How to remove warts with liquid nitrogen and is it painful?

Как удаляют кондиломы жидким азотом и больно ли это?Greetings to all its readers! Today, I want to draw your attention to this method of getting rid of the warts like cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen), reviews of doctors and patients, as well as the technique of the procedure.

Warts – genital coachhouse growths on the skin and mucous membranes of the external genitalia.

This disease is more common among women and among men. In addition to the cosmetic defect, growths in the skin bring physical discomfort.

But the special danger that in case of accidental injuries caused by clothing or scratching, possible degeneration of warts to cancer.

By the way, today medicine known for more than 80 strains of human papillomavirus, and a third of them can cause cancers of the genital organs in women and men.

But before we begin to analyze in more detail this method of removing warts, I recommend you to read one book on treatment of warts using traditional recipes. They tested and helped one person get rid of the disease. All information on this page.

Cryosurgery to get rid of warts

Как удаляют кондиломы жидким азотом и больно ли это?To get rid of genital growths on the skin, many dermatologists recommend go through the procedure of destruction of the affected tissue with liquid nitrogen.

The treatment of this method efficiently to local wart removal, but there is still no pharmaceutical drug is capable of completely remove the virus from the body.

Lately, all over the world, promoting vaccination against human papillomavirus, but the efficiency of this method is still not well understood.

Treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen effectively removes skin lesions and has several advantages:

  • a tiny chance of re-relapse of the disease;
  • quick and effective application;
  • the absence of pain;
  • short recovery period;
  • the lack of scars in areas removed;
  • available the cost of the procedure.

Contraindications for cryotherapy are:

  • cold Allergy;
  • the tendency to form keloids;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • receiving immunosuppressants;
  • pigmentation and blood circulation in the treatment sites.

The technique of the procedure

Как удаляют кондиломы жидким азотом и больно ли это?The most popular and effective cryogen is liquid nitrogen, the boiling point of which reaches 1960С.

As the product is applied to living tissue, the water in the cells freezes for 3 seconds to 25 and 50 0C, while completely frozen over intercellular space and disrupted livelihoods viral cells.

On site burning or, rather freezing in 24 hours starts the inflammatory process, which contributes to the further destruction of damaged tissues.

To prevent the destruction of collagen fibers, duration of exposure to liquid nitrogen must not exceed 30 seconds.

If the center is not completely destroyed, it is recommended to repeat the procedure in a few minutes. At a superficial freezing of the cells of the dermis remain healthy, and destroyed the cells of the upper layer of the epidermis.

I suggest watching videos of conducting cryoablation with liquid nitrogen.

The algorithm of cryosurgery

Как удаляют кондиломы жидким азотом и больно ли это?The procedure of treatment of warts liquid nitrogen occurs in the office of a dermatologist under aseptic conditions.

Many patients are interested in the question does it hurt to remove warts by this method. The procedure is virtually painless, takes place without the holding of local and General anesthesia.

  • Warn the patient about the intricacies of treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen and placed or seated in a comfortable position.
  • The treated area with liquid nitrogen is applied with a special tip or cotton swab.
  • A few minutes later, the tumor acquires a white color and condensed structure.
  • In the beginning of the procedure a little can numb the treated part of the body may feel a slight tingling or «crawling».
  • Within 5 hours the formation of blister with serous or hemorrhagic content, as in a regular frostbite.
  • Depending on the area the damaged area of skin, complete healing occurs in 2-3 weeks.
  • In place of the fallen scab is formed the new pink skin, which eventually becomes epithelialized and the usual color.
  • The reappearance of warts, at the same place are excluded.
  • Duration and price depend on the number of elements and their size.

    Prevention of the disease prevent recurrence

    Как удаляют кондиломы жидким азотом и больно ли это?After the local removal of genital warts, you need to fix the result of conservative treatment and lifestyle changes:

    • Avoiding harmful habits;
    • Balanced, fortified and natural food;
    • The occupation of all possible sports;
    • Exception of stress and chronic fatigue;
    • Regular intake of your doctor;
    • 2 times a year, the use of immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs General and local action.

    Everyone should remember that health can not be bought with money and not getting the prescription at the pharmacy.

    To live happily ever after, you have to regularly monitor their health, to undergo preventive medical examinations and the appearance of even slight symptoms of the disease, immediately contact the clinic for advice qualified physician.

    Detected and diagnosed with the disease gives a chance for one hundred percent recovery.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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