erisipela asymptomatic: can it happen?

    It turns out, may be a Prime example of this infection is cytomegalovirus. I often have to explain to their communities and patients that it is.

    Симптомы герпеса: у детей, женщин и у мужчинIt is non-hazardous for adults and dangerous for newborn infection, occurring often without symptoms or just turning into a complicated form (it happens in newborns with intrauterine infection).

    If you want to know more about cytomegalovirus, then don’t be lazy and read a separate article on this subject on this site.

    The usual herpes, for example, the same lipstick, it can also be asymptomatic. How, you ask? The fact that after the first outbreak in the body produces antibodies – special protective particles suppress the propagation of viruses.

    The herpes virus will remain with the bearer for life, to recover from this infection completely impossible. If the immune system is strong and stable, the infection cannot spread throughout the body and will quickly fall into a passive state.

    When most often there are signs of erisipela?

    Over all I can not say, but my mom has this disease is increasing in winter, when the body starts vitamin deficiency. I also noticed that my other patients herpes escalates:

    • summers full of allergenic plants;
    • shortly before summer, when the deficiency of vitamins in the body becomes a maximum;
    • after moving or high stress;
    • during pregnancy (immune system is compromised by natural causes, so he didn’t disturb the fetus to develop).

    It is believed that the normal number of relapses of the above diseases shall not exceed 5 per year. If the sore appears more often, then the immune system that something is wrong, and that he is too weak. In that case, you need to treat herpes infection.

    How to treat symptoms of herpes?

    We have already mentioned that to get rid of these viruses completely impossible. Modern medicine can only speed up recovery, strengthen the immune system, support the body, to prevent different types of complications of the infection.

    My patients are often interested in the question: is it worthwhile to treat herpes if it is not cured fully? I believe that it is appropriate, but you also need to consider exactly how to treat it.

    Can be treated in several ways:

    • take antiviral drugs – Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and others;
    • drink immunomodulators – drugs with interferon, strengthen the immune system;
    • treating symptoms of herpes your local drugs – antiseptics to prevent bacterial infection;
    • take vitamins;
    • follow a healthy lifestyle.
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    Treatment is chosen individually for each patient.

    For example, to their patients to prevent complications and treatment of herpes gubna I recommend treating the rash with antiseptic solutions and ointments protivovirusnye, for example, Aciclovir-akri, Zovirax or Sivaraksa.

    Симптомы герпеса: у детей, женщин и у мужчинIf shingles must strengthen the immune system, as in a healthy person it does not occur.

    Treatment of children’s chickenpox can be only symptomatic – rash is treated with green paint or other preservatives.

    Vs temperature are given Paracetamol to relieve irritation taken sedatives.

    Genital herpes is treated the same way as lipstick. Additionally, it must necessarily strengthened to observe the intimate hygiene. The sore spot should always be clean and dry. By the way, the list of effective folk remedies against genital infection you will find on this site.

    Serious treatment is only administered to people with immunodeficiency and newborns with complications. Others have to deal with the symptoms described in the article, and to comply with prophylaxis to prevent frequent recurrences.

    Prevention: how and what to do?

    For example, my mother in a dangerous period of the year just starts to drink vitamins. It saves often, after such a prevention of herpes does not appear. If you also want to protect themselves from frequent recurrences, then:

    • keep a healthy lifestyle (in all senses, the sooner start, the better for you);
    • drink vitamins or eat right (diet must be vitamin-enriched foods, namely vegetables and fruits);
    • refrain from harmful habits (alcohol dependence and Smoking, and more serious, if any);
    • watch your health and time to treat emerging diseases (especially chronic diseases that weaken the immune system continually);
    • keep a decent sex life with one regular partner;
    • exercise (any you like).

    Trust me, herpes is not the worst that can happen in life. In any case, don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid of your problem. If the symptoms described above, then be sure to consult a dermatologist, internist, or gynecologist (or urologist if you are a man).

    I hope after reading the article you have questions regarding the symptoms of herpes. I told you all that I have seen in my patients and my beloved mommy.

    If you liked the article, then tell us about our website to your friends in social networks and don’t forget to subscribe if you have not signed. I wish you good health! All the best and see you soon!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)