Hives on the palms: symptoms of diseases and methods of treatment

Hello, dear readers. Urticaria is a disease that causes the skin redness and itching, symptoms and signs similar to nettle burn.

This is a fairly common affliction, occurring in 25% of the world population. Often acts rash on the hands, feet and body, but there are times when it affects the palms. Why is this happening? The answer to this question you will learn from today’s article.

Causes of rashes on the palms

Крапивница на ладонях: симптомы болезни и способы леченияWe are constantly in contact with different people, items, tools, household chemicals, allergens because of what the hands may blister, and other rashes.

This is due to the increased release of the receptor of histamine – a substance necessary for normal functioning of the human body.

If after exposure to (non-allergenic or allergenic origin) there was such a release, it is only a defensive reaction that says about the need to take appropriate action.

The major causes of rashes on the palms are:

  • Some food products;
  • Saliva and dander;
  • Insect bites;
  • Drugs;
  • Scratches and cracks on the skin;
  • Stress;
  • Pathology in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Friction;
  • Household cleaners;
  • Seasons;
  • Physical activity;
  • Sun exposure;
  • Low or high temperature;
  • Water.

In fact, the doctors to this day can’t establish the true causes of urticaria: it appears suddenly and can be a reaction to any pathogen.

How to relieve the symptoms of the disease?

Крапивница на ладонях: симптомы болезни и способы леченияHives on the palms can be not only acute but also chronic. The acute form of the disease more often affects young people, while chronic – older people.

In acute reactions rash appears abruptly. Symptoms such hives is very painful: itching, burning and even pain. With palms sickness tolerated on all hands, feet, and other parts of the body, sometimes causing swelling.

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So it can be repeated several days in a row. And if the cause of this reaction was mechanical skin lesions of the palms, the blisters are linear and do not itch. In the photo you can see the look of rashes on the palms.

If a person has chronic form, is often associated with some diseases of the body. In this case, proper treatment will be appointed only after passing all the tests: blood, urine, and stool to detect this pathology. Sometimes you may need x-rays.

Should we be afraid of urticaria on the palms?

Many believe that if chronic urticaria is permanent. In fact, the disease lasts up to six months, then disappears for long term itself does not show.

In addition, some think that a rash on the palms is contagious, resulting in stopped to chat with an infected person. Remember, the urticaria is not contagious – it is an allergic disease, not caused by viruses.

Very rarely, this disease may be accompanied by angioedema. It happens with deep lesions of the skin of the palm or the entire hand as a whole.

There is also the likelihood of swelling in strong combing (often the child). To such unpleasant consequences do not arise, you need a proper treatment of urticaria.

Than to treat the disease?

Крапивница на ладонях: симптомы болезни и способы леченияFirst of all, you should know where it came disease, and to avoid contact with this allergen. Only then the treatment will be effective.

To protect yourself you need to follow a hypoallergenic diet and stick to those appointments that have been prescribed by a doctor.

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Sometimes necessary procedures that increase the body’s immunity.

To get rid of itching and burning should smear skin special antihistamine ointments. Many of them, such as Fenistil cream La-KRI or Rezulin have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

They are prescribed to treat hives, in adults and children. These non-hormonal remedies have few side effects and contraindications.

In severe cases, the likely appointment of hormonal ointments: Loreen With, Advantan ointment prednisolone. They have a wide range of adverse effects, due to which they can be used only on prescription and only for adults.

In addition to local therapy, you will be prescribed antihistamine medicines. Fortunately, now there are plenty to choose from. In the pharmaceutical market, a lot of them.

The most effective are drugs 2 and subsequent generations. Unlike their predecessors (generation 1) after their reception does not occur drowsiness, dryness in mucous membranes, a decrease in activity.

These medicines come in the form of tablets, drops, injections, so you can choose the more convenient method of reception.

How can we help the skin of hands?

Крапивница на ладонях: симптомы болезни и способы леченияAs quickly as possible to get rid of the symptoms of urticaria on the palms, you can resort to folk methods of treatment.

These include various decoctions of herbs: chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula, series, mint. Does 1 tablespoon of herbs per 200 CL of boiling water, infused in a water bath, cooled and added to baths for hands.

You can simply wipe these herbal skin and body that will benefit your General health.

Great for these purposes, extract hlorofillipt (eucalyptus leaves). It will soothe irritated skin and relieve puffiness.

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In addition, wipe hands raw potatoes in order to get rid of the rash.

The conclusion of the article

Of course, at any of our contact with the allergen, primarily affects the hands. If you know what you are allergic, it is best to completely abandon this product power or influence (for example, dander).

At the first sign of the disease is better not to self-medicate but to consult a specialist who will prescribe you the appropriate medications.

Also follow the diet that the hives didn’t stand a chance once again to hit the skin of your hands. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)