How to remove the inflammation after squeeze acne: tips and guidelines of experts

Most people by the inexperience or ignorance of the consequences prefer to deal with pimples by squeezing. This is very wrong and is condemned by experts of the field of medicine and cosmetology. But if the pathological element is already squeezed, it is necessary to make efforts to prevent infection. Consider how to remove the inflammation after squeezing pimples, and what means will be most effective.

The content of the article

  • The effects of extruding
  • How to remove redness after squeezing
  • Drugs to treat
  • Differin
  • Salicylic acid
  • Vishnevsky Ointment
  • Calendula tincture
  • Iodine
  • Chlorhexidine
  • Means «first aid»
  • Folk remedies
  • Recipes effective masks
  • Soda mask
  • Yeast remedy
  • Prevention of redness
  • Tools for removing pimples
  • Conclusion
  • The effects of extruding

    The result of the wrong fight with the rash are:

    1. Residual effects in the form of scars and scars – extrusion process occurs under sterile conditions, and therefore, the risk of infection is high. You receive an increase in the number of connective-tissue elements at the site of pathological process.
    2. The action of bacterial flora in place of the embossed pimple becomes an entrance gate for infection, which could aggravate the process and prolong recovery time.
    3. New inflammation – separation of microorganisms through the blood and lymph leads to the generalization of the lesions. The number of spots may increase significantly.
    4. Pain syndrome is itself a process of extrusion is also not so pleasant, but the greatest discomfort remains after injury the subcutaneous pimples. The pain appears not only to palpation, but without any touching.
    5. Hyperemia (redness) is one of the symptoms of the inflammatory response. In place of the impact is vasodilation, increasing local blood circulation, activation of leukocytes.
    6. Swelling appears as a lump in the place of squeezing. Develops in response to accumulation of vascular fluid due to rupture of small capillaries after extrusion.
    7. Complexity masking – girls love the acne mask, and then extruding it to make it much harder.

    No need to squeeze the pimples that have not yet matured, especially dirty (not processed!) hands. This is the main reason for the development of all of the above consequences.

    How to remove redness after squeezing

    To return to skin normal color, remove red spots from squeezing out and to prevent infection will help a number of drugs and folk ways. Drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy are divided into 2 groups:

  • the tools used in the treatment of acne that have medicinal properties and cropped swelling and redness;
  • drugs «first aid» for pimples which are not used for their treatment.
  • Another important method is the use of refrigerants, e.g. ice cubes. For this purpose, use pre-prepared and filled into molds decoction of chamomile, sage, parsley. An ice cube wrapped in a bandage and apply to the pimple squeezed. Hold until you see a slight numbness. After a minute break the procedure was repeated.

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    The cold reduces redness and swelling by vasoconstriction, reducing vascular permeability.

    Drugs to treat

    With the aim of removing the redness after squeezing and getting rid of rashes used salicylates, retinoids, antiseptics.


    The retinoid produced in the form of gel and cream. Used as monotherapy or in combination with other drugs. The application of the drug requires compliance with dose, because an excessive amount of can cause the opposite reaction from the skin of redness and peeling.

    Как убрать воспаление после выдавливания прыщей: советы и рекомендации специалистов

    Differin prevents the multiplication of pathogenic microflora to prevent the aggravation of the process to accelerate cleansing of the skin from rashes and to prevent the development of scars on the site of the zit.

    Salicylic acid

    A known representative of the salicylates. It can be used in pure form for application to the zone of hyperemia, and can be used as an ingredient in masks. Salicylic acid suspends the processes of inflammation, dries the pathological elements.

    Vishnevsky Ointment

    To be effective in cases where squeezing the pimple led to the formation of internal abscess or a large swelling. In this case, the ointment is applied on the inflammation area in the form of application and fix with adhesive plaster. Preferably the procedure is carried out at night, so the drug is in contact with a pimple for a long time. Purulent contents come to the surface, and the swelling will decrease significantly.

    Calendula tincture

    To remove puffiness and redness around the pimple, the liquid applied to a cotton pad and apply to the area of redness for a few minutes. This procedure was repeated three times a day. By the end of the first day the skin condition will improve.


    Point cautery with antiseptic – old proven method. The drug will eliminate the inflammation by control the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

    It is important not to burn and not to overdry the skin. In between treatment tincture you can use a nutrient or anti-bacterial cream.


    Powerful antiseptic, used to relieve the inflammation and prevent new lesions. It is a good product that has a wide range of actions and fights not only bacteria but also viruses and fungal infection.

    Means «first aid»

    These include drugs that are not the primary drugs used to treat acne. But active substances in their composition will help to eliminate puffiness and redness after squeezing the pimple. Such drugs include:

    1. Vasoconstrictor nose drops – a few drops applied on a cotton pad and applied to the place of hyperemia, quickly removes redness. This effect is associated with the ability to reduce capillary permeability and to cause their contraction. You can use visine, I suffered.
    2. Preparations on the basis of Pantothenic acid – Panthoderm, Bepanten, Depantol. The group accelerated the recovery of damaged tissue structures, improve local metabolism, and promote rapid healing.
    3. Cream Bee celandine – the product has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively removes redness, itching, and discomfort. Composed exclusively of natural oils.
    4. Sleazed – cream based on hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. Copes with the manifestations of inflammation and residual effects.
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    Drugs «first aid» do not require long-term use (1-2 days). Often combined with the main local remedies for treatment of pimples.

    Как убрать воспаление после выдавливания прыщей: советы и рекомендации специалистов

    Folk remedies

    Improper squeezing of pimples and acne causes to get rid of the annoying «upstarts» have to spend a lot more time. Background drug pharmacy means you can use substances and products of plant and mineral origin, even personal hygiene products.

    A proven method is the application of toothpaste on the area of redness. But it should be done only after the pimple covered with a top crust. Applied a small amount of the paste point and leave for 2-3 hours. Then wash away.

    Coal-tar soap is an excellent antiseptic that dries pathological element has a disinfecting property, accelerates the regeneration of cells. You can wash it soap or grate a small amount and be applied in the form of an application to the inflamed areas.

    A good remedy is home-talker on the basis of propolis, salicylic alcohol and Trichopolum (1 crushed tablet). The first two materials are mixed in a ratio of 1:1. Place of acne are treated twice a day.

    There are plenty of tools that can help fight redness:

  • the aloe juice;
  • Fig;
  • the celandine;
  • pharmacy Daisy;
  • clay;
  • cinnamon;
  • honey;
  • oatmeal.
  • Как убрать воспаление после выдавливания прыщей: советы и рекомендации специалистов

    Recipes effective masks

    One of the easy to prepare and use is the oatmeal mask. Tablespoon chopped in a coffee grinder cereal mixed with the same amount of vegetable fat. Applied either locally or all over the face. After half an hour remove a lot neat massage movements with a cotton pad. Then the face wash.

    Soda mask

    You should prepare a lot of baby cream and soda in equal proportions. The resulting slurry is applied to a small segment of the folded in several layers of bandage and fixed to the reddened area with a band-aid. 60-90 minutes remove.

    Yeast remedy

    A small amount of dry yeast mixed with milk to get a creamy mass. To enhance the effectiveness of add 5-7 drops of lemon juice. Applied to 30 minutes for the whole area of the face.

    To eliminate redness and swelling will help any mask based on cucumber. Vegetable has whitening and anti-inflammatory properties. So as not to complicate the task, the zone of hyperemia deal of cucumber pulp or fix a cut slice of product.

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    Prevention of redness

    The best option would be not to eliminate the inflammation after squeezing pimples, and to prevent its occurrence. For this you need to follow the advice and recommendations of specialists:

  • before pressing be sure to put some antiseptic on hand and the area of the pimple;
  • do not try to squeeze those elements that are still «not ready»;
  • it is better to use special cosmetic tools;
  • do not apply aggressive pressure on the skin;
  • do not touch the pimples, which clearly shows the presence of a strong inflammatory process;
  • do not squeeze the pimple a few times – it will only exacerbate the pattern of inflammation;
  • after the procedure, to handle the tools and the skin antibacterial agents (iodine, peroxide, alcohol solutions).
  • Tools for removing pimples

    There are special devices that allow painless, less traumatic, quickly and carefully remove pathological elements. These include:

    1. Cosmetology extractor – metal handle with two devices at the ends (spear in the form of needles with a loop or two loops of different diameters).
    2. Spoon UNO – similar to the first tool, but at one end is a spoon with a hole in the center for acne, and another strainer to remove acne.
    3. Cosmetology spear – is a copy of the big similar devices. Is used to pierce the pimple to release it purulent contents out.
    4. Skimmer – a small analogue of the kitchen appliances. Good for eliminating acne and blackheads in hard to reach places (ears, wings and the eve of the nose).
    5. A curette cosmetic loop with a wider rim, but small in diameter. Less traumatic to use.

    Как убрать воспаление после выдавливания прыщей: советы и рекомендации специалистов

    Tools you can use in a beauty parlor or at home without assistance.

    The main rule – a thorough treatment of hands, skin and instruments before and after manipulation.


    To prevent the development of inflammatory processes and of the residual phenomena after squeezing pimples is much easier than to struggle with already appeared a problem. Compliance with advice and recommendations will help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful, and her owner is confident in its irresistibility.