Hives during pregnancy: how and what to treat?

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?Hello to all, dear readers! Pregnancy is the most memorable and happy time in the life of the mother. Usually ladies at this period in what does not deny, in particular from the food.

They try to eat a lot of wholesome food, rich in vitamins. But it has its disadvantages. During pregnancy a woman’s body is changing, which is designed to let the fruit ripen. Fully hormonal changes.

The result may be that even the foods that early man could eat in large quantities, will trigger an allergic reaction.

In this article we will tell you how dangerous are urticaria during pregnancy and what to do to not harm the fetus.

The impact of the disease on the fetus

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?Often urticaria is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy.

The disease itself has no effect on the fetus, but the medications required for the treatment of disease, can be very dangerous.

If left untreated, can cause serious complications, such as angioedema. While swollen mucous membranes.

This condition requires an immediate call an ambulance, because at this point, the life of the mother or baby is threatened.

What to do when hives during pregnancy?

If the expectant mother is prone to allergies, then before getting pregnant, she should avoid contact with the allergen during the period of gestation.

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?To find out predisposing factors, should be carried out allergic tests. The propensity to allergies and interaction with him at the time of pregnancy can cause hives.

If the Allergy is caused by food allergen, you should follow the correct power mode and eliminate dangerous foods from your menu.

If you have a chronic Allergy to pollen you need to plan the pregnancy so early, the street was not flowering.

How will hives pregnancy will depend on the overall health of women. The doctor evaluates a possible threat to the baby associated with taking medication and the complications of the disease.

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Finding what is a threat, he prescribes a certain medication, or chooses other methods of therapy.

Safe methods of treatment

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?First of all, pregnant women should be made a special diet and menu. In this case, the body has to do all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but the diet should be hypoallergenic.

Keep in mind that the treatment of urticaria without dietary restrictions will not be effective. In the early stages medications a little complicated.

At this point, formed the organs and systems of the future baby. Therefore, if possible, you should adhere to a hypoallergenic diet.

Welcome aristomeneh effective means of corticosteroids in an interesting position undesirable. To prescribe can only be experienced specialist. It is not necessary to self-medicate.

But than to treat pathology? To get rid of poisoning and to cleanse the body, it is possible to use chelators, and complexes of minerals and vitamins, hepatoprotectors, bifidobacteria. Anthistamine and hormonal substances are suitable for outdoor use.

Before you start using it you may try other reliable methods relieve symptoms of urticaria, for example, compresses.

If a woman ate highly allergenic foods: seafood, citrus fruits, chocolate, then you need to take the following actions:

  • if some time passed after pregnant ate the allergenic food, you need to wash out the stomach with water. This should be done carefully so as not to cause premature birth;
  • make the sorbent: white charcoal, sorbex, etc.;
  • to do a cleansing enema;
  • to exclude an irritant.

The causes of the disease

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?As a rule, the appearance of hives during pregnancy due to exposure to a food allergen. Within 20 minutes the patient will develop symptoms such as rashes on the body.

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Therefore, many qualified doctors insist on compliance with hypoallergenic diet with the exception of preservatives and dyes.

Urticaria can occur as a result of reception of drugs such as, chimes, interaction with household chemicals, cosmetics, dust and dander.

The immune system in women during pregnancy weakened, so that an allergic reaction can be triggered by the food that the person never had allergies in the past. A woman should avoid those foods and things that she previously caused an allergic reaction.

Diagnosis of the disease

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?Urticaria is a pathology which may occur on the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts of the body. Symptoms is a rash (shown in photos), which is harmless for the mother and fetus.

However, the presence of the rash is irritating and unnerving woman. As soon as the first bubbles on the skin, you should immediately visit the doctor.

You need to determine an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Often blisters are symptoms of more serious diseases – chickenpox, herpes, rubella.

Hives may occur due to different pathologies of the liver and endocrine disorders. All this should be deleted with the help of diagnostic tests and completion of required tests.

The disease is confused with dermatitis, however, this pathology develops due to the impact of other reasons. Dermatitis is a result of the interaction of the skin with a cloth or detergent.

Therapy of folk remedies

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?In the Arsenal of alternative medicine there are many recipes tested more than one generation. For treatment of the disease our grandmothers used to do baths before bed of nettles, chamomile, succession.

This way they get rid of the inflammation, itching and redness. If a woman’s body does not perceive grass as a stimulus, then you can use this method in our time.

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To get rid of nervous tension caused by the disease take three times a day for half a glass of infusion of mint. This mint pour boiling water and infuse for one hour.

Preventive measures

Крапивница при беременности: как и чем лечить?In an interesting position, not only need to avoid foods containing preservatives and dyes, but also highly allergenic food.

During pregnancy should completely refrain from drinking alcohol and Smoking. Should be deleted from the menu non-seasonal fruits and vegetables, food of fast preparation.

During this period the female organism is under tremendous load, so even in the absence of allergic reactions in the early stages, it can be felt in the second or third trimester.

Despite the many prohibitions during the period of gestation a woman should get the minerals and vitamins in the right quantity.

To avoid the appearance of urticaria at the time of gestation, should control fluid intake: every day you need to drink about 1.5 liters of water. It is also necessary to regularly cleanse the body safe sorbents.

With timely treatment to the doctor, the prognosis of urticaria in pregnancy is quite favorable. Goodbye, dear readers!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)