Hives on hands: symptoms and treatment

Welcome, dear readers. Hands are the most common place where there are various rashes.

Urticaria is no exception. Why hands are susceptible to this disease and what to do to remedy this illness?

Why hands?

Крапивница на руках: симптомы болезни и лечениеOur hands are constantly in contact with various surrounding objects, household chemicals, food, whereby they can occasionally occur allergic reaction.

Urticaria – is a disease of allergic nature, accompanied by the appearance of blisters similar to burns from a nettle, itching, rash, and edema.

Hives on hands can be acute, which lasts up to six weeks and chronic longer term treatment. Both forms appear spontaneously. On the photo you see below shows what it looks like hives on his hands.

According to statistics, the acute form of the disease most often affects the skin of young people. Chronic urticaria a manifestation of the suffering the older generation, and mostly are women.

As the cause of a rash on the hands is a certain allergen, occur the disease may spontaneously over several days until this product or other source of exposure is excluded from contact.

If the disease is chronic, then there may be suspicion on problems with the body. Competent treatment in this case will be appointed after passing necessary tests of stool, blood and urine. Can also be assigned to fluoroscopy.

In children, especially those who are breastfeeding, the disease may be caused by a failure to comply with the diet mom.

At older ages, the child’s cause of rashes can be a goiter or other disorders of the digestive system. Most often in children rash occurs in hands, fingers, back, chest and legs.

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The causes of disease

Крапивница на руках: симптомы болезни и лечениеThe cause of hives is an increased amount of histamine receptor which is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

Because of the release of this receptor the body tells that something is wrong and you need to take the appropriate action.

The main causes of hives on hands is:

  • The negative effect of household chemicals;
  • Some food products;
  • Pet hair;
  • Insect bites;
  • Scratches and other damage to the skin;
  • Exposure to sunlight, heat and cold;
  • Physical exertion and stress;
  • Pathology of the digestive system and infection.

Крапивница на руках: симптомы болезни и лечениеScientists still can not identify the real cause of the hives and claim that this disease can appear suddenly, anytime and from anything.

There are cases when hives on hands and other parts of the body occurs due to poor ecological situation in the place of residence.

In this case, it may form the chronic form of the disease and recover will be possible only after a radical change of place of residence.

Many believe that chronic urticaria remains for life. It is not so. Usually, the symptoms last up to six months and then disappear. Yes, failing to follow the doctor’s recommendations and in contact with allergens, the disease may reappear.

The belief that such a disease threat is also exaggerated. Yes, there are cases of angioedema, but this is very rare in acute urticaria and also failure to comply with the recommendations.

Some believe that the disease is contagious, seeing on the wrists rash. No, hives are not contagious and not transmitted from person to person. It is solely the body’s response to any impact.

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Proper treatment methods

Крапивница на руках: симптомы болезни и лечениеThe first step is to remove the source of Allergy. Only in this case the treatment will be successful. If you don’t know the true cause of the rash, it can be tested for immunoglobulin or a special skin test to allergens.

The doctor will prescribe you antihistamines, which normalize histamine levels in the blood, and a diet which must be observed constantly to prevent recurrence (especially chronic hives).

Among the most effective drugs are highlighted cetirizine, levocetirizine, loratadine, desloratadine, Fexofenadine and others. You can assign them to both adults and children, but with strict adherence to the instructions.

In a more complicated form of the disease a doctor can be assigned immunostimulatory therapy or administration of corticosteroid drugs.

However, remember that these are extreme measures. These drugs greatly inhibit the immune system, although act quickly and effectively.

Such therapy is usually prescribed for the angioedema. It’s like a shot of adrenaline, forcing his cells to work against the affected.

Period of intradermal injections lasts no more than 3 days, and tablets can take up to 2 weeks. Note that corticosteroid medications are prescribed only by a physician and are sold exclusively by prescription.

The itch of the rash on the hands is easily removed with different ointments and creams, which will also prescribe doctor.

If precipitation was struck by children’s hands, in addition to ointments and antihistamine medications will be assigned sorbents for purification of an organism from harmful substances (allergens) and probiotics to restore the intestinal flora.

But only in complete elimination of source of Allergy, it will be possible to completely cure the hives.

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Traditional methods to help you

Крапивница на руках: симптомы болезни и лечениеIn addition, you can be treated with folk remedies, which are presented in different decoctions of herbs such as calendula, series, chamomile and others. The disease leaves no residue on the skin, so you can not worry about the aesthetic appearance of hands.

Perfect effect have herbal baths for hands. For its preparation is taken the mixture of herbs: chamomile,, St. John’s wort, Valerian root, sage (all in equal proportions).

Infused composition in a water bath for 10 minutes, then left «to languish» under the towel for hours.

This broth can be used as a standalone tool only for hands or add to bath for prevention of rashes all over the body.

To urticaria no more struck your skin, you should follow a hypoallergenic diet, avoid alcohol and Smoking, stay cool, use sunscreen.

At the first symptoms of the disease should immediately consult a doctor who can prescribe effective treatment. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)