How to choose the emollients in atopic dermatitis in children?

Как выбрать эмоленты при атопическом дерматите у детей?Welcome, dear readers! How often do you use cosmetics? And medical cosmetics for the face? And what do you prefer to smear the skin of their children?

Today we will look at components of cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations, namely emollients.

So whether miracle their properties and if there is any trouble from prolonged use?

Emollient is cream or emulsion, generally oily, which can soften skin, regulate the balance of lipids and well to strengthen the protection function of the epidermis. It works only on the upper part of the epidermis without affecting the deeper layers of the cover.

Emollients in the cream composition can be a fatty alcohol, lanolin, silicone, esters, waxes, and natural fats.The name on the tubes they may have the following:

  • stearic alcohol;
  • mineral oil;
  • Dimethicone and other.

The action component

Atopic dermatitis is caused by several factors, resulting in disturbed structure of the skin.

The funds that contain such fats primarily detain a moisture, not allowing the epidermis to peresushivaya.

They also clean well and have excellent healing properties. So, emollients are used with this purpose:

  • to restore the lipid balance;
  • to ensure hydration of the skin;
  • increase the elasticity and protective functions.

Immediately need to mention that these components of the emulsion can have a list of disadvantages such as the blockage of the sebaceous glands and decrease the self-regeneration of the skin.

The most common use of

As we have already understood emollients in atopic dermatitis in children are used in any treatment regimen.

Since replacing them in the composition of the outer us — no. Usually, it is appropriate to use them in the following cases:

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  • irritation and dryness of the skin;
  • atopic manifestations at any age;
  • rashes and cracks.

Features of treatment

Как выбрать эмоленты при атопическом дерматите у детей?The preparation containing in its composition of such fats should be applied to affected areas before applying anti-inflammatory drugs for fifteen minutes.

You need to use it constantly several times a day. Do not stop the application immediately after the disappearance of the rash, and keep applying the medication some more time.

Children are usually prescribed, such means in the form of milk or light cream. Frequency of use in kids must not exceed four times per day.

Choose with caution

Not all emollients are equally useful and safe. Before buying the drug, especially for a child, you need to carefully study the list of varieties of this substance, categorically not recommended for children.

Some of them carries a high risk of the formation of comedones. And by long-term treatment, it can be a real problem, which, in turn, also require solutions.

Therefore, a cosmetic or a drug to the emollient in the composition should you choose a doctor.


If you are using these drugs it is important not only competent individually to choose the type and the composition that you need.

You need to consider the size of the skin lesions dermatitis how advanced case, the patient’s age and other important factors.

Selection of cosmetics, which are emollients should only by a qualified technician. You need to remember all the flaws that exist in this component.

This increased risk of blackheads and acne, reduction of natural protective function, thickening of the stratum corneum, and therefore the acceleration of aging.

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Therefore it is very important not to skimp on your face, buy quality emulsion, which comprises only natural fats.

Apply at the end of the video where the doctor says about the disease:

We wish you a healthy smooth skin!