How to cure cold sores in 1 day: tips from the doctor

Как вылечить герпес за 1 день: полезные советы от доктораHello, dear readers! Today I will explain how to cure cold sores in 1 day. Due to the nature of their work I often have contact with people living with herpes.

Since this infection is transmitted in various ways, of course, I have it, namely the herpes labialis.

Relapses occur no more than twice a year thanks to a good immune system, but even this number does not suit me, so as to walk with a sore on the lips at work as something not very nice.

I have always been interested in the question: how to cure cold sores in 1 day? And, you know, I found the answer! Want and will tell you how I treat cold sores on lips in just a day?

The main thing – timely!

If you too want to get rid of sores on lips for the day, then have time to begin treatment. Timeliness is key in this treatment!

And when should I begin treatment? The sooner the better, I tell you. But how to notice the problem in time to begin to deal with it early? It’s very simple: you need to carefully monitor the condition of your lips.

In the article we will focus on the rapid treatment of recurrences of herpes. This infection in the initial outbreak is treated a little differently, so don’t use my advice for such purposes.

But if you feel that you start to relapse, then be sure to try to do what I say.

Notice the recurrence of colds on the lips in time one of the following:

  • virus-infected the place (often the sore appears on the same place) is starting to itch;
  • appears a slight swelling, like after a mosquito bite;
  • instead of swelling can occur simply redness, accompanied by itching;
  • some of the affected area hurts, especially if you touch it, so everything individually.

For example, noticed the problem in time. What to do now? Need to be treated until such time as there will be bubbles of herpes.

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Как вылечить герпес за 1 день: полезные советы от доктораAll you have no more than 12 hours. If you start the fight with the virus later, then the probability of prevention of rash will be reduced to 50%.

Remember, if the herpes blisters have already appeared, then cure them for one day will not work! Why? The fact that it’s the same injury like a scratch or a cut.

Those scratches for some time pass? Certainly not in one day, so do not expect a quick recovery if missed the first signs of infection.

Drug treatment of herpes sores in 1 day

I, as a physician, I recommend you not to play with folk remedies, but better to proceed immediately to a professional treatment. So you will save your time and will get more chances to prevent a rash.

What drugs with antiherpetic activity can be taken home for a quick treatment? The following is a list with detailed instructions for use:

  • Famvir is a medication that works for me, and recommend it to their patients. Why Famvir? The fact that this drug is the latest generation, able to fight even with the strains of viruses that can not win the Acyclovir. To treat the infection for 1 day, take 500 mg (pill) of Famvir three times a day at regular intervals of time. To defeat the virus for sure, repeat reception at the next day, but doing this is optional. In 50% of cases after such therapy herpes completely ceases to develop and the rash does not appear.
  • Valacyclovir is less effective than the previous one, has a more affordable price. If you do not find Valacyclovir in the drugstore, buy he needs therapy with valtrex is its direct counterpart. Take the medication in a maximum dose of 1000 mg twice a day (the second method take 12 hours after the first). If even after a shock dose herpes on the lip will continue to evolve, then proceed to standard treatment with standard doses (500 mg/twice a day).
  • Acyclovir – is it worth it to apply? If before you this medication helped then it’s worth. Take it at the first sign of infection in such quantity – 1 tablet five times a day.
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    Remember, antiviral medications have high toxicity and can provoke different types of unpleasant side effects.

    Therefore, all the above medications can not drink for children up to the age of twelve, girls/women pregnant and nursing mums.

    And if you replace the pills ointments will be the effect?

    To cure girisindeki in one day with the help of ointments, most likely, will not work, even though the ointment will be on the basis of Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, etc. But then why even sell them?

    Как вылечить герпес за 1 день: полезные советы от доктораOintments less toxic, so they can try to cure herpes on the lip or under the nose of the child. To do this, apply the medicine 5 times a day on the affected area evenly with a thin layer.

    By the way, an antiviral creams and ointment can help prevent a rash from herpes virus in 20% of cases.

    A positive result you can get only if you start applying the medication on disturbing the land immediately after the occurrence of discomfort (appears 24 hours before the rash often).

    Can you defeat cold sores in a day folk remedies?

    I am often asked this question. For example, yesterday a woman came and asked him and asked to advise her on effective non-traditional method of rapid treatment, and at least some.

    I would never suggest that not tried. Folk remedies I try infrequently and only in that case sure that the tool could work.

    And, you know, what I tell you? National treatment does not always prevent herpes rash, even if you start doing it in a timely manner.

    The chance of beating the disease for the day with folk treatment is relatively low – 30%, no more.

    But if you agree with this and still want to treat people’s ways, then don’t do anything, and you better try from the following options in security which I’m sure 100%:

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  • Earwax – disgusting, but effective. When you feel that erisipela approaching, anoint the sick place earwax. Repeat the procedure often.
  • Ointment Apple-garlic – grate the Apple, add a couple of crushed cloves of garlic. Apply the ointment on the problem area and soak for 40 minutes. Before going to sleep repeat this procedure.
  • Strong tea – brew a natural tea, soak in it a cotton wool and as a compress, apply to the affected area. By the way, my friend always takes tea and says that she makes.
  • Aloe or Kalanchoe – apply the pulp of these plants is a problem, hold it longer. A very good method that really heals. I tried it already at the stage of the rash, while the rash was gone in 2 days earlier than usual.
  • Heart drug, for example, Valocordin. Apply it on cotton wool and make a compress to keep that to 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure three times per day and, most likely, the rash will not appear, and the discomfort will pass.
  • This concludes my story about the rapid treatment of girisindeki. Found a tool that helped you to recover for 1 day?

    Then write in the comments what kind of and read share with friends and subscribe to site updates. Good health and rare recurrence of herpes.

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)