Hives in infants how to safely cure the disease?

Welcome, dear readers. In pediatric practice urticaria is a common disease.

Often find the disease can have on newborns and infants. Skin rashes create the baby uncomfortable and cause anxiety in newly-made mother. So what causes illness and how to treat it? Let us look at this problem.

Why is the newborn develop hives?

Крапивница у новорожденных: как безопасно вылечить болезнь?The cause of the disease is the secretion of histamine, which, when injected into the blood increases the permeability of blood vessel walls and also increases the concentration of fluid in the tissues.

Histamine, in turn, stands out due to the ingestion of the allergen newborn. The basis of any hives is hypersensitive reaction to an impact or substance: cold, food, animal dander, insects and so on.

What causes the disease in infants?

Hives in newborns is most often caused due to improper diet mom.

In most cases, newly born children are breastfed and if the mother consumes allergic products, for example, such as chocolate, citrus, nuts and other, they cause the baby a rash, redness, itching, which often are the hives.

In addition, the disease can provoke skin contact with an allergen (for example, poor quality clothing, powder, animals) as well as some medications (vitamins, antibiotics, serums).

Causes of rashes on the baby’s skin can be insect bites, a reaction to dust, pollen, too high or conversely, low temperature, exposure to sunlight.

According to statistics, approximately 25% of children at least once in their lives suffered from urticaria. If you don’t know how the disease looks, look at the photos below, which demonstrate the acute manifestations of the disease.

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The symptoms of the disease

Крапивница у новорожденных: как безопасно вылечить болезнь?In newborns the body almost immediately reacts to the action of the allergen. Initially, you will notice reddening of the skin, and eventually blisters, similar in appearance with burns from nettles.

The skin begins to itch, the baby is trying to scratch increases body temperature. Rash covered any areas of the body, including the mucous membranes of the eyes, lips, genitals.

In addition to the above the baby may disturb vomiting, abdominal pain, swelling of hands, face. He becomes lethargic, or conversely, more restless.

There are cases of laryngeal edema or angioedema, which in turn, often lead to anaphylactic shock.

If the swelling moved to the mucous membranes, it will be accompanied by paroxysmal cough, bluish discoloration of nasolabial triangle, and whistle when you inhale. In this period it is necessary to immediately provide the infant a help, otherwise the attack may end in death.

If after 30 days the rash has not stopped, it is likely the baby the chronic form. It can take months or even years, negatively affecting the health of the child.

The reasons may lie in regular contact with the allergen, goiter, tonsillitis, sinusitis. There are cases of transition of urticaria in dermatitis.

How to diagnose hives?

Крапивница у новорожденных: как безопасно вылечить болезнь?To correctly establish the diagnosis the doctor asked the mother of the child for symptoms, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nutrition as a baby or her about possible methods of drugs.

Then the baby will be sent to x-ray examination, allergological and immunological tests, and Wasserman.

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For a more reliable diagnosis will have to take the urine and blood samples and undergo ULTRASOUND examination.

Acute urticaria is determined by rashes on the body of the child lasting not more than two months. And the chronic form is revealed only after the tests that show the presence of inflammation.

Urticaria very often confused with other diseases. It is therefore necessary at the first symptoms, consult your doctor who will be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Effective treatments

Крапивница у новорожденных: как безопасно вылечить болезнь?As such a panacea for this disease no. First and foremost are the causes of acne, and stop contact with the allergen.

The treatment is based upon taking antihistamines, which include: Suprastin, Zyrtec, Tavegil, claritin. Thanks to them reduces the production of inflammatory mediators.

If the rash occurs on the face and other parts of the body, it can be assigned to a local medications in form of gels and ointments, such as Fenistil and others. They contain benzocaine or menthol, which allows relieve itching and swelling.

If the disease is progressing, you will be prescribed hormone therapy by corticosteroids. Note that this method greatly depresses the immune system the baby, so this is an extreme method of treatment.

There are also traditional methods eliminate symptoms of hives. These include rubbing lemon juice, decoction of herbs and baths with the addition of marigold, nettle, St. John’s wort, chamomile.

For deducing of toxins (if you are allergic to foods) will be assigned to the sorbents, and nursing mother prescribed a strict hypoallergenic diet.

To restore the intestinal flora will also have to take probiotics, such as bifilact, Linex, Bifidumbacterin etc.

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Prevention of the disease

Крапивница у новорожденных: как безопасно вылечить болезнь?If the disease has arisen from-for dampness, mold, and dust, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment in the house or apartment.

Clothing for newborns should be washed using a hypoallergenic powder or soap, so as not to irritate delicate skin.

Nutrition moms should only consist of natural dietary products, and if the baby on the mixture, then pay attention to its composition.

If you have an Allergy to milk protein, you should find another mixture, for example, based on goat’s milk. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)