How to cauterize a wart on the skin?

Hello, dear readers. In today’s article we will focus on those methods and drugs which are suitable for cauterization of skin growths such as warts.

We have tried to highlight the best and most effective both clinical and folk ways. So, what and how to cauterize warts? The answers to these questions you will learn from this article.

What are the clinical methods of moxibustion?

Как и чем прижечь бородавку на коже?If your body has an unpleasant growths, we recommend that you seek the help of professional doctors.

They can make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. Today, there are several ways to ablate tumors. The most efficient of them is by laser coagulation and cauterization with liquid nitrogen.

Thanks to the wart with a laser, on the body of the patient is very rarely leaves scars, that allows to achieve the most effective beauty results.

Liquid nitrogen is also very effective way of dealing with growths. At a price cheaper than cryotherapy laser coagulation. This procedure has a gentle nature and, therefore, it is used to remove warts children.

Is it possible to cauterize skin growths?

There is a huge number of folk remedies that allow you to promptly get rid of warts at home. Consider some of them.

Juice Of Celandine

Как и чем прижечь бородавку на коже?This plant has a cauterizing effect. Juice of Celandine poisonous, allowing you to burn the growths from inside. This remedy is a cope with normal small growths, and with and subcutaneous plantar warts, which even in clinics difficult to treat.

Quite a few times a day to lubricate neoplasm of the juice of freshly cut grass and after a couple of weeks you will see that all the warts disappeared.

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Acetic acid

Similarly, the action has the usual vinegar. You can simply treat affected area with this liquid. Also helps to cope with the growths vinegar with the addition of flour.

How to apply? You will need to close healthy skin. You can take the band-aid, make a hole in it and stick on outgrowth. This is necessary to protect from burns. You can then safely apply acetic acid.


Iotova tincture ensures total sterility of the treated skin. It has an antimicrobial effect that allows to get rid of pathological microorganisms.

With liberal application of this tool, mucous membranes and irritated skin, resulting in burning of tissues.

To treat warts several times a day to spread nodules iodine throughout the week. Do this carefully so as not to damage healthy tissue.

Review of medical drugs

Well proven some pharmaceutical preparations, which consist of different acids.


In fact, this medication has nothing to do with the juice of the plant, in addition to its cauterizing steps. It should be applied to the skin very gently, avoiding healthy tissue.

How much is this drug. The price is small. It ranges from 50 to 200 rubles, depending on the manufacturer and volume of packaging.


Как и чем прижечь бородавку на коже?This remedy belongs to the group of cauterizing drugs with mummifying action also. The wart will begin to fall away after a couple of treatments.

To remove plantar growths will need more time and additional manipulation in the form of steaming and exfoliation of keratinized skin.

This medication is not recommended to remove the growths on the face, genitals and other body parts with delicate and sensitive skin.

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Its action is similar to the Cheap, but the drug is more smoothly and accurately affects the tissue. Its use is not affected healthy skin, thanks to a special applicator on the lid of the solution.

Kriofarma from the growths

This tool is the first in the field of independent use. With it, the wart tissue prizhivayutsya under the influence of low temperature (as in the case of cryotherapy).

Complete recovery occurs within 10 days, with usually only a single procedure.

This drug will save you money and time. The only thing it can not be used for children up to 4 years, as the baby skin at this age is very delicate, which can cause burns and scarring.

Wartner warts

Its principle of operation is similar to Cryothermal. Only this drug is more expensive. They should also treat growths in children, diabetes, if you have formations on the chest, neck, face.

Lyapisny pencil

Lapis is nitrate of silver, which have long been used in medicine. This substance has strong cauterizing effect and antimicrobial effect.

Buy dry lapis (pencil) at the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

Does it hurt to cauterize the growths?

Как и чем прижечь бородавку на коже?If you ask for help to the doctors, before the removal procedure liquid nitrogen or laser, you will be offered a local anesthetic that completely blocks pain.

Therefore, clinical methods are considered the most safe, effective and painless.

Note that after cryotherapy in the treated area forms a bubble, which subsequently can hurt. It is impossible to tear or puncture, so as it formed healthy skin. Otherwise a full recovery will occur for a very long time.

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If to speak about traditional methods, the pain during treatment is virtually absent. The only thing you can feel is a slight burning sensation, which soon passes.

In relation to pharmaceutical drugs are no assurances that you will not have side effects. All the above medications are based on acids.

Their use has a number of contraindications, which is better to consult a doctor. Improper use may pain, allergic reactions, scars and burns. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)