Herpetic vesicular dermatitis: what drugs will help to cure the disease?

Герпетический везикулярный дерматит: какие препараты помогут вылечить болезнь?We are happy to see you again on our website! How often do we see beautiful faces? Communication in the eye gives all the smallest nuances of the face of the interlocutor.

And now, on lipstick from girls hidden herpes! Horror or normal variant? Let’s see what the herpetic vesicular dermatitis, if he’s dangerous and can it be cured?

So, herpetic dermatitis is a chronic infectious disease, often recurrent, which manifests itself in a rash with vesicles.

Most infection affects people aged 30 to 40 years. The disease has this feature as long, up to several years, in remission of exacerbation.

The main causes of the disease

The exact cause to date not revealed, we can be guided only by assumptions:

  • immunosuppression;
  • heredity;
  • endocrine changes;
  • reaction to products;
  • viral infections (SARS and influenza);
  • worm infestation and others.

Manifestation of herpes may also indicate malignant tumors inside and on the pathology of the digestive system.

The risk of disease increases with pathologies of the lymphatic system, vaccination, nervous and physical overstrain.

How does this kind of dermatitis?

Герпетический везикулярный дерматит: какие препараты помогут вылечить болезнь?For starters, look at the photos, we have provided you with pictures which indicate the most frequent manifestations of the disease.

Dermatitis herpetiformis is different from those of dermatitis that we used to see usually. Most often it manifests itself in the form of bubbles, eritematosnaya spots and blisters.

Bubbles may be different sizes and occur on any part of the body. For a small period of time small pimples merge into one and form a crust.

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The liquid in the classical course of the disease in the blisters is clear, but if it becomes cloudy it is a sign of acceding infection.

When vesicles burst, on their sites again form a crust, which will eventually darken. In addition to the rash, the disease can manifest the following symptoms:

  • severe itching;
  • insomnia;
  • increased body temperature;
  • weakness;
  • malfunctions of the thyroid gland;
  • loose stools and other.

Diagnosis of the disease

Герпетический везикулярный дерматит: какие препараты помогут вылечить болезнь?For the definition of herpes is a special test of blood and an analysis of the fluid from the blisters.

In patients of advanced age additional studies to exclude a malignant tumor.


First of all prescribers sulfonic groups:

  • Dapsone;
  • sulfapiridin;
  • avlosulfon and others.

Take them inside two or three times a day. The dose and time prescribed.

For external treatment rash prescribed creams that eliminate itching. Even to relieve itching and inflammation inside prescribe antihistamines, such as aerius, claritin, fenistil. Well dries the wound Zelenka and fukortsin.

Treatment can help drug therapy:

  • Inside it is recommended to use a decoction of licorice or knotweed;
  • You can make yourself a salve of lard and belladonna, after, mix, and place in the oven for five or six hours, setting the temperature of 90 degrees.
  • It is good to treat ulcers can lotions and baths of potassium permanganate.
  • In the preparation regimen, the physician must include in her medication that strengthens the body resistance.

    Preventive measures to prevent this dermatitis, as those do not exist. Need to support the immune system and try to live a healthy lifestyle, follow the rules of nutrition. Health to you!