Hives on stomach: why does it appear and how to treat?

Hello, dear readers. It often happens that some people notice on my stomach red spots or rash. It has many causes: eczema, chicken pox, dermatitis and other. Most doctors are diagnosed with urticaria.

Why the disease affects this part of the body and how to treat it? Let’s investigate this question together.

What is urticaria?

Крапивница на животе: почему появляется и как лечить?Urticaria is one of the most difficult in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases. This is due to the huge number of factors influencing the appearance of lesions.

The patient should be thoroughly examined to properly diagnose. It is considered that this is an allergic disease characterized by blisters similar in appearance with burns from nettles.

These blisters may merge into a single spot, which if not properly treated, become dense plaques with smooth outlines.

While they are very itchy, causing mental and physical discomfort, irritation and anger. And they disappear as fast as they appear.

In fact, not only are allergic to a particular product causing the hives, but also other factors.

For example, hives on the stomach can occur due to abnormalities in the liver. This can lead to the destruction of histamine, which causes rashes.

The disease can be a consequence of any autoimmune inflammation. In this case, the immune system confuses the body’s own tissues from foreign.

Yet, most often, a rash appears on the abdomen due to contact with allergens. It might be eaten the product (fruit or berry red, citrus, nuts, sweetness, etc.).

In addition, allergic reaction, insect bites, contact with water, cold or on the contrary, hot weather, sunlight, household cleaners. Photos, located just above, demonstrates what it looks like hives on the human body.

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Why rash on belly pregnant?

Крапивница на животе: почему появляется и как лечить?During pregnancy women often toxicosis. It is the cause of the hives. It is with the belly in pregnant women and illness begins, and then goes to the buttocks, thighs, chest, back and face.

Often the predisposition to such a disease is passed from mother to child, while the disease itself is not dangerous for the baby. Dangerous are drugs used for the treatment of urticaria.

Manifestation of the rash in a child

In children as in adults, hives appear due to contact with allergens and other factors which were listed above.

If the child is breastfed, it’s likely something you ate the mother, whereby the allergen was passed on through the milk.

That is why during lactation should observe the hypoallergenic diet, not to create threat for the baby.

Children, especially infants hard to tolerate the hives, since it causes itching, burning and even pain.

How to eliminate the symptoms of the disease?

We advise you not to self-medicate, and at the first sign of the disease to seek help from a qualified doctor.

It will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment, depending on your individual body, contra-indications and course of disease.

Крапивница на животе: почему появляется и как лечить?To resolve the symptoms of urticaria should take antihistamine medicines. A lot of them now in a different price category, with various side effects and contraindications.

The most effective and popular are tablets Tavegil, Cethrin, loratadine, Suprastin and other.

Children typically are discharged drops Zyrtec or Fenistil. The latter can also be used if you are allergic to insect bites.

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Pregnant antihistamines are best not taken, especially in the first trimester. Best to stick to the hypoallergenic diet.

If there is a strong intoxication of the organism with swelling, rashes and blisters, it is possible to make sorbents: Enterosgel, activated carbon, POLYSORB. Then need to restore microflora using prebiotics.

If the patient has the acute form of urticaria

It so happens that the rash appears not only on belly but on the entire body. It may be accompanied by angioedema, which is dangerous not only for health, but for life.

In this case, are assigned to the corticosteroids that are available in the form of tablets, injections and ointments. Note that writes their doctor and all the treatment takes place under his supervision.

Local treatment of the rash

Крапивница на животе: почему появляется и как лечить?To improve the General condition in the hives and remove the rashes from the stomach can be smeared with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ointments and gels.

Stand out from non-hormonal ointment La foi, Fenistil, Rezulin and other. They can be used for both adults and children.

In the acute form of the disease are prescribed hormonal drugs (Advantan, Loridan, Elokom, Ftorokort). They have a rapid action but, at the same time, a large list of side effects and contraindications.

Traditional methods of treatment

If you have belly rash, you can lubricate the affected areas a decoction of St. John’s wort, mint, chamomile, calendula, succession, and other herbs. In addition, an action has a raw potato, which will reduce inflammation and swelling.

If you are experiencing severe itching, you can lubricate the stomach alcohol or menthol solution. These methods are able to cool and calm irritated skin.

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Крапивница на животе: почему появляется и как лечить?If you are predisposed to the occurrence of urticaria, try not to wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics. Furthermore, avoid belts, because the physical effects on the stomach may also cause a rash.

If you have solar urticaria, you can sunbathe, not only the sun but also in tanning beds. Try to walk up to 11 and after 16 hours, when there is strong solar activity.

If you have a marine form of the disease, reduce showers to 2 minutes, and take a bath at all.

In addition to all these measures, eat right, avoid citrus fruits, red fruits and berries, sweets, nuts.

Always have a home in the medicine Cabinet antihistamines at the first sign of a rash on the abdomen and other parts of the body have you had the opportunity to prompt their reception. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)