Hives on neck how to cure the disease?

Hello, dear readers. Urticaria is a very unpleasant disease, especially when manifested in visible places: on the hands, face and neck.

In this case, you need to not only get rid of the itching, but the rash because it causes psychological discomfort. Why do hives affect the face and what can be dangerous such a display? Let’s face it.

What triggers the disease?

Крапивница на шее: как вылечить заболевание?Urticaria is a disease of allergic nature. Allergic to the neck can occur for the following reasons:

  • Poor quality cosmetics that contain dyes and other additives;
  • Chemicals;
  • Decorations;
  • Clothing made of natural fabrics;
  • Allergic foods;
  • Pet hair;
  • Medication;
  • Skin and fungal infection;
  • Sweating;
  • Viral infection;
  • Exposure to sunlight;
  • Heredity.

A special place is celebrated for the spirits. If you bought a defective toilet water, it can cause you to have severe allergies.

Avoid Chinese fakes. They contain preservatives, thickeners, dyes. Better to overpay a little than to suffer from rashes and itching.

If you are in doubt about buying, first use the tester, wait a couple of minutes. If there is no reaction, then go ahead and buy a particular toilet water.

Importantly, to distinguish hives from other diseases with similar symptoms, such as eczema, dermatitis, photodermatitis, etc.

Urticaria neck is manifested in the form of pink and white blisters with severe itching. First, décolleté blushes there is a small rash that looks like nettle burn. When you see these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor, since complications can arise.

How dangerous is urticaria on the neck?

Крапивница на шее: как вылечить заболевание?The most dangerous phase in this disease is the décolleté. Can occur giant urticaria, otherwise called angioedema. He, in turn, dangerous cessation of breathing (asphyxia).

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Often precipitating factors are insect bites, medicines, food.

If you have a predisposition to this reaction, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment at the first sign of hives.

Very dangerous this condition in a child. When severe edema can occur in anaphylactic shock. On the left in the photo you can see the look of the rash in this disease.

How to get rid of the disease?

Note that the treatment prescribed by the doctor only after visual inspection and diagnosis of the disease.

To get rid of the symptoms of urticaria valid various ointments. Therapy becomes effective only when you completely eliminate from a contact allergen. After this course of treatment ointments will be approximately 2 weeks.

The product should be applied to the décolletage, affecting the skin on the back and on the head to prevent spreading of the rash.

The most popular ointments on today are:

Крапивница на шее: как вылечить заболевание?Fenistil. This is an antihistamine which is very effective in reducing redness, flaking of the skin. it also relieves itching and swelling.

Radevit. The vitamins contained in the ointment composition, improve the skin’s resistance to adverse ambient conditions, relieve itching and flaking.

Bepanten. This tool may be used to treat children. it’s designed for pain relief, disinfection, treatment of allergic reaction manifested on the skin. In addition, this ointment relieves the inflammation and soothes the affected skin.

Traumeel. This medicine with herbal composition. It increases immunity, relieves itching and irritation.

Advantan. It is a hormonal drug that produces a strong therapeutic effect. It is prescribed for acute hives in adults, which threatens the patient with angioedema.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Крапивница на шее: как вылечить заболевание?To cure urticaria on the neck, doctors prescribe antihistamines, often of the last generation. These include Zyrtec, Cethrin, and other Telfast. They have minimum side effects and contraindications.

They also have a very long lasting effect and take them to just 1 per day, which is very convenient.

Well struggling with the symptoms of hives such medications, like Fexomat, Suprastin. The latest medication administered to children from 1 month to ¼ tablet three times a day.

The only thing it causes drowsiness, so if the patient is going to get behind the wheel, you should avoid taking this medication.

In addition to these drugs is assigned to a hypoallergenic diet. You should avoid foods that can cause allergic reactions (citrus, nuts, sweets, red berries, and fruits). Also try not to touch the animals and keep the house clean.

Herbal treatment

Крапивница на шее: как вылечить заболевание?Hives on the neck and other parts of the body can be cured by using traditional methods. Of course, such methods are not welcomed by doctors, but they have for many generations enjoyed great popularity.

Take 2 large tablespoons of succession, pour boiling water and insist in a dark place. You eventually get a concentrated solution. It is possible to pour in a bath or just to make lotions.

Also helps to cope with a rash on the neck oak bark, boiled water. You can mix the two extracts and to make them compresses.

Soothe irritated skin will help the bath with the addition of fresh mint leaves, lemon balm or Valerian. If there is no fresh grass, then take the dry leaves and infused in the previous recipes.

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The conclusion of the article

Remember, any treatment, including grandma, should allow the physician. Mindless self-treatment can lead to some complications and regenerate acute urticaria chronic.

In addition, there is the likelihood of: nausea, shortness of breath, seizures, congestive heart failure. Remember, if time does not provide proper treatment, it can even lead to death.

To diagnose urticaria needs a highly trained doctor and only after the correct diagnosis and to appoint treatment. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)