Hives on the face: symptoms and treatment of disease

Hello, dear readers. Sometimes our body appear rash. Most often it is an allergic reaction to particular eating product, or other effects. Often, however, this expression has a more acute form.

In this case we are talking about this disease, as hives. What to do if a rash appeared on face and most importantly how to treat it, to avoid unpleasant consequences. The response you get after reading today’s article.

Why you have hives?

Крапивница на лице: симптомы и лечение недугаDoctors there are several types of this disease depending on the type of allergen and exposure: allergic, thermal, cold, mechanical and other.

Allergic causes of urticaria can be a variety of food, sunlight, insect bites, medications.

Most often the rash starts with the face: cheeks turn red, and then blisters, similar to burns from nettles. The rash can affect the whole body and even mucous membranes that talking about overreaction.

What symptoms say about the hives?

The rash appeared suddenly, while you feel quite normal (in rare cases it may increase in temperature, weakness, General deterioration), it is likely you have hives. It can be chronic or acute.

Chronic hives occur periodically recurrent disease, and acute and occur abruptly, as a rule, in negligence with serious consequences (swelling Kwinke, anaphylactic shock).

Look at the photo below, where you can see how looks a face with this disease.

Itching also tells about the allergic reaction. Sometimes he’s unbearable. If you comb the face, the blisters may suppurate. This is especially dangerous condition for children.

If it enters via a wound infection can develop other diseases, which will only aggravate the situation. Especially with the abscesses are much more difficult to deal with than a rash.

If you are sure that the hives on face are caused due to allergen, then you must first undergo tests to identify the true cause of the disease. Only in this case will be assigned an effective treatment.

How to treat the disease?

Крапивница на лице: симптомы и лечение недугаFirst you have to eliminate contact with the allergen, whether a food product, cold, water, sunlight, cosmetic. Most often, especially in chronic course of the disease, the patient understands what caused such a reaction.

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If the symptoms of the disease appeared on the face of the infant, then, most likely mom ate something, I became allergic to the mixture or one or the other drug.

In these cases, a cleansing enema, which displays the source of the allergen from the stomach (with food allergies).

Also good help sorbents, which absorb the allergen and remove it out. Such drugs include enterosgel, Polisorb, filtrum, smectite, activated charcoal.

You can give them to children, but before application it is necessary to carefully study the manual. Course duration is usually up to 1 week.

To speed up the process of elimination of toxins you need to drink more water – still or boiled. Necessarily at this time to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet.

If you have chronic hives, this diet is followed throughout life. If you notice on the face of the first manifestations of urticaria (redness, itching, blisters), you should start to take antihistamines.

Why are these drugs?

Antihistamine medication helps to stop the rash and to avoid more serious consequences. There are 4 generation of such funds.

The drugs of the 1st generation need to be taken frequently (up to 6 times per day). In addition, they have undesirable side effects, particularly drowsiness. These include Tavegil, Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, etc.

Now to treat the rash on the face and other parts of the body, doctors often prescribe drugs subsequent generations (Zyrtec, Aerius, claritin, Fenistil, Telfast) which take once a day.

Their effect lasts 24 hours, which is very convenient in our modern world. Moreover, after their reception does not want to sleep. Before use still need to consult with your doctor.

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How to get rid of itching with the help of external means?

Крапивница на лице: симптомы и лечение недугаOften in this case is assigned to an ointment or gel that can speed up the healing process. To treat hives on the face apply the three outer groups of drugs:

Cream or gel with antihistamine medication fenistilom. Its a plus that it almost has no contraindications and can be used to treat nappy rash in both adults and children since birth.

Hormonal ointments and creams (corticosteroids). These include drugs advantan, elokom, and others. They have a great effect.

After a few applications the face is significantly cleared from the blisters and rashes, reducing itching and burning. However, these funds have a lot of side effects.

They cannot be used by children, during pregnancy and lactation. Before applying you should definitely consult with a specialist.

Quite effective against rashes on the face is cream elidel. Of the shortcomings can be identified only high price.

When do I need emergency help?

Крапивница на лице: симптомы и лечение недугаHives can appear abruptly and disappear, leaving the skin of the face and trace. However, there are cases of deterioration of General condition, when the rash begins to spread throughout the body, including mucous membranes, causing swelling of the throat and even internal organs.

This is a manifestation called angioedema, which can result in anaphylactic shock. If at the time you do not take action, it possible death.

If you along with a rash on the face was numb and swollen tongue, swollen lips, hoarse voice, it became hard to breathe, it is a sign of angioedema.

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In this case you should immediately call an ambulance to protect themselves from exposure to the allergen and to take any antihistamine in the home.

The paramedics on arrival will give you an injection of glucocorticosteroid medication and prescribe further treatment.

Treatment of folk remedies

Young children and adults can make lotions decoction of calendula, chamomile, sage. They can relieve itching and redness.

You can clean the face with sour milk or kefir.

Another good tool is blue clay. It was diluted with water until thick cream and apply on face. On top of a mask is put on wet gauze and leave it all for 20 minutes.

Recommendations for the prevention

Крапивница на лице: симптомы и лечение недугаTry not to eat those foods to which you are allergic. Also avoid prolonged exposure to sun or cold weather.

Household chemical cleaning products replace soda or buy those that are marked «hypoallergenic.»

If possible, get tested for the presence of chronic and other diseases that often cause hives.

Use less decorative and other cosmetics or buy it at the drugstore.

If you follow all of the recommendations, such diseases as urticaria, will pass you. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)