Herpes zoster: how to treat and prevent complications?

Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?Good afternoon, dear readers of our portal about skin! Each of us at least once in your life heard the name of Herpes, whether it was the tests during pregnancy, the girlfriend’s lip jumped a fever.

You will be surprised, but the Herpes virus is the causative agent of all known from childhood chicken pox, but also provoke herpes zoster. Our today’s article is dedicated to this difficult disease.

The term «tinea» is used for the reason that primary rash most commonly appears on the chest and back, as if it encircles the torso.

This pathology is also called herpes zoster or zoster.

The first symptoms

Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?Let’s start with the fact that the incubation period of this disease may last for one year before he will show or may not show at all.

The fact that a refresher chickenpox in childhood, the virus from the body does not disappear, but remains dormant the entire life.

Only under certain provoking factors, it may appear in the body in the form of a lichen.

Disease manifests itself in the form of red pimples, which is located inside the clear liquid. But in the first few hours after reactivation of the herpes in the body, the patient feels a General malaise, weakness and chills.

In the area of the chest is increased skin sensitivity, and pain occur in the intercostal space.

This ailment is characterized by pain due to the fact that the virus affects the nervous system and its components.

The pain may be paroxysmal or nagging, but it is very difficult to endure and it brings great suffering. Often everything else and added itching.

In General, the initial stage of herpes zoster in the classical manifestation is always accompanied by pain and discomfort in the place of the nerve which is affected.

It was on the site of the pain after two or three days and there are red bubbles. Papules and spots, more like a pimples and as already mentioned, fluid-filled there may be in large quantity, or there may be only a few pieces that are difficult to notice.

Usually the lesion is on the back and chest. But again, back to what rash.

So, if the affected optic nerve – the redness may be in the eye, if the neck – in the neck, if the ear – auricle, respectively.

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The photo attached in the article to fully give a clear understanding of how this disease looks like on different sites.

The causes of the defeat.

Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?Had been ill with chickenpox in young age as already noted, the virus remains in a latent state, localizes in the cells of the spinal cord.

The immune system, suppressing the pathogen, develop antibodies against it. When the immune system fails, herpes can become active again, but now in a more complex form.

After the entry of the virus in the active stage the patient begins to feel the first signs of disease.

Therefore, you need to clearly understand that chicken pox for the second time to recover is impossible, but to get shingles is.

Let us first examine in what circumstances most probably the appearance of this man of the disease:

  • age after age 40;
  • male;
  • immunosuppression;
  • beriberi;
  • the autumn-winter period.

Statistics confirms the fact that the appearance of herpes zoster in elderly men more often than women.

But still the most inviting to disease factors — disease disorders of the immune system at the cellular level:

  • pathology croitoreasa organs and blood;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • HIV infection;
  • malignant tumors;
  • the consequences of chemotherapy;
  • bone marrow transplant;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • serious injury;
  • chronic diseases: renal failure, cirrhosis, hepatitis, tuberculosis, heart failure and others.

Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?It should be noted that the risk of zoster may increase when taking certain medications that suppress natural immunity.

Infection usually occurs by airborne droplets. Especially dangerous cases of chickenpox nabolevshie people.

Also the child’s communication with the patient can be dangerous with the outbreak in the children’s team.

Rare situation when a recurrence of herpes affects at a young age, can take place on the background of stress or severe hypothermia.


Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?It is important to remember that when the first symptoms should consult a dermatologist. After a series of tests, and is scrapings from lesions of inflammation and smears from the urethra and genitals, you need to clearly establish whether the herpes.

Shingles may be confused with flat red, then, like pityriasis rosea is totally other symptoms.

Only after the test results, the doctor can prescribe adequate treatment, given the patient’s age, General state of health, the cause of and the overall picture of the process.

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Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?The first days of the disease therapy is primarily aimed at detoxification. The sick is often administered immunoglobulin for single intramuscular injection.

Especially it is important to enter a drug in situations when the disease is caused by intake of immunosuppressive agents and corticosteroids in patients with leukemia, HIV and other such diseases.

Drugs, which suppress the body’s resistance should be repealed. In General, the treatment of herpes zoster is approximately under the same scheme:

  • in the first three days it is imperative treatment with antiviral drugs such as Aciclovir (the best reviews);
  • the next stage of therapy is to relieve pain and inflammation, for which Nimesulide is assigned;
  • to strengthen the affected nervous system used sedatives;
  • reducing itching – antihistamine tablets;
  • intoxication is withdrawn diuretics;
  • in the case when the doctor said the bacterial nature lesions and infection sites is required Prim antibiotics.

Topically applied pain ointment that simultaneously reduce inflammation and brilliant green as a drying and antiseptic.

In parallel, a doctor assigned to a strict diet that excludes sharp, salty, spicy, and meat products are minimized until recovery.

Can the pathology be a long one, depends on a timely start taking strong antiviral medications. Otherwise, patient to avoid complications.

About treatment for shingles folk remedies we will prepare a separate article on our website, and you need to understand that today there are several very effective ways of natural therapies, get rid of the disease than a traditional.

The possible consequences of the disease

Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?How dangerous shingles is a vicious complications. Even if there was a right and timely diagnosis, and most importantly, the treatment was started in the first days of onset of symptoms, recovery can still take a long time and difficult.

It all depends on the characteristics of the organism and causes of disease. The most common complications following:

  • paralysis of the facial nerve.
  • paralysis of the limbs;
  • pneumonia;
  • problems with the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the duodenum;
  • optic neuritis;
  • the decline in visual acuity.
  • meningoencephalitis;
  • purulent processes in case of secondary bacterial infection.

In situations where the form of herpes zoster is simple, and not burdened with ongoing chronic process, recovery is quick and has a positive prognosis and relapses and the consequences are not observed.


Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?As such, the recipe to avoid infection does not exist. Of course, it is necessary to observe elementary rules of hygiene and maintain the condition of immunity at the proper level by using vitamin complexes and a healthy lifestyle.

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Modern medicine recommends 60 years after vaccination.

It is recommended to those who already had the chicken pox and ringworm, but unfortunately has a number of contraindications, such as HIV infection, malignancy, receipt of immunosuppressive drugs and other. So make use of it every patient can’t.


Опоясывающий лишай: как правильно лечить и не допустить осложнения?We have looked at what is shingles, how it looks and why they can get sick.

The causative agent is Herpes virus, and precipitating factors can be many. First and foremost is the reduction of immunity, and it may occur either on the background of other pathologies, either by artificial means for the treatment of serious ailments.

In such cases, drugs that lower the body’s resistance, will be cancelled. After accurate diagnosis using several tests, the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan.

It includes several mandatory drugs such as Acyclovir, which you need to begin, in the first days of the disease, antihistamines, antidepressants, tablets, relieves pain, and diuretics to reduce overall toxicity.

Time not started treatment leads to prolonged chronic form of the disease and serious complications.

Preventive measures are hygiene and persistent immunity, although the last ten years upon reaching the age of sixty years proved the effectiveness of vaccination.

In General, the therapy is not burdened by the chronicle and atypical manifestations with early beginning has a successful result and good resistance practically does not recur, what can be said about the cases.

And at the end of the article are making a useful video about the disease:

Bless you and take care!