How to remove wrinkles around the mouth?

Hello, dear readers. In today’s article we will talk about how to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth.

This problem concerns many women, because everyone wants to remain beautiful and attractive for as long as possible.

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Why around the mouth wrinkles?

Как убрать морщины вокруг рта?Of course, the first reason is old age. As we age, our skin loses its stock of elastin, collagen, moisture, hyaluronic acid. As a consequence, are formed at first small, and then, and deep creases.

But not only women of Mature age are suffering from this beauty defect. The more young people you may notice facial wrinkles.

Throughout life, we eat, we laugh, we cry, we talk. These factors affect the circular muscle that is responsible for these actions. This muscle attaches to the skin, so it is constantly exposed to tension.

What to do when you want to have beautiful and smooth skin without wrinkles? Of course, from the deep folds around the mouth to get rid of very difficult.

Often women have resorted to operating or injectable rejuvenation. But if you have only started to form of mimic and age wrinkles, it does help folk methods, special masks and creams.

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Clinical methods of rejuvenation

Как убрать морщины вокруг рта?The doctors at the health centers know exactly how to remove wrinkles around mouth. One such procedure is considered to be the laser therapy, in which estheticians remove the top layer of the dermis. It is necessary for zapuskaniya process of regeneration and renewal of the skin.

The most popular is a facelift, thanks to which adjusted the facial oval, and eliminated the signs of aging.

To achieve faster results, especially in the fight with purse-string and mimic wrinkles, doctors resort to Botox injections, which temporarily removes nerve messages and muscle fibers.

Well, the safest procedure is a chemical peel based on activation of collagen synthesis that occurs due to exfoliation of the upper skin layer.

Anti-aging cosmetics

Как убрать морщины вокруг рта?How to remove wrinkles around the mouth with the help of cosmetics? Modern cosmetology is known for its effective remedies that help women deal with skin problems. They are based includes the following ingredients:

  • Retinoids;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Glycerin and glycol;
  • Vitamins;
  • Keratin;
  • Kaolin and white clay;
  • The hyaluronic acid.

All products containing such components, saturate the skin with oxygen, moisture, help to get rid of nasolabial and facial wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and skin tone.

However, it should be noted that most of the creams and masks are of high value, and to transform them it is necessary to use constantly.

So how to get rid of ugly wrinkles when using other methods, and whether they exist at all?

Wrinkles removal traditional methods

Как убрать морщины вокруг рта?A positive result can be achieved at home. Will help you natural remedies that you can buy at the pharmacy and regular store such as honey, vegetable oil (coconut, sea buckthorn, olive), raw eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, fatty dairy products (cream, sour cream), liquid vitamin E.

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Of these ingredients, you can prepare natural homemade cosmetics that will have an effect against wrinkles near your mouth.

Recipes for home-made cosmetics

All of the above components can be used in combination with other funds, and separately. The main rule is that all products should be fresh and used immediately after manufacture. It is not necessary to stock up on them for future use.

Active nutrition of the skin will ensure a regular wiping of the face with olive oil. Use this tool not only the treatment of the skin around the mouth, but other problem areas. The procedure is better done before you sleep no more than 3 times a week.

Как убрать морщины вокруг рта?A great solution against nasolabial wrinkles will be the use of lip balm. Typically, such facilities have all the necessary for the skin substances.

Treat balm on the problem area every day and after a week you will notice a positive effect.

Among the many folk remedies has proved to be excellent sea buckthorn oil with added vitamin E. This composition is heated in a water bath and gently applied to the face. It is used as a mask which is rinsed off after 20 minutes.

Most will moisturize the skin and remove wrinkles the mixture of natural honey, sour cream with high fat content and egg yolk. Weight applied on the skin and left there until dry (about 15 minutes). Then carefully to rinse. Is the procedure a couple of times a week.

Mask of egg yolk in combination with a small massage will help to get rid of wrinkles near your mouth and increase the flow of blood. Usually a protein is applied to the face, and after 20 minutes rinse. 3-4 times a week is enough.

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For a firmer and smooth skin can be applied to the skin a mixture of olive oil, oatmeal, egg yolks and orange juice and raspberries.

Of course, we highlighted the most popular folk remedy that will help you to get rid of the ugly wrinkles around the mouth.

As far as possible to delay the aging process, try to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, take care of the skin, to avoid overheating in the sun and then you will long retain its young and youthful appearance. Good luck to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)