How to treat a boil at home fast: the effectiveness of traditional and folk remedies.

How to treat a boil at home, whether he Matures and steps to take to make this happen? Boils, called the boils is a painful red seal in the deep layers of the skin. Formed as a result of the inflammatory process in the follicle a SAC or within the apocrine glands. Abscess cause various pus-producing pathogens, such as staph. They enter the body through minor wounds on the skin surface.

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  • Causes of formations
  • The development and increase in the boil
  • Home treatment and medicine
  • The ointment will help the wound healing
  • National means-tested
  • Recipes homemade ointments
  • What not to do when boil
  • Tips and expert advice
  • Causes of formations

    The development of foci of abrasions promotes disregard for the rules of personal hygiene, constantly dirty skin, skin abrasions and injuries on its surface. One of the reasons can be called hyperhidrosis. As well as the active sebum production, the General decline of immune protection, impaired metabolism, deficiency.

    In fact, a boil is an inflamed, painful, pus-filled cavity in the deep layer of the skin. Some boils the size of a pea, some reach a diameter of a walnut. People often suffer from boils in places where the skin rubs against clothes and has hair. A carbuncle is a particularly large species of such boil, or several boils, merged into a single conglomerate. They are much deeper and much more painful. If you suspect it is on an emerald, it is not necessary to spend time on your own treatment, you need to immediately consult a doctor. The purulent contents of the carbuncle can get into the bloodstream and cause total acute intoxication.

    The development and increase in the boil

    Isolated abscess formation can form on any part of the body, but usually boils bruise the neck and the occipital region of the head, face, lower back, wings of the nose, the ear and the area behind the ears. First, there is a small cone-shaped seal, which is red in color and size up to 2 cm after a few days in the centre of the abscess, you may notice the softened area is festering at the top of the rod. After the abscess breaks through and stands independently pasty pus. On a place of break is formed, the area of necrotic tissue with a characteristic greenish tint, the so-called core. Once it is removed will start the process of healing and scarring, lasting from 3 days to a week.

    Как лечить фурункул в домашних условиях быстро: эффективность традиционных и народных средств.

    Home treatment and medicine

    To boil fully ripened and burst may take from several days to a week. Everything will depend on how strong the immune system of the patient. But if we raise the body temperature, there was a convulsive stretching of the muscle, as well as diabetes or other immune-hormonal problems – you need to contact the surgeon. Express clinic sure and the detection of red streaks radiating from the boil on the surface of the skin, swelling, bruising around the abscess, with severe pain or lack of visible improvement after one treatment folk remedies. The surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and decongestants, if necessary – the boil will be opened and cleaned.

    If the boil appeared for the first time and it has small size, but is accompanied by redness, swelling, pain, burning or itching – it is recommended to cope with this problem independently, using ointments and home remedies. But in chronic boils and the complications go to the doctor. His help is needed in such cases:

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  • The abscess does not Mature head.
  • The person experiences severe pain up to muscle spasms.
  • There are no positive shifts over 4-5 days of development.
  • The abscess too much of pus mixed with blood.
  • Pain complicates and impedes the motion of the affected member.
  • If the boil has formed near the spine on the face, in the anus.
  • When the temperature of the body.
  • When lymphangitis.
  • If pus formation appear too often and are accompanied by headaches, General malaise.
  • The boils are complications: blood poisoning and spread of infection to healthy tissue in other parts of the body.

    The ointment will help the wound healing

    In the pharmacy need to buy a special tool – a drawing ointment. It is necessary for early education furuncules pustular head. After that, an abscess will reveal itself and then you need to apply an ointment with antiseptic and antibiotic. But it can be done only after complete removal of the purulent content and core of the boil.

    Important: you can’t even try to remove the abscess is not ripe by mechanically squeezing or independent surgical dissection.

    Как лечить фурункул в домашних условиях быстро: эффективность традиционных и народных средств.

    The pus thus removed will fail but bring a third-party infection completely.

    Of ointments, which should be in every medicine Cabinet, we can recommend the «nasal spray», «Vishnevsky», «Ichthyol». They not only pull the pus to the surface, but also act as a local anesthetic.

    National means-tested

    One of the best ways to soothe the discomfort and pain associated with boils is moist and warm compresses. You need to take gauze, wet it with hot water or just wet, but then on top of the boil should be made warmer. The pain gradually subsides due to the warm and humid environment, in addition, the lesion to accelerate the blood flow. With increasing intensity of blood circulation will increase and the increased white blood cells in the blood that are necessary for the natural body to fight infectious pathogen.

    Furunculosis if the abscess is localized at the places which can be lowered into hot water, you can take an impromptu bath by adding a few tablespoons of Epsom salts or sea. It will increase the effectiveness of the procedure and speed up the process of ripening of the abscess.

    Strange but true – ripening contributes to boil pasta based on turmeric.

    This spice applied in a thin layer on the inflamed element, will remove the inflammation and swelling. And with regular use along with food – able to maintain adequate functioning of the stomach and intestines. In addition, turmeric is a natural antibiotic and inhibits the infectious agent. Therefore, dermatologists recommend and take it inside and use as an external local remedy.

    Prepare a tincture of turmeric is quite simple, you need three times a day drink one tea spoon of spicy powder, diluted with water. One spoon of dry raw materials necessary to add 500 ml of boiling water. Make 3 to 5 days.

    Important: it is strictly forbidden to use turmeric in conjunction with anticoagulants.

    It is not applicable for the treatment of people with gallbladder problems. Often causes fluid loss and constipation, so in conjunction with such treatment, drink lots of water and eat food rich in fiber.

  • To open and clean the boil – make good use of pellet on the basis of honey. Tablespoon raw honey mixed with rye flour to the state of an elastic paste and applied to the boil. The procedure is repeated daily until the time of opening the abscess.
  • Can be baked in the oven medium onion onion, cut it in half and attach the inner side of the slice to an abscess. The bow must be hot. Change the bandage every 3-4 hours.
  • Use for abrasions and grass, for example, green mass of plantain. It is famous for its antimicrobial and analgesic properties. The leaves are carefully rinsed, incised with a sharp knife across the lived and applied to the affected area. All is fixed with several layers of bandage. A day you need to make a few dressings at intervals of one hour.
  • No worse than the acts and aloe, or century plant, growing almost in every house. The sheet is cut along the crease and applied a fresh slice to the boil. Dressing changes are recommended every hour. Hold as long as the boil will ripen and burst on their own.
  • Rye bread crumb salt and knead well, then put to boil and bandage. This is the most affordable and effective remedy that came from the healers of antiquity.
  • A proven remedy, proven more than perfect, are and yeast. They are useful as a preventive drug and as a poultice to accelerate the maturation and breakthrough boil. But they are usually taken orally, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast powder three times a day.
  • To prevent boils – you need to drink the juice of fresh nettles. 30 ml once per day.
  • Recipes homemade ointments

    Drawing ointment you can buy at any pharmacy, but in some cases, especially in chronic furunculosis, much easier and cheaper to prepare them yourself.

  • The recipe is simple enough: take half teaspoon of turmeric, the same amount of dry and powdered ginger root, a tablespoon of fresh liquid honey and a pinch of fine salt. All this is mixed until a homogeneous paste, applied on gauze and applied to the boil. The poultice must be warm, therefore, on top of gauze do you have to do several layers of cling film and a bandage on top of bandage.
  • According to the following recipe, take a high quality butter, melt it in a water bath and add little flakes of beeswax, at a ratio of 4:1. You need to heat the mixture until then, until the wax is completely dissolved. But she in any case should not boil. If too thick consistency it is recommended to add more oil. And to speed up the ripening of the boil – tablespoon chips of soap. The ointment can be use only warm, but film in this case is not required. Can be kept without changing for 2 days.
  • What not to do when boil

    Doctors say a number of actions that are absolutely contraindicated in the formation of boils:

  • First, it is a ban on self-selection of drugs and antibiotics in particular. This approach to treatment in the hospital greatly complicate the search for specific causative agent, and drug scheme assigned by the physician, may become ineffective. When there is no data about the infectious culture that caused the disease, the treatment, in principle, has no substantive meaning.
  • Warm and soar the abscess can only be to the moment of its maturation. At the break or after – heat is often the cause of infection to the healthy surrounding tissue.
  • Never under any circumstances do not try to squeeze «green» abscess yourself. By mechanical action, the core of the boil is broken inside, its purulent contents not only reinfinitum healthy tissue, but gets into the bloodstream. Most dangerous to squeeze the boils in the nose, because the vascular system of the brain works closely with the vessels located in the region of nasolabial triangle. The pathogen enters the blood, which leads to focal inflammation of the meninges.
  • Как лечить фурункул в домашних условиях быстро: эффективность традиционных и народных средств.

    There is one rule – the sooner ill get to the doctor, the more likely that abrasions will not become chronic. Because this disease is dangerous frequent relapses. For example, when supercooling legs, soaked in the cold rain, to cold, strong emotional stress. If boils a lot, and they all with different localization – requires inspection immunologist.

    Tips and expert advice

    Specialists in dermatology and surgery is not recommended to open boils independently until their full maturation.

    If the person in the first time confronted with such a phenomenon, the doctor will be the one who will not only help to get rid of the sore, but also will advise how to avoid the formation of ulcers in the future. Expert advice can be obtained from the dermatologist or surgeon.

    If the system boils and recurrent in – guidelines for skin care and treatment of already formed ulcers can be obtained from the immunologist, endocrinologist (furunculosis is a common consequence of hormonal problems), the therapist.

    Important: at the initial stages of boils may look like the usual acne, so the patient does not react to the formation of abscess.

    Because of this, the maturation of the abscess can go wrong, without the necessary local treatment. In some cases formed multiple branched purulent rod. If not promptly pay attention to this problem, the maturation lasts for several weeks. And to reduce redness and to relieve inflammation – the patient has to take serious antibiotics. Easier to prevent this condition by proper care of the body, a balanced diet and timely examinations of the immune and endocrine systems.