How get rid of a wart on the skin?

Hello, dear readers. In today’s article we will focus on methods of removing skin lesions such as warts. How to remove these unpleasant growths?

What methods are most effective and safe home removal of neoplasms? After reading our article you will learn the answers to these questions.

As manifest warts?

Как вывести бородавку на коже?Many people think that these nodules occur because of the impropriety of their carrier, but it is not. Warts is a viral skin disease caused by the human papillomavirus.

He, in turn, aktiviziruyutsya in the body due to weakened immunity and many other factors (cracks in the skin, poor hygiene, etc.).

As a conclusion these tumors?

Nowadays there are many methods of removal and treatment of such nodules. The proper choice depends on the localization of growth, its type and degree of development of the disease.

You can treat growths with traditional methods, which represents local and systemic treatment aimed at reducing the activity and concentration of the papillomavirus, as well as cauterization of the chemical medicines and acids.

If such an effect does not give the efficiency needs, the warts are surgically removed.

Conservative medicine from growths

Как вывести бородавку на коже?So, how to get warts if they are widespread on the body?

Usually they are appointed agents, which lower the activity of HPV in the blood, such as Cycloferon, Isoprinosine, Inosiplex and other.

Because warts is a viral disease, the doctor will prescribe you antiviral drugs (Acyclovir, Famvir).

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system through immunomodulatory therapy. If hands, feet, and other parts of the body there is a large formation, the doctor may prescribe interferon in the localization of nodules.

In the formation of tumors in children (juvenile warts), particularly on the face and on the fingers, can be applied drugs retinoic acids, have systemic effects (Roaccutane, accutane).

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In combination with the above therapy is also used local funds:

  • If the growths are on the mucous membranes and genitals, it is possible to use the epigenome-sex or condyline.
  • The affected areas are lubricated oxolinic, interferon, ftoruratsilom, colchicinebuy ointments and products that contain salicylic and benzoic acid.
  • Senile warts (keratoma) is amenable to treatment with hormonal ointments, such as flucinar or ftorokort.

Removing the growths surgically

Как вывести бородавку на коже?The method of cryotherapy, that is, the elimination of warts with liquid nitrogen. Thanks to the influence of cold the wart tissue is destroyed with roots that rarely causes relapses and scarring.

Chemical destruction. To do this, use drugs such as Ferezol Solkoderm nitrogen or trichloroacetic acid, Verrucate, Kriofarma and other.

Surgical excision. This method of treatment is rarely used for large growths on the soles or palms.

Radiosurgical removal. It is an expensive modern method of removing the growths, which enables accurately and quickly to excise the wart with minimal cosmetic defects.

Thermocoagulation, that is, the burning of the nodules using high temperatures.

The method of electrocoagulation. This is when tissue formations are burned with electric current.

Than you can manually withdraw growths?

At home the most effective methods of removal of the nodules are considered to be the use of celandine, potatoes and vinegar. Consider these methods in more detail.

Treatment With Celandine

Как вывести бородавку на коже?This plant juice is squeezed out and smeared them neoplasm. Pre-steams the wart, it removed dead skin layer and healthy skin surrounding the treated wart with vaseline or fat cream.

The juice of this plant is very toxic, so it can leave burns. Celandine allows you to get rid of warts in just a week.

Removing warts with vinegar

To do this, a drop of vinegar dropped into the nodule several times a day. Typically, the wart disappears already after 6-8 days.

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You can make vinegar the batter, and then apply it as a compress on the pimples. This takes a little (5 ml) of vinegar and flour. Usually the wart is removed together with the remains of the compress.

Treatment of potatoes

This requires a cut potato. Her slice is smeared with a growth. The procedure is repeated for several days until the complete falling off of the warts.

There is another popular way through which was treated by our ancestors. Does one potato, cut in half and the two parts to spread the tumor.

Then both parts of the tuber are bound together with silk thread, and buried in the ground. As soon as the potatoes will begin to rot, disappear and the wart.

The same ritual can be performed with a bone and meat.

How to withdraw warts folk remedies

Therapy involves the use of a decoction of herbs and extracts along with ointments and some products.

Flat growths are perfectly displayed with the help of dry ice. For this ice wrapped in a cloth and applied to the papule. You need to keep until, until you feel a painful burning sensation.

From plantar growths or as they are otherwise known as «chicken zhopku», will help the infusion of wormwood. 2 tablespoons of raw materials pour boiling water, infused and result in a small basin of water. This water kept the legs about half an hour.

Good results brings lubrication build-up with a mixture of pressed juice of garlic and lemon juice.

Therapy diseases in children

Warts in a child — a phenomenon very frequent, as it is in constant contact with a large number of toys that children (especially in kindergarten and on the Playground in the sandbox)Как вывести бородавку на коже?.

All measures to combat formations in babies is aimed at improving immunity. Also in the complex are different ointments (oxolinic, arbovirology, interferonov).

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Has proven itself a band-aid with salicylic acid, as well as some folk remedies listed above.

Note that the Celandine juice or vinegar is not recommended for use in children, as these funds can leave burns and scars on baby’s delicate skin.

We recommend, in any education body to consult a specialist who will prescribe you the right treatment.

Prevention of the disease

In fact, to get rid of the human papilloma virus impossible. After being cured of a tumors it can hibernate and be activated again by reducing the immunity. To avoid this it is necessary to observe elementary rules:

  • Promptly treat all viral and chronic diseases;
  • Give up bad habits;
  • To stimulate the immune system (to harden, take vitamins, eat a healthy diet and rest, avoid stress);
  • Reduce contacts with infected people, as well as casual sex.
  • Carefully observe rules of personal hygiene. Do not use other people’s towels and other household items.

If you follow all these steps, then the disease in the form of warts will always get you a party, because any disease is better to prevent than to treat. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)