How to hide vitiligo on hands: TOP 5 best methods

Как замаскировать витилиго на руках: ТОП-5 лучших методовGreetings, dear readers! Vitiligo is a significant problem which is very difficult to hide, but you can if you try. In this article we will talk about how to camouflage vitiligo on hands — the most visible and contact parts of our body.

Using the methods you will mask the spots for a couple of hours, for 3-5 days. This will give the opportunity to live a full life, not paying attention to the feature.

Cosmetics — not our method

Hands contact the body part, so no makeup can’t stay on them long. Unfortunately, this method disappears. But there are other, not less affordable, and easy. Let’s take a closer look, but first see signs of vitiligo.

Violation of skin pigmentation can occur at any age absolutely everyone. The first symptoms:

  • appear on the skin a small oval spots that do not tan;
  • gradually the stains lose their color, become milky white;
  • over time, the defects grow, coalesce and become irregular in shape (most diverse).

Как замаскировать витилиго на руках: ТОП-5 лучших методовCauses of vitiligo can be very diverse: a failure in the immune system, vitamin deficiency, heredity, diseases of the internal organs and glands.

The disease passes independently in some cases. Others ill have to put up with the problem whole life.

Spots on the face can be efficiently hidden using cosmetic products like Foundation and powder. But the hands have to Tinker and be creative.

Ill use different methods of masking skin defects. Listed below are the most effective ways through which spots you can hide for a few days.

Walnut is a powerful natural dye

You clean young walnut arms? What was left on the fingers after juice? Most likely, brown traces, to wash off which is very difficult.

This feature of nut suffering from vitiligo have learned beneficial use. So, how to conceal blemishes with a walnut? It’s very simple:

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  • cut the green rind of the nut;
  • grind it in a coffee grinder;
  • move the pulp in a strainer and place on a plate;
  • after a couple of hours peel will allocate juice;
  • apply the juice on the spots;
  • apply until, until you achieve the desired color.

The walnut juice can be stored in the refrigerator, but not for long. The next day after the first treatment spots you can adjust the result. A juice fast gives color, after drying, does not stain clothes. The only downside is the walnut flavor, but it quickly disappears.

Potassium permanganate — a means for owners of light skin with a pinkish tone

Как замаскировать витилиго на руках: ТОП-5 лучших методов

Walnut color will give a rich tan. If you are the owner of skin with a pink tinge, you like this color will not work. Instead of nuts you can use potassium permanganate. How to get rid of stains with it? Follow these instructions:

  • thoroughly dissolve the crystals of manganese in water to obtain a saturated color;
  • apply with a brush or cotton swab on the skin defects;
  • contact with potassium permanganate care, so it can happen a chemical burn (if the solution is too concentrated or if the skin gets undissolved crystal).

A solution of potassium permanganate will dry quickly and give a nice natural shade. If the treated area wet, the result will last more than a day. If you have dry skin, then after the potassium permanganate be sure to treat it with a moisturizing cream.

Professional spray tan — not cheap, but quality service

Professional spray tan you can get in any beauty salon. The procedure is popular and relatively inexpensive.

Как замаскировать витилиго на руках: ТОП-5 лучших методовAt the initial stage of vitiligo the tan helps to hide spots for 2 weeks and longer. It does not stain clothes, does not rinse with water and gives a natural tint to the skin, which is important.

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In modern times, you can choose a shade of bronzer. Recommend to use this service since it really is the most effective and durable way to hide vitiligo spots.

What to do if not get a salon treatment? Tanning can be done at home through the purchase of cosmetic products.

Home tanning — clearly and simply

Preparations for tanning are produced in various forms. You can choose a cream, lotion, spray and use it at home. Than spots, pick and choose according to your preferences. Importantly, the drug was high quality, expensive and hypoallergenic.

Homemade artificial tanning is not recommended to use constantly. The preparations contain chemical substances that violate the metabolic processes in the skin.

Because of this disturbed pigmentation in healthy skin. Treatment of vitiligo is difficult. Use bronzer only in emergency cases.

Tattoo — efficient, but not exactly the ideal way to camouflage vitiligo

Как замаскировать витилиго на руках: ТОП-5 лучших методовPermanent tattooing can help to conceal pigmentation defects for six months (and sometimes more). You can do it in any beauty salon. Specialist will choose the desired shade for your skin. With the help of tattoo pigment masquerading small defects, as in the photo.

Therefore, it is advisable to apply only at the initial stage of vitiligo. If you have decided to make the disguise permanent stains, think again, because this method has significant drawbacks:

  • spots in vitiligo is gradually increase, so the tattoo will have to be periodically adjusted;
  • effect after the procedure may not be quite perfect — will be slightly visible outlines of spots;
  • re-select the color to fill new sections of discolored skin is very difficult, so in the end, the color can be uneven;
  • if depigmentation will be held, on the skin remain darker areas of the tattoo.
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Now you know how to deal with a noticeable depigmented spots and what to do to disguise them for a long time. The tips from the article and check out the many. Reviews of such methods, the masking positive. I advise you to use traditional remedies because they are safer for your skin.

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Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)