How to treat dermatitis in adults?

Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?Welcome, dear readers! As always, our portal broadcasts about skin problems and how to deal with them, so to once and for all!

Let us now try to understand all the nuances of such a disease as dermatitis in adults, what are the preconditions for its emergence and what are the main principles of treatment of this disease.

Dermatitis in an adult has a much wider range of allergens than the children, but also varieties of treatment in comparison with kids from an adult — more.


The first manifestation of dermatitis is always a modification of the skin, most often they are the following:

  • redness;
  • itching;
  • peeling;
  • swelling.

In a more complex, advanced cases, the inflamed areas can cause cracks. Below we have presented you a few photos where you can see what kind of skin condition characteristic of this disease.


Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?Typically,these skin reactions caused by the presence of the allergen in the body, and modifications on the body occur as a response of the immune system.

In the form of an allergen may be not only food, but also dust, Pets, malicious inhale vapors etc. Less dermatitis can be caused at the time of flowering of various plants.

The great value has a heredity. So, if at least one parent had observed a similar disease of the skin – the child’s interest to recover dermatitis increases several times.

It should be noted that cases of skin diseases last fifty years, has reached large scales and the problem of Allergy is almost in first place, not only in adults but also in children. This is due to the fast pace of adult life, environmental conditions and stress.


To get rid of dermatitis, in addition to traditional treatment pills it is important not to forget about some of the accompanying factors:

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Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?1. Food

When the doctor found the cause of the rash and inflammation, and he closely connects it with what you eat allergic dermatitis is evident.

For the treatment first of all need to understand that the roots of the problem lie within the gastrointestinal tract.

Thus,dietary dermatitis will decline in the rejection of products that cause a similar reaction.

Products-allergens for each case are determined by conducting complex tests that is prescribed.

Light diet, which contains natural and quality meals, regular meals in General will give visible results within a few days.

You need to focus on the fact that all types of dermatitis in an adult require adherence to a proper diet and avoiding some foods that can cause inflammation.

Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?2. Water

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of water on the human body. Probably everyone knows about the sensational two liters a day for health?

So, any types and symptoms of dermatitis when you are drinking enough water a day, equal portions pass much faster.

Especially useful for clean water, when diagnosed with atypical dermatitis. Cases are known in which for getting rid of the rash, it was enough to stick hypoallergenic diet and drink plenty of water.

To medication and ointments to use was not necessary. If you have had dermatitis at least once – the water should become your companion for life.

Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?3. Ointment

External remedies for treatment of scabs and peeling skin are a great many. The main components of such ointments is hydrocortisone and clobetasol and others.

Typically, ointments intended to relieve itching, to remove the inflammation and speed up healing of the affected area. They are usually applied twice a day – morning and evening.

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It is possible that in the morning it is one the ointment, and at night — the second with another active ingredient.

Also very effective ointment, which is prepared in the reception area, it is not cheap, but when applied in a thin layer at night – in the morning the place where was the rash you will find.

Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?4. Pills

As with external pharmaceutical preparations, common and pills from dermatitis or how to treat the disease, the source of which is inside the body? Well proved to be such antihistamines are:

  • Claritin;
  • Loratadine;
  • The pain;
  • Suprastin;
  • Tavegil and others.

Along with antihistamines are often prescribed adsorbents, such as Activated charcoal or White charcoal, Sorbex and well-known Remedy.

Their purpose excrete substances that poison the microflora and have a harmful effect on the skin.

It should be noted that there are cases when antihistamines and adsorbents powerless or unable to serve as a Supplement.

With such a complex process as exfoliative dermatitis immediately prescribe an antibiotic.

Как и чем лечить дерматит у взрослых людей?5. Folk remedies

Please note that traditional remedies can have an effect for a small and simple inflammatory process with a small area of localization.

The selection of herbs in this situation should be approached very seriously, as not all herbs are hypoallergenic.

  • flax seed – especially Lily-livered broth — good take on an empty stomach;
  • a decoction of birch buds – a tablespoon in a glass – perfect for wiping inflammation, relieves itching;
  • a decoction of the bark of the oak used in the form of lotions;
  • a mixture of plantain leaves and yarrow – to grind into mush and apply as a compress for half an hour;
  • collection from allergies – ready blend of several herbs sold in the pharmacy, sealed, taken according to the instructions on the package.
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So, we understood that the dermatitis cases are different and treatment accordingly, may not be the same.

So that if you find yourself the slightest modifications on the skin should immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Only after some tests, it will be possible to accurately determine the cause of the problem, and then the method of getting rid of it.

You need to understand that with any treatment it is important to observe some simple rules of nutrition, eliminating certain foods.

Scheme prescribed by the doctor of pills and ointments – an essential part of treatment and shows all procedure should be done regularly, conducting periodic monitoring and recovery.

Do not forget about the overall health and immunity. With good resistance the treatment will take place quickly, and the recurrence can be completely excluded.

This spring, let your body be strong and healthy, and the skin – beautiful! Up to new meetings!