How dangerous is genital warts?

Чем опасны остроконечные кондиломы?The feeling of danger, fear of something makes people act. This is especially true of reproductive tract infections.

Symptoms of HPV entail serious consequences.

Is it difficult to recognize the disease

The virus enters the body most often through sexual contact. May also infection of the fetus during passage through the birth canal of an infected mother.

Disease manifests itself in the case of the weakening of protective forces of an organism.

Cells in which the virus penetrates, rapidly divide, causing abnormal growth of the epithelial layer. During gynecological examination the doctor will easily see the education on thin legs, called genital warts.

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Dangerous or not

Themselves warts don’t hurt. Complaints of itching, pain, irritation occur only in cases of permanent damage. Maybe you should not hurry up with visiting of the doctor, a little wait? How dangerous is genital warts, if not cause a significant disruption?

The most terrible consequence, which may be life-threatening malignant degeneration. Already it should be encouraged relates to the problem seriously. Although not all types of warts cause cancer, we should not be careless. It is not the only danger.

The hidden enemy does not sleep

The virus penetrates our cells, not visible, but his actions are very apparent. First, he tries to «belong» in our body, dictating its own rules. The immune system is vigilant, starting to weaken, which affects all organs.

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Чем опасны остроконечные кондиломы?If there was chronic illness in remission, they manifest themselves. All sinusitis, cystitis, gastritis Wake up. Warts only show that the cause of exacerbations is in that much danger.

In addition to the existing weak Lancome, the person literally begins to cling to any infection. Immunity, imperceptibly weakened virus is simply not able to fully perform their direct duty to guard the health.

But most have to fear the development of malignant processes. A precancerous condition, cervical dysplasia believe. This is a boundary condition between the norm and the pathology, when the structure of the epithelium begins to change. Against this background, at any time can develop cancer.

What is dangerous for yourself genital warts

On different parts of the genitals can develop warts, depending on the place of virus introduction. From this and depends on the inconvenience and problems encountered by people.

Can be dangerous growths near the anus in the form of warts? They prevent the passage of stool lead to constipation and cracks of the anus.

If the education accumulated in the area of the vagina, labia minora or clitoris, this leads to violations in the intimate sphere. Sexual relations become painful, cause discomfort and not fun.

Papilloma near the urethra is continuously irritated by the secretions of the bladder, interfere with the normal flow of urine. Local inflammatory process, a little sores can be a gateway of infection, therefore there is often bacterial or viral pathological process.

The danger lies in the fact that the disease is worse treatment outcomes than in the presence of some warts.

Pregnant women have especially difficult, because if time does not provide treatment, these papillary growths are rapidly increasing in size. Childbirth increases the risk of infection of the child, formed an obstacle for the normal passage of the fetus.

The fact that the area of the genitals are the formations that interfere with everyday life and cause a lot of anxiety, break the emotional state. Increases the amount of stress that a person is constantly in a nervous state. This can lead to depression.

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What about the men?

Should I worry men? Because the symptoms of the virus is mostly seen in women. Despite this fact, the question can be dangerous for men with genital warts topical.

Many of the affected head of the penis that interferes with sexual intercourse, is a barrier to the flow of urine. If unusual growths are found on the scrotum or near the anus, the problem can become persistent irritation, burning. There are cases of malignant transformation.

How to know am I at risk of cancer

To find out how dangerous your pointed education that can lead to the development of the malignant process due to warts, should undergo a series of examinations:

  • Laboratory technique polymerase chain reaction will help to determine whether your virus oncogenic type.
  • Immunoassay blood test shows the concentration of the virus in the human body.
  • A biopsy done to research the material for the presence of cancer cells. Used infrequently.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to examine the rectum and the urethra, to eliminate the spread formations.

Is it possible to prevent the development of disease?

Since the main route of transmission is sexual, it is important to use effective contraception. You need to be sure in your partner, avoid casual relationships.

The immune system plays an important role. This is facilitated by proper nutrition, healthy sleep, moderate exercise. You must eliminate bad habits, and stressful factors.

If you remember the danger of warts, to prevent or timely treatment, they will not threaten your life.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)