How effective is swimming very much with the chicken pox?

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?Hello, dear visitors of the site! On the Internet and on television you can often see advertisements of cream and ointment Bepanten. The advert says that the tool can be used in all skin problems.

Many doctors suggest apply it varicella. Let’s see whether this drug is unique and effective? Happy reading!

What is this tool?

In fact, the drug, normalizing the metabolic processes of the skin. It is almost completely harmless, effectively kills bacteria and accelerates the healing process of different complexity.

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?This drug can be used even by the nursing mothers in the case if the nipple cracks.

Its active component is dexpanthenol. This applies to conventional cream. However, we must note that in modern times is available also at hand, which included, in addition to the above substances, there are others of chlorhexidine dihydrochloride.

Advanced drug is more appropriate to use in the pox, and here’s why:

  • eliminates almost all existing bacteria;
  • has a cooling effect;
  • relieves itching;
  • reduces pain and burning sensation;
  • prevents infection of the wound;
  • relieves inflammation.

It is advisable to use this tool?

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?As a specialist, I can say that the use of this drug during and after chicken pox it is advisable. To start using it after Valderice will burst and begin to be covered by crusts.

At this point, they become vulnerable to external irritants and bacteria that can enter the wound and infect it. To avoid this, you need to properly care for wounds, formed on the place of Valderice.

Is it possible to put the drug directly to the wound? You can, but if it is not deep. Bepanthen is available in several forms:

  • ointment;
  • cream;
  • lotion.
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What distinguishes the cream ointment? Yes, almost anything, except consistency and concentration of the main component. Cream less viscous, easier to apply, contains less active ingredients, leaves no residue on the skin and is not imprinted on the clothing.

Most notably, dexpanthenol, which was mentioned earlier, accumulate in the body, safely splits for vitamin B5 and other harmless substances. Thus, treating the skin dexpantenola you saturate it with vitamins.


A patient with chickenpox should be interested in the cream Bepanten+. Why? Just its main indication is the prevention of wound infection. In addition, it cools and stops the pain. Therefore, cream is an ideal tool in the case of chicken pox.

Ointment and cream (classic) is used for:

  • skin care from infants;
  • prevention of diaper rash;
  • skin repair after injury;
  • preventive breast care of nursing mothers.

The lotion is intended for care of the epidermis after:

  • tanning;
  • water treatment.

Ointment and cream can be applied to mucous membranes, but only on the genitals. Want to learn how to be treated with the above drug rashes in children and adults? Then read carefully.

The use of the drug

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?To begin with, figure out when to smear the pimples. To begin processing their Bepanthene possible since the advent of. As soon as the windmill begins to itch, apply the cream Bepanten+.

After the crusts are formed, it is possible to use a conventional unimproved drug. He will be an effective prevention of scarring and infection of wounds.

The medication can be applied up to five times a day. The minimum number of treatments is equal to two. You can handle the whole affected area of the skin or smearing each point walderich. If they settled on the mucous membrane, the point use is mandatory.

Contraindications and side effects

Medication in any form should not be used if the individual has a hypersensitivity to its components. A side effect is an allergic reaction, can occur only in the case if you put the cream on the human skin, which has the above contraindication.

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About the drug reviews are mostly positive. Many have noted his versatility and security. Below are the most some of the comments from people who have tested on itself a unique tool.

Mariana writes:

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?Chicken pox my baby has itchy, so much so that he became hysterical when he forbade itch. We tried, but nothing helped. Traditional medicine has calmed the itching, but not for long.


In the end, the kid has combed a few pimples. The doctor has advised to smear their Bepanthene+ for the prevention of infection. Me this medicine I liked everything, especially its ability to cool and relieve itching.

Andrew writes:

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?Had chicken pox at the same time together with my son (he was infected, and I followed). The son of the disease proceeded in the form of light, as it instilled in childhood. And here at me it was very hard. The pimples itched so much that on the wall to climb like.


To speed up the healing process and to remove unpleasant symptoms, anointed them five times a day this cream. After this treatment, the pox started to heal quickly and not a single pimple does not fester. Very happy with the result, so I recommend Bepanthen!

Maxim writes:

Эффективен ли Бепантен при ветрянке?Treated a three year old daughter with this ointment. First treated pimples with green paint and then when it got dry, put bepanthen. Pimples took place quickly and completely. In General, all satisfied.

That’s all the information about the unique drug, which in modern times appeared an improved version. Hopefully, the article you have found all the answers to your questions. Read information be sure to share on social networks, and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)