How to eliminate diarrhea with chicken pox?

Как ликвидировать понос при ветрянке?Hello, my favorite readers! Varicella is a serious viral disease. What she ill mostly children, does not mean that it is safe and harmless. The infection is transmitted by air. You can become infected in the course of banal communication with a carrier of the disease.

Sometimes to chickenpox subscribe for more infection. In this case, it is assigned antibiotic therapy. Let’s say your child is prescribed antibiotics. Treatment is going well, but suddenly there is the unusual symptom is diarrhea.

Why did this happen? Could the diarrhea tells about the complications of viral disease? The answers to these and similar questions are in the article.

Why can assign antibiotici?

Viral pox in children often pass easily. Therefore, antibiotic treatment is assigned very rarely. This can happen in cases if:

  • smallpox joins additional bacterial infection;
  • there is a risk of secondary bacterial infection;
  • this is complicated by smallpox and becomes pustular (due to bacterial infection).

By the way, the last thing from the list is often observed in adults. Therefore, treatment of smallpox in adults, often occurs with antibiotics.

Uncharacteristic symptoms

These symptoms during the normal course of the disease does not occur. However, if the child or adult is prescribed antibiotics, the prolonged use of such medicines can result in stomach upset. Vomiting and diarrhea in this case is the «side effect» of antibiotics.

Как ликвидировать понос при ветрянке?Liquid short-term chair is sometimes the body’s response to infection. If the disorder lasts for several days, then most likely the disease was joined by a bacterial infection. In this case, treatment may appoint a doctor.

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There is another option, which can produce diarrhea — when the disease occurs in a generalized form. While the rash is spreading not only on the skin with the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, but also on the surface of internal organs.

The patient experiences severe intoxication which is often accompanied by indigestion.

Problems with the chair in children

Chickenpox in children under years could end in the most disastrous way, if he did not get immunity from mother’s milk. In addition, it will be dangerous if it is innate. While symptoms such as diarrhoea, quite typical.

Как ликвидировать понос при ветрянке?But if smallpox starts in infants who were fed by a natural method (provided that the mother has immunity), the disease will have a very mild form and may not even be accompanied by a rash.

Diarrhea can happen due to the fact that the organism indicates infection.

Children up to 3 years it could begin in that case, if the disease has developed into a complicated form and acquired aggerverband symptoms. This happens with those where the immune system is too weak.

What to do if you suddenly having diarrhea?

First and foremost, you should immediately consult the pediatrician. If he suspects that the disease is outside the box, he may suggest hospitalization. Treatment of chickenpox in a hospital is in those situations when the disease becomes severe.

If the cause of indigestion are antibiotics, which are prescribed to prevent additional infections, the treatment of this «side effect» can be carried out independently at home. How? Read on.

How to liquidate, if the disease progresses without complications?

Как ликвидировать понос при ветрянке?Diarrhea triggered by antibiotics or similar serious drugs, such as antiviral, it is possible to eliminate elementary — to stop taking drugs. Is there, after that the disorder doesn’t go away? Sometimes, but not always.

If the digestive system is already upset, and beneficial bacteria in her left, the loose stools may continue for a long time. To eliminate goiter drugs help to maintain intestinal flora, such as:

  • Linex;
  • Bifiform.

These drugs are often given together with antibiotics to prevent dysbiosis. The pill within three hours after taking antibiotics.

If the diarrhea was very long and was accompanied by vomiting, it may be dehydration. This is the most terrible consequence of indigestion. To prevent dehydration in any case impossible.

Как ликвидировать понос при ветрянке?To prevent it in a child and adult by using a water-salt solution. Weak solution the patient should drink small portions frequently.

When dysbacteriosis during or after illness is very important to follow the diet. Ill you can eat only those foods that do not irritate the intestine. From the diet must be immediately eliminated dairy products.

Treat folk remedies

Traditional medicine will help to ease the condition suffering from chicken pox and to stop diarrhea. The following tips are suitable for both adults and children:

  • The pain in the stomach will help warm heating pad. Put her on her stomach. The patient at this point should lie on the back.
  • Chamomile or peppermint tea will soothe the intestines. Make the drink you need a tablespoon, slowly and carefully.
  • The starch will help get rid of diarrhea if taken correctly. A teaspoon of starch dissolve in a glass of warm water. Drinking cure should be every hour until the complete cessation of diarrhea.
  • Gooseberries have an astringent action. To get the desired effect you can one tablespoon.
  • Pudding and congee will have a positive impact on the condition of the intestines and stop diarrhea. Such food is easily and quickly absorbed, does not overload the digestive system.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)