Herpes Zoster: what are the symptoms and treatment methods

Dear readers, we are pleased to welcome you! You had the chickenpox? If not, you still all ahead, and if sick, do not think that more with her face. But why, after all we have all heard that chicken pox can be had only once in your life?

Recover from smallpox do not re-occur, but instead may be shingles herpes zoster. What causes shingles or herpes Zoster? Who is affected by this disease? How to notice it in time to treat? In this article you will find answers to all these questions.

What is a herpes Zoster?

Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы лечения

The disease has a code in ICD 10 «In 02». It is known to wind a relapse of smallpox, which, by the way, can happen for everyone. The most feared complication is intercostal neuralgia, which ill constantly experiencing terrible pain during movement.

Why developing herpes Zoster?

The disease is triggered by the same type 3 (varicella zoster virus), herpes viruses, and varicella. It can develop only from someone who had chicken pox. As you know, herpes viruses, after «recovery» (it is, actually, not happening) move to the nerves and fall asleep there.

The varicella zoster virus moves mainly in the intercostal nerves, but sometimes can affect other, for example, located on the face. To get rid of it completely, how and any-other types of herpes viruses, is not possible as drugs that can kill him, not yet invented.

Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы леченияDormant in the nerves the virus can become active and cause a relapse.

Herpes varicella zoster gives the recurrence is not as common as the simple herpes virus, but also can do it. So developing herpes Zoster, which this article.

To Wake up the virus needs certain favorable conditions. The principal such condition is the weakening of the immune defense system. It can happen each in various circumstances, for example:

  • with hypothermia;
  • due to exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • in HIV infection and other STDs;
  • due to stress;
  • after surgeries and serious long-term treatment.

Herpes Zoster mainly affects elderly people, whose immunity is weakened by natural causes.

Contagious or not?

Varicella, for example, are very contagious, and the herpes varicella zoster is contagious or not? Contagious, but after the infection develops in a special way.

If you are suffering from obvious signs would be to contact a healthy person, it is likely to catch the usual chicken pox or not get at all. And if sick, would be to contact people who have had chicken pox, then it nothing will happen, in addition to increasing immunity to the varicella zoster virus.

Symptoms: how to recognize the disease?

Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы леченияHerpes Zoster is not developing as chickenpox, despite the fact that the origin of common diseases.

The varicella zoster virus the second time does not create a rash all over the body, but attacks only that part of the body where located.

For example, if the virus was in the intercostal nerves, the symptoms appear on the body over the ribs. If struck trigeminal nerve, the symptoms will be located on the face.

Symptoms of the disease increasing, and it consists of two periods:

  • Prodromal — initial period. In the affected area of the body there is a strong unpleasant pain. People experience a burning sensation, as if burned with boiling water or fire. Ache is the place which houses the affected nerve. In parallel with this, there are systemic symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, nausea, fever up to 37-38 degrees.. The duration of this period varies from one to five days.
  • The period of active symptoms such as rashes. Over the affected nerve herpes rash appears, which you see in the photo. It is small blisters inside of which is transparent or bloody content (where the gangrenous form of herpes Zoster blisters inside is pus). After a few days the rash will burst and formed ulcers, and then almost immediately brown. All this is accompanied by itching, burning and pain. Gradually the crust fall away, then the sickness begins to recede.
  • The process of healing of the rash takes 2-3 weeks. Some people have the disease without the rash, causing it to be confused with various other pathologies and prescribe the wrong treatment.

    After the rash can remain strong discomfort in the affected region and can stay for months. In rare cases, the ill complained of pain in the affected nerve for years after recovery.

    A feature of the disease Zoster is the appearance of the rash — it is a band or belt. Because of this, the became known as herpes zoster.

    Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы лечения

    The most dangerous is facial herpes Zoster, as it can affect not only the skin but also eyes and ears. After the illness, if untreated, lesions of the trigeminal nerve is forever, and suffer from vision and hearing.

    Complications encircling the disease Zoster can bring the person before the disability. Therefore, treat it seriously and carefully watch your health.

    What complications are waiting for ill, who refuses to be treated?

    The most common, as mentioned above, is intercostal neuralgia causing severe pain, increasing because of the movement concentrated in the region of the ribs. The second common complication is meningoencephalitis (inflammation of meninges).

    He develops paralysis and other serious disorders in the CNS, leading to disability.

    If the rash is not looked after well and correctly, then it will get an additional bacterial infection will abscess complicating treatment. For the facial herpes Zoster often develop blindness and deafness.

    What to do if there is suspected encircling the disease Zoster?

    First and foremost, you need to go to the dermatologist and take direction in an ELISA (enzyme immunoassay). With his help in the blood revealed antibodies to varicella zoster virus.

    I had been ill with a chicken pox a person’s blood has antibodies of class G to this virus, which are allocated after recovery and support the body.

    And the person with the recurrence of smallpox to antibodies antibodies G joining M, which are allocated immediately after a virus attack.

    All patients with aggravated herpes Zoster is sent for analysis to determine HIV status. Why?

    The fact that any herpes in HIV-infected escalates significantly more and takes more aggressive form. It is often herpes Zoster is the only marker of this threat of latent infection.

    After the diagnosis, suffering from the treatment is selected. Want to know what will it be?

    Treatment of herpes resulting from varicella zoster virus

    Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы леченияTreatment for herpes zoster Zoster is required not all. Young people who have no comorbidities, disease go away on their own over 2-3 weeks.

    But other people, especially people with immune deficiency and children, treatment is required.

    Recurrence of chickenpox due to the varicella zoster virus is treated equally in adults and in children. Treatment is complex and is carried out using various modern medicines.

    First and foremost, cares are assigned to antiviral drugs:

  • Acyclovir — the most famous and popular (maximum number of positive reviews). This medication stops the reproduction of viruses, accelerates the healing process of skin symptoms and prevents complications. For adults it is administered in four tablets 5 times a day, and for children the dose is prescribed individually, based on age and weight.
  • The he needs therapy with valtrex stops the process of reproduction of viruses is faster than Acyclovir. It take three pills three times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms.
  • Famvir is effect on the virus varicella zoster, even if Acyclovir is not valid. This medicine appeared relatively recently and taken one tablet three times a day.
  • Valacyclovir was designed specifically against herpes viruses, varicella zoster operates on instantly and powerfully. It is recommended to take two tablets three times a day for one week.
  • Skin rashes need to treat antiviral medication for external application:

    The zovirax ointment is embedded in the DNA of the virus and blocking its proliferation. It is applied to the affected skin areas at least 5 times a day until complete disappearance of the rash.

    Acyclovir — an additional form of the antiviral pills with the same effect. Used the same as the previous medicine.

    With Panavir — in addition to anti-virus, varicella zoster, this drug strengthens the immune system, thereby accelerating the healing process. They need to use five times a day.

    Against additional signs of illness in the form of increased temperature, etc. taken systemic drugs:

    Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы лечения

    • Ibuprofen is one tablet 3-4 times a day for no longer than 5 days;
    • Diclofenac — 20-50 mg, twice a day for 5 days;
    • Ketoprofen is one pill three times a day for 5 days.

    In addition, when encircling the disease Zoster need to strengthen the immune system so he fought.

    People with a critically weakened immune system stimulants are appointed on the basis of interferon. People with normal immunity who have no concomitant diseases are vitamins A, E, C, V.

    The treatment is necessarily complemented by a sparing diet that will not overload the body, but saturate it with nutrients.

    In diet for herpes Zoster should include:

    Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы лечения

    • dairy products in any form;
    • vegetables in any form;
    • the white meat;
    • seafood, if they had no allergies;
    • nuts;
    • fruits except citrus fruits;
    • cereals (any);
    • green tea, broth hips and other useful plants.

    Traditional medicine against the virus varicella zoster

    Folk remedy to encircling herpes Zoster disease without traditional medicines use impractical, as they would be useless. With their help it is possible to slightly accelerate the course of the disease and reduce the severity of symptoms.

    Traditional medicine offers us to treat skin rash resulting from varicella zoster virus such means:

    Герпес Зостер: какие симптомы и методы лечения

  • For compresses applied alcohol tincture of wormwood, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is diluted with water 50/50 and apply to the affected skin for 20 minutes. To prepare a compress in the infusion to moisten any cloth or bandage.
  • Diseased parts it is recommended to moisten the mint broth. Fresh mint (or her, but in dried form) pour a glass of boiling water and hold in a water bath for 10-15 minutes and then remove the tool from the heat and let it infuse.
  • Instead pepper the heel you can use a decoction of Helichrysum, which is prepared in a similar manner. The broth will have to use more often, namely 3-4 times a day.
  • The antiviral effect of the pulp of fresh leaves of marsh cinquefoil. The leaves are crushed and stacked on the rash as a compress for 5-10 minutes.
  • If the rash really bothers, you can RUB ice cube. Make ice from pure filtered water or of a decoction of medicinal plants like chamomile. Chamomile will soothe the itching and reduce inflammation.
  • Prevention for regular people and people with immune deficiency

    Now you know how to cure herpes disease is caused by varicella zoster offers traditional and non-traditional medicine. And how to prevent its development?

    A normal person with normal immunity are advised to monitor their health, strengthen immunity, vitamins, exercise, time to treat chronic illness.

    People with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-positive and older, twice a year undergo preventive courses of immunotherapy. Such therapy is carried out using Cycloferon (the course consists of 10 vaccinations) or IFN (administered orally according to the instructions).

    That’s all, dear readers. I hope the article was interesting and answered all your questions. Article you can share with your friends via social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe for updates on the dermatology website. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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