How to stop bleeding after removal of genital warts?

Как остановить кровотечение после удаления кондилом?Hello, our dear readers! Continuing the theme of condylomatosis, I want to talk about the complications that can be removal of warts.

It is worth noting that the bleeding after removal of the warts is the most common cause of re-treatment to the doctor.

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Genital warts is genital warts of small size, which are localized mainly in the groin, external genitalia in women and men, as well as near the anus.

It is worth noting that these tumors of the epithelium do not bring anyone pleasure, but when they are located in the genital area, it is not only discomfort, but also pose a serious threat to health.

At constant friction warts can start to bleed, and without proper treatment it is possible to transform growths in cancer of the form.

Как остановить кровотечение после удаления кондилом?It is worth noting that among all the studied virus strain PCH, the third part of them becomes a cause of cancer of the genitourinary system, both men and women.

To prevent this disease, it is necessary to contact a health facility for skilled care.

To remove warts there are many methods of conservative and surgical treatment, but none of them gives 100% guarantee for complete cure from the ailment.

If a virus has entered the body, it stays there forever, but a strong immune system has no chance for the symptoms.

For the effective treatment of warts of the genital organs using an integrated approach:

  • radical removal by chemical, thermal, radio wave, laser techniques;
  • local application of medicinal drugs that promote the production of interferon and the restoration of damaged tissues;
  • pharmaceutical preparations for strengthening the immune system and fight viruses.
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    Как остановить кровотечение после удаления кондилом?In most cases, clinical treatment is well tolerated and without complications, but there are other cases.

    After burning or freezing warts, in its place forms a scab, which if successful rehabilitation period is eliminated and replaced with young epithelium.

    So, as the removal of the radical method causes a deep burn, then place the warts can appear in a small amount of serous discharge, sometimes mixed with blood or pus.

    In this case, all you need to see your doctor and get his recommendations. But in most cases it will be enough to handle this place with hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic alcohol solution of diamond green or iodine.

    Doctor’s prescription you can use special immunomodulatory drugs local action.

    Unfortunately, medicine known cases when after self removal of warts at home some time later bleeding from the affected area.

    Как остановить кровотечение после удаления кондилом?Genital warts is a mutated overgrown epidermis, the pathological processes which provoked the human papillomavirus.

    If the disease is left untreated, coachhouse growths sprouting capillaries that provide the blood supply to the skin growths.

    Naturally, with self removal warts may open bleeding.

    In most cases, this complication is damage warts localized in areas of increased friction and perspiration (genitals, anal area, inner thighs, feet and palms).

    For those who want to get rid of warts on their own, I hasten to inform you that after the separation of the papillae in its place with time will be a new education, and maybe a few, because the root of the wart left in place in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

    If the fabric in the area of mole changes its appearance, you should immediately consult a doctor and show the wound surface may need to clean or excise the wound.

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    How to stop dripping blood?

    If bleeding from the site of attachment papillomavirus should:

  • rinse with an antiseptic solution;
  • to stop the bleeding with a swab moistened with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • to impose on the injury with a sterile dressing and immediately seek medical attention.
  • Как остановить кровотечение после удаления кондилом?In the case that bleeding can not stop on your own, then you need to call an ambulance or to contact the medical facility’s place of residence.

    Assessing the situation, the doctor may remove nekrotizirovannye tissue with a laser or thermocoagulation, make recommendations about treatment and prevention.

    During the treatment of genital warts with special chemicals, it is recommended to apply them only diseased tissue, protecting healthy epithelium.

    Despite the wide range of available tools to deal with warts, removal of these tumors is best done in the hospital under the supervision of a physician.

    To prevent the emergence of new warty items, you need:

    • to lead a healthy lifestyle;
    • to get rid of bad habits;
    • constantly monitor the state of health;
    • regularly undergo preventive medical examinations with the mandatory tests;
    • when the first symptoms of the disease should immediately visit your doctor;
    • to keep the body and genital area clean;
    • to apply a special medicine for external use;
    • avoid casual unprotected sex;
    • with trepidation and care for their health.

    If you find yourself some growths on the skin or mucous membrane, in any case, don’t force them to remove, tear or comb, first consult a doctor, and go through the necessary research.

    Self-medication often becomes a cause of irreversible change on human health, regret.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)