Herpes type 4: what is this virus and how to cure it?

Герпес 4 типа: что это за вирус и как его вылечить?Greetings, dear readers! And you know what is a herpes 4?

It is called infection, Epstein-Barr, and it affects mainly the lymphatic system of the person, and then often causes specific infectious mononucleosis.

Yes, the name is terrible, but the disease itself is not particularly, as it usually has no symptoms or mild. The hedgehog let’s examine this in detail herpes to know what we may encounter.

I know that it is infection of Epstein-Barr firsthand. Symptomatic form of mononucleosis was a long time ago my younger sister.

Now I will tell you about how the disease manifested itself as well as its treatment and diagnosis.

What is a herpes 4?

This is not a simple form of girisindeki, and more modern and sophisticated. Often, it affects children at different ages, the majority of infected no symptoms are felt.

But some, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems, starts something like a cold, only more serious, as in pernicious process involved internal organs.

Infection itself is relatively safe, but because mononucleosis can occur diverse secondary diseases of the internal organs if left without treatment.

Like other kinds of herpes, the above can give a recurrence resembling a common cold, but in people with strong immune systems, they are completely asymptomatic or with very mild short-term symptoms.

Especially dangerous infection 4 getting for people with immune deficiency, which can cause:

  • viral hepatitis;
  • Hodgkin’s disease;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • stomach cancer, intestine and colon;
  • Burkitt’s lymphoma;
  • nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

My sister was lucky, she escaped with just a light infectious mononucleosis. Want to know how it manifests itself? Then we examine its symptoms.

The symptoms of this type of virus

The main symptoms infectious herpes mononucleosis are:

  • the increase in body temperature (the temperature stayed in the range of 38 degrees);
  • weakness and fatigue;
  • nasal congestion as with a cold;
  • severe headaches;
  • enlargement and redness of the pharyngeal tonsils;
  • generalized lymphadenopathy is an increase in various lymph nodes (my sister has only increased cervical);
  • other symptoms of angina (scientists believe that children are always more vivid and pronounced than in adults).
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Герпес 4 типа: что это за вирус и как его вылечить?Ill voice becomes nasal for runny nose, on the tongue and the tonsils appears yellowish friable plaque, sore throat and whole body aching.

It felt a relative of mine, so at first we thought that she had a normal sore throat.

But then there are additional signs, which the doctor sent us to the special analyses that showed the presence of virus type 4 in the body. What were the symptoms?

Additional symptoms which herpes 4 types can be distinguished from ARD

  • increase the internal organs, namely the liver and spleen;
  • appear mild symptoms of jaundice (not all, but we had);
  • decreased appetite, constantly nauseous;
  • the skin may appear suddenly hives are small, red spots or dots;
  • the disease lasts 2-3 weeks, despite treatment, and then abruptly passes.

Here such here it is, infectious mononucleosis. Sister experienced all of his symptoms, and I watched her suffering and tried though something to help.

You know, it’s very hard to survive, especially when you realize that I can not help. Don’t assume that your children and relatives of the insured from the sores. Can get infected absolutely everyone!

How is HSV transmitted 4?

Infection usually occurs through the air from an infected person. It seems to me that the sister caught in school (when she was in primary school) from a child, which for some reason is sent to school with symptoms of angina.

That you would send your child to school in the above condition? Of course not, but as it turned out, there are parents who can send, despite the disease.

And you can become infected through blood transfusions and contact method, but airborne is the most frequent.

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What to do if I see symptoms?

If a child is ill, then, first and foremost, call the pediatrician and describe the symptoms to him, and if an adult got sick, then go to the therapist. To make a correct diagnosis, you need to pass certain tests:

  • a simple blood test will show the increase in the level of lymphocytes, the presence of mononuclear cells and neutrophils stab special;
  • biochemistry of blood – detects the increase of ALT and AST;
  • ELISA test will find antibodies to the virus 4 types in the blood;
  • The PCR is allocated if the previous is not so accurate;
  • Ultrasound shows enlarged internal organs.

And all patients with similar symptoms must examine for HIV infection, and thrice, as it has similar symptoms at the initial stage.

How to treat herpes 4?

Treatment is tailored individually, so it may be different. I will tell you about how he treated my sister and how kids and adults are treated with the standard form of infectious mononucleosis.

The treatment is carried out so:

  • a throat to rinse with any antiseptic solutions;
  • if there is intoxication, it is appointed plentiful drink and Regidron;
  • if the temperature is above 39 degrees, then accepted antipyretic, e.g. Paracetamol;
  • adults and children after 12 years can be taken on the basis of the antiviral Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, etc., which will advise the attending specialist;
  • if the inflammation of the pharynx is accompanied by severe swelling, then is assigned to a short course of glucocorticoids.

To prevent infection, avoid contact with people who have clear signs of angina, or something like that, and if you have appointed a blood transfusion, spend it only in those clinics where donor blood is examined carefully.

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Well that’s all the information on herpes type 4 that I wanted to share with you. Now you know what it is and how to deal with it.

My sister has recovered and is no longer faced with the symptoms of this nasty infection, fortunately. If you get sick, then get well soon, and if not, then try to observe the rules of prevention.

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Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)