How to distinguish heat rash from allergies: the recommendations of our dermatologist

Как отличить потницу от аллергии: рекомендации нашего дерматологаI welcome you, dear visitors of the website on dermatology. For example, have your newborn or have on the body appeared small red pimples. What is this disease? How do you tell her? Skin symptoms of certain diseases, e.g., allergies and heat rash are almost the same.

What’s the first thing the second disease can occur in newborn and in adults. The fast and correct determination of the diagnosis is the key to a speedy recovery.

So I want to tell you how to distinguish heat rash from allergies in children minimum age and not only, but also in adults.

To learn how to distinguish diseases with similar symptoms to each other, you need to learn the specifics. Let’s start with the sweat — infant spread of the disease.

Miliaria — features

As the name suggests, it is possible to determine the cause of the disease — excessive sweating and slow its evaporation. Simply put, the epidermis begins to rot, pore — clogged, which causes irritation.

Heat rash often occurs in newborns, because they have not fully formed glands, responsible for perspiration. The main symptom is a rash that can be described as follows:

  • Tiny 1-2 mm pearly white or Valderice (this «crystal» type of the disease). Some elements of the rash are connected, after which start to look like one big sore. Upon contact with tissue, the bubbles burst and the epidermis in their place starts to peel off. Frequently this disease appears on the face, neck and nearby parts of the body.
  • Red spots that appear small bubbles («red» variety of the sweat). Rashes are itchy if touched, causes pain.
  • 3mm Valderice that the colors do not differ from ordinary skin («deep» view of the sweat). The pustules are preceded by strong perspiration on the limbs.
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    In infants more often than other types appear «crystal» the disease. It requires no special therapy, do not bother, and quickly go away on their own. The child’s condition can improve with proper care.Other types are treated by addressing the factors that triggered their development. By the way, because of what appears a heat rash? Here are a few reasons:

    • the temperature increase as a consequence of various diseases (infections of viral and bacterial types);
    • too hot microclimate in the premises;
    • excessive humidity of the microclimate;
    • long exposure to the sun;
    • copious amounts of skin folds (sometimes in adults with excess weight);
    • clothing made from synthetic and heavy fabrics that do not allow the epidermis to «breathe».

    If you or your child appeared the above disease, it is often ventilate the apartment, do not wear tight synthetics, keep the temperature in a residential area up to 25 degrees.

    Allergies — features

    Allergic pimples jump up from the contact with the allergen-irritant. Intolerance can be:

    • food — triggered by food;
    • drug — induced drugs;
    • contact — due to contact with wool, dust and the like.

    Have a third child by this disease can develop due to the fact that the mother drinks and passes them allergens breast milk. Standard rashes in allergic disorders is:

    • red;
    • small;
    • localized or, on the contrary, spread throughout the body;
    • flaky.

    Differences allergic rash are different

  • On the body jumps up a lot itchy folderico that looks like a burn from a nettle (such allergic reaction is called hives). Valderice can appear not only on the epidermis but also in the nasopharynx.
  • The skin develops red itchy scaly patches that gradually formed a wet erosion (this is a classic eczema). Such irritation often attacking the face and hands.
  • Itchy vesicles, sometimes are a little sore, appear in various places (mild dermatitis).
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    Occasionally vesicles into large watery bubbles (atopic dermatitis).

    Как отличить потницу от аллергии: рекомендации нашего дерматологаPimples triggered by the immunity of food, medicine, pollen, dust, or fur, will jump as long as you don’t get out provocateur-allergen.

    After exclusion of the allergen, the rash can remain on the epidermis more weeks before complete removal of the agents-provocateur from the body.

    Komarovsky recommends that you do not overfeed children fruits and other potentially hazardous products, as in most cases of allergic disorders appear it is the fault of the parents.

    Treatment for allergic rashes is to eliminate the factor that provoked their appearance. In addition, to speed up the process ill are appointed by the antihistamine. Most importantly, correctly and quickly determine what was the cause of development of intolerance.


    To predict allergic disease is not so easy. It occurs suddenly and on anything. People till the last can not imagine that he had intolerance to certain exotic fruit or something. But to prevent heat rash in children and adults can be easily. To do this, observe the following rules:

    • wear of free styles, made of natural fabrics;
    • in hot weather, take a shower two or three times a day;
    • use a light texture cosmetics which won’t clog pores;
    • for the treatment of the skin of the newborn use talc;
    • maintain a temperature of 22-25 degrees in living areas;
    • if you have excess weight, try to get rid of it.

    That’s all the tips that you can use to protect against skin irritation. To distinguish from allergic disorder of the sweat is difficult, but knowing the information you just read will make it much easier.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)