How to recognize chickenpox: symptoms in children and adults

Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхHello, my dear readers. Every parent fears that their child sooner or later gets sick in such unpleasant disease as chickenpox.

Kids bring the virus to their kindergarten, school or other public areas. And then the question arises, how to recognize chickenpox?

We all know that chickenpox is accompanied by copious eruption of blisters all over the body, but how not to miss the moment of infection? How generally are the first symptoms of this disease?

The same first signs of illness in children and adults? Let’s look into these matters together with you.

Chicken pox — the beginning!

So, it’s your child from kindergarten. Did you notice that the baby is cranky, lethargic, had a fever, no appetite and there were other symptoms, do you think SARS.

Yes, in fact, early symptoms of chickenpox are similar with the common cold. Often a cough and runny nose on the background of a weakened immune system.

Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхThen, after some time (from couple of hours to several days) on the body of the crumbs are the little spots. At first they just look like a mosquito bite, but soon a white head filled with fluid.

So – if the skin of your child such voldyri – can be almost 100 percent sure that it’s chickenpox, especially if the educational institution attended by the child, there is a disease outbreak.

Then the rash is spreading rapidly throughout the body, affecting mucous membranes, genitals and the hair of the head, although most of the «pimples» are on the back, stomach, arms. While the entire body begins to itch, causing the patient great discomfort.

Here are all the same experiencing an adult in the beginning of the disease.

So, based on the foregoing, I have compiled a basic list of symptoms of chickenpox to be able to immediately determine whether your sick kid or yourself with chicken pox or not:

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  • General weakness.
  • Malaise.
  • Drowsiness.
  • The increase in body temperature.
  • Headache.
  • Aches throughout the body.
  • The appearance on the body blisters with liquid inside.
  • Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхSometimes adults may develop photophobia, impaired coordination, seizures. This is due to the fact that an adult very badly to chickenpox, so it is best to contract this disease in childhood.

    Besides the child, as a rule, the temperature is not too high, and an adult, it can rise to 40 degrees and cause serious complications.

    How to recognize the beginning of chicken pox in a baby?

    Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхThis is usually the same symptoms, but may develop atypical form of the disease. Suggest to read about it in a separate article, since this disease can develop complications.

    Furthermore, chickenpox in newborns can be very dangerous. So, mothers should be very carefully monitor the overall health of the baby and at the slightest suspicion of the disease – call a doctor immediately.

    Is it possible to detect the disease prior to its manifestation?

    The incubation period of the disease lasts up to 3 weeks. So one can not guess that he was sick.

    From the very first contact with the patient you will be contagious to others. Typically, the first blisters begin to act on the body at 12-15 a day, but other signs of a couple of days earlier.

    Is it possible to confuse the blisters with manifestations of other diseases?

    Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхIn fact, chickenpox is very easy to distinguish from other ailments. But all the same, I will describe the kind of pimples that at the first signs of smallpox, no one had any doubt.

    So, when chicken pox spots first appear pink in color. They can be anywhere, and if you’ve never been like that look.

    Within just a couple of hours they start to spread throughout the body. Rash in children and adults has the same form – with clearly defined borders, round shape, pink color. Next, they will be filled with a transparent liquid and to deliver over the skin.

    Externally, these blisters resemble droplets of water dribbling red. Online you can find a lot of photos of users who have already had chicken pox.

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    Chickenpox or sores?

    Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхMany people confuse these diseases, because the blisters with smallpox also arise in the oral cavity and even the throat. Remember, only slimy chicken pox will not do. The bubbles arise throughout the body while herpes only affects the mouth , and sometimes the area around it.

    This did not dispel your doubts? Then here is another difference. Stomatitis is expressed in the form of sores and chicken pox – bubble with liquid inside. Also with stomatitis may occur white patches, and when smallpox oral cavity clean without plaque.

    What to do at first signs of chickenpox?

    My recommendations for adults and children – an immediate call to the doctor! No self-medication and should not be! If someone is not going to call a doctor, read an article about the complications of the disease, and I think you’ll abandon this idea.

    Как распознать ветрянку: первые симптомы у детей и взрослыхWhile waiting for the specialist, spread all the blisters brilliant green, Fukortsin or Betadine. This colored medical solutions. Clearly you need to watch out for when over the rash, because then you will not contagious, and the disease will subside.

    Moreover, these medicines reduce the itching, which is very important in the course of the disease, because sometimes the itching is unbearable. Can use the gel Fenistil and be sure to take or give your child an antihistamine.

    If there is fever, take fever medicine. Remember, children should not bring down the temperature below 38 degrees, and adults below 38.5. The body at this time actively fighting the virus, and reducing body temperature can only worsen your situation.

    After comes the doctor and will prescribe medication, carefully follow its recommendations. You will be prescribed antiviral, antihistamine and topical preparations, to eliminate itching.

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    How long is the quarantine?

    This period depends on how soon you will stop rashes. From this moment begins another 5 days then the person is considered not infectious. That is, in total, you will have to stay home for at least 3 weeks.

    So, my dear, I hope now you will be able to recognize chickenpox. The main thing – do not panic – the disease usually resolves without complications in children and under strict supervision of doctor for well-being in adults.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)