How is herpes on the lip: answer of dermatology

Как передается герпес на губах: ответ дероматологаHello, dear friends! And you know, how is herpes on the lips? By the way, this infection is 90% of the world’s population, are infected with it mainly in childhood.

Want to know how infected with this herpes? Then read the article carefully!

To me, people often come in with sore lips and every time I ask the above question. And each time I have to explain that Contracting herpes can be easily.

It sirsasana a disease that is transmitted by all known ways. But today we will discuss only the most common.

Contact method – the most common

I have to say, this infection is transmitted only from person to person. Most often, transmission occurs by contact and from mother to child.

Surprised? And you know how that happens? It’s very simple: using kisses and other affection.

Recently watched a standard situation: a mother with a cold sore kissed their child and, most likely, were not even aware of that thus transmits the infection to him.

Such situations occur very often, as many of us do not know what herpes is, therefore, not consider it a threat. Sore on lips can be attributed to normal irritation, allergies, or a cold from hypothermia.

But, in fact, the sore virus (herpes virus is triggered by the first).

Once infected, the herpes virus permanently take root in the human body. They are present in all biological fluids (saliva, blood, urine, etc.) and easily passed through them.

Как передается герпес на губах: ответ дероматологаThe maximum contagious a person becomes in the period of relapse, when on the skin or on mucous membranes there are obvious symptoms of herpes. The maximum amount of virus is inside a herpes rash that you see in the photo.

Therefore, if this rash will be in contact with the skin of a healthy person, the virus will go to him, and if it will microtrauma, then easily enter the body.

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By the way, through the mucous herpes viruses are even without trauma, as the mucous membranes less protected than the skin.

Another common situation in which the infection will happen necessarily: passionate kiss, while one of them has a cold sore.

Remember yourself as a teenager. It is now that we’re all squeamish, so, of course, won’t kiss a man on the lip sores. And then we didn’t care, especially if the person really liked.

See how easy that was? That’s why erisipela so much spread among people.

An intimate way – very interesting

Herpes can jump not only in the mouth area, but also on the intimate organs. Therefore, lip cold could easily become the genital and this is how it happens:

  • if a sick person will engage in oral sex with a healthy, healthy pirotipii get herpes on the genitals;
  • if a healthy person will engage in oral sex with the patient, whose genitals will be present a rash, then a healthy person could theoretically get a sore on lips.

You often pay attention to the condition of the genital organs of a partner? If infrequently, then don’t be surprised if you suddenly in the mouth area or in an intimate place will be herpes.

By the way, the true genital infection provokes the second type of herpes viruses. It is believed that he is not

taking root in other places, but the first type mentioned in the beginning of the article, can easily attack not only lips and then transmitted to various other parts of the body.

Vertical way from mother to child before birth

Как передается герпес на губах: ответ дероматологаThis is also possible and, by the way, this is the most dangerous method of infection. It will be more dangerous for a child than for the mother, especially if the mother has herpes for the first time it happens and, as a consequence, her body no antibodies, able to inhibit the virus.

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If you jumped up herpes on lips during pregnancy, then it is likely that you will pass the infection to her child in utero, however, it is very small.

Nail infection is relatively safe, is much more dangerous to get infected with genital herpes during pregnancy.

If you want to learn more about the risks of such infection, then read a separate article on this site about erisipela in pregnant women and newborns.

Airborne – transmitted if erisipela this way?

What do you think, is there any so herpes lips? And I’ll tell you what is passed, despite the fact that it is not cold and not the flu.

But the infection is viral, and therefore can be transmitted as well as other viral diseases, namely through the air with the saliva and sputum of the patient.

In this case the infection can occur in the following way: let’s say you are dealing with a person who has a cold sore on the lips, and then he starts not being covered, coughing or sneezing.

Thus there is a possibility that you will inhale it biological fluid with viral particles. Alternatively, these liquids get on your skin and on mucous membranes in the oral cavity.

Household way of distribution is possible, but unlikely

It is also possible, but really unlikely. How may occur such infection? Let’s say someone from your family has a sore on the lips.

In the morning he brushed his teeth, and then you grabbed his brush and began to brush his or her teeth. With minimal probability, but it is possible that the virus thus will go to you.

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Still be infected in a domestic environment, you can:

  • through the dishes – if you drink from the same Cup or eat with one spoon (by the way, so children are often infected by parents);
  • towel – to wipe the face of a common towel;
  • through makeup, some experts believe that the viruses can persist in cosmetics, especially in lipsticks.

Now you know all methods of transmission of girisindeki lips. The answer to the question: do contagious cold sores, is clear: of course contagious!

At the same time to avoid infection is almost impossible, of course, if you are not going to become a complete recluse or shut in an isolated room. And then what to do? To hurt nobody wants, isn’t it?

The above infection gives symptoms and relapses. Noticeably sick only 30% of the infected, and the others are often not even aware of the presence of infection in the body.

And all because our immune system is able to suppress the activity of viruses and protect us from attacks. Therefore, if you don’t want to get herpes, then strengthen your immune system by all available means.

Well that’s all, dear readers. Read share via social networks with your friends and subscribe to site updates. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)