How is herpes: the most common ways

Hello, dear readers! Despite the availability of information on herpes, some people continue to consider it non-infectious disease. This is an absolute lie as, in fact, erisipela is a very contagious disease, transmitted all sorts of ways. After reading the article, you will learn how herpes is transmitted.

The first method of transmission — airborne

Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыIt turns out that erisipela is transmitted in the same way as cold or flu — in the air. How is airborne transmission?

It’s very simple: let’s say you are dealing with someone who has herpes and he starts to sneeze or cough.

During sneezing and coughing out of his system respiration produces sputum and mucus, tiny particles of which air gets into your respiratory system.

Settling on the mucous membranes, virusdatabase particles of sputum infect your mucous membranes, then the virus will move in lymph and blood flow, which will spread throughout the body.

By the way, most infectious and therefore dangerous, are people with obvious signs of girisindeki. The easiest way to notice the cold on the lips, so if you see such a person, then don’t associate with them too closely.

Viruses provocateurs of girisindeki transmitted only from person to person. Contamination from animals and other beings considered impossible.

Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыUnfortunately, our scientists still do not know everything about certain types of herpes viruses, for example, 6 type, which somehow infects mostly children. By the way, 6 type easily spread it through the air.

In addition, airborne easily transmitted herpes virus that provokes chickenpox.

That is why the sore with chicken pox is forbidden to have contact with healthy people who in childhood or in adulthood have not been ill with the smallpox.

By air become infected mainly relatives and friends of the ill who often communicate with him. The infection occur more likely if the immune system is a potential target for a virus will be weakened.

The second way is sexual

This is a less common way of spread of the disease than the previous one. Through sexual contact mainly become infected with genital herpes that this was included in the list of sexually transmitted diseases.

Erisipela genital is called type 2 of herpes viruses and causes a rash in intimate places.

Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыFaced with herpes once, you will never get rid of it. Throughout life you will be a carrier and spreader of infection, especially during its exacerbation. The aggravation occurs due to the reduction of the protective properties of the immune system.

Whether any sex considered dangerous? In the case of herpes just as a virus is found in all human biological fluids: saliva, semen, vaginal secretions, tears, sweat, etc.

Another fleecing viruses in the contents of the herpetic blisters, and in maximum quantity. During sex the infection described by the infection can occur in different ways:

  • In a traditional unprotected sex, in which sex organs are in contact with biological fluids. Even a simple kiss can cause infection, but is transmitted mainly through kissing the first type is herpes and cold sore on lips.
  • During oral sex, if in the mouth or on the lips will be infected rash. Thus, the passive partner will receive the first type (cold on the lips), which, if deposited in the groin area, will provoke the infection inherent to the second type of herpes viruses.
  • During anal sex if the genitals or near the anus is a rash.
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    Saves whether a condom from infection? According to some, not entirely, but only 85%. In any case, should be protected, as the probability of infection without protection is almost equal to 100%.

    The third way — contact

    Such transmission of the virus agents needed contact with infected biological fluids. If the content of the herpetic blisters, for example, gets on the skin, it can penetrate into the body, but that the skin should be mikroranki.

    By the way, touching the herpes rash of the hands, and then touching with the same hands other parts of the body, you spread the infection. Another option: you dirty hands (that touching the rash) touch the baby and infect him.

    Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыAny contact with infected biological fluids with the skin of a healthy person can result in infection.

    If your skin gets saliva or tears of an infected, the infection will occur with a small probability, as these liquids are few of the virus to 100% infection.

    But if your skin, particularly if its integrity is compromised, will fall the blood or the content of the herpes pimples, you will infect with high probability.

    Contact method most frequently infected athletes involved in contact sports, e.g., wrestling or Boxing.

    Herpes is passed whether the household? If you want to know the answer to this question, then read the next paragraph of the article.

    Contact-household method: fourth method

    This way girisindeki is considered unlikely but can still happen. It is considered unlikely due to the low survivability of the herpes viruses. For the normal functioning they need a favorable climate, which they can find only in the human body.

    Therefore, even if the virus gets on household items, it is likely no one will pass, as will live for only a few minutes and then die.

    Despite the minimal probability of infection using common household items sometimes happens. The most dangerous items are:

    • utensils;
    • plumbing in the bathroom;
    • toothbrushes;
    • cosmetics;
    • underwear;
    • towels;
    • washcloth;
    • razor;
    • creams and other cosmetics for the soul.

    How may occur such infection? Let’s say you live with a person who has genital herpes. You are protected during sex, but contamination still occurred. And the reason for that was common towel you dried off after a shower.

    Here’s another option: you live with herpesgenital and a shared toothbrush. She long remains moist and is kept in a warm room.

    The virus in such circumstances will live much longer and easily gets in your mouth, especially if you have bleeding gums.

    Shared dishes often provokes infection with herpes virus, especially common cups.

    Imagine the situation: one parent is the common cold on the lip, while he feeds his baby a spoon or give him a SIP from his Cup, to which you just touched lips with herpes rash. What will come of this? Of course, the baby will be infected.

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    The fifth way is with a blood

    Blood transfusion and surgery, in which transplanted organs very often lead to infection erisipela. The fact that in our country, blood transfusion is not checked for herpes.

    Therefore, making a transfusion, you are playing «Russian roulette». Of course, the person with apparent symptoms of herpes will not allow anyone to become a donor. But once his symptoms disappear, he can safely go to donate blood.

    Organ transplantation is also fraught with contamination erisipela. Not all bodies are delivered to our hospitals by lawful and fair means. Therefore, not all of them are checked.

    The sixth way — of vertical or mother-to-child in utero (the most dangerous)

    Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыIntrauterine infection can lead to different abnormalities for the child. Most dangerous, if it happens in the first and third trimesters.

    Complications can be very diverse, for example, disruptions in physical development, CNS damage, miscarriage and sudden death after birth. The most dangerous for children is cytomegalovirus herpes.

    Another version of the infection during a vaginal delivery. The body of the newborn has no defence, so the herpes virus in it will appear at full strength.

    In children infected in utero or during the birth, almost immediately leads to a generalized herpes rash on body as well as seizures and other dangerous symptoms. Read more about herpes in newborns you can read in other articles on this website.

    As herpes is not transmitted?

    Such infection is not transmitted by inheritance, except for hereditary vertical distribution method. Not transmitted by inheritance, even the predisposition and susceptibility to disease. By the way, the susceptibility to herpes in all people 100-procentra.

    What happens after the transmission of the virus?

    After infection, viruses need to get used to the new body. This process is called incubation period that lasts all different (from one week to two weeks often).

    After incubation the first symptoms that are the most vivid and noticeable. The symptoms depend on the type of pathogen, for example:

    • the first type causes cold sore on your lip;
    • second genital rash;
    • third — chickenpox and shingles;
    • the fourth (Epstein-Barr) — infectious mononucleosis;
    • five (cytomegalovirus), often develops without symptoms, but can worsen and provoke the symptoms of angina;
    • sixth, seventh, eighth, poorly understood, but it is assumed that they provoke chronic fatigue syndrome, and are also involved in cancer and other pathological processes.

    After the first flash provocateurs infection settled in the nerve endings and fall asleep. This happens because our immune system weakens them.

    When reducing the protective properties of the immune system, the virus to Wake up and provoke a relapse — another outbreak with less severe symptoms. That is why the cold sore on the lip (by the way, and other types of herpes) occurs 3-5 times per year.

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    Others who are more susceptible to herpes?

    Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способыContamination is particularly strong exposed to people with weakened immune systems. It can be children, the elderly, undergoing complex surgery or prolonged treatment, and the person with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-positive.

    By the way, herpes increases HIV risk, and HIV in turn increases the number of relapses of herpes, and increases the severity of the pathology development.

    The risk group includes:

    • small children, especially under 5 years whose immune system is not powerful;
    • elderly people, whose protective properties of the immune system are reduced by natural causes;
    • people who ignore protection during sex;
    • often changes sexual partners of the person;
    • people with immune deficiency;
    • workers contact professions, often in contact with other people.

    Prevention: how to protect yourself from Contracting herpes?

    Как передается герпес: самые распространенные способы

    To the herpes virus you passed on, observe the preventive recommendations:

  • Get personal utensils, cosmetics, towels, linen piece goods. Do not give your stuff to anyone, not even relatives or friends.
  • Observe good personal hygiene always and everywhere. Wash your hands after using public toilets, do not touch the surface of the street, keep your body.
  • Do not contact with people who have obvious signs of herpes disease.
  • During sex always use condoms or other barrier contraceptives. Pay attention to the condition of the genital organs of a partner, if they have a rash, then sex should be abandoned.
  • No kiss and no hugs with strangers and children, as the children are infected more often and are active disseminators of herpes for 2 years after infection.
  • Don’t let strangers kiss your baby on the lips or give him something from his mouth. Even if it’s relatives, in whose health you can’t be sure.
  • Keep your immune system, drink vitamins. In the summer eat more fruit and vegetables, and in autumn and winter drink vitamin preparations in tablets.
  • That’s all, dear readers. Now you know how to pass erisipela. Hope you don’t have to deal with her symptoms, and if you had, then do not worry because at the present time this disease is easily treated with antiviral drugs.

    To get rid of it completely is impossible, but to mute it will work. This will allow you to live fully, and will not be different from healthy people. Read share with your friends on social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe for updates on the dermatology website. All the best and see you soon!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)