How to treat dermatitis upper and lower eyelids?

Как лечить дерматит верхних и нижних век?Hello, dear friends! Opinion – it also can escape the intrigue, appeal, arousal and anger.

And the condition of the skin on the eyelids can greatly distort the transmitted pulse eyes. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate.

Its structure is thinner than on other parts of the body several times and are much more vulnerable to change.

Today on our portal you will learn what is dermatitis of the eyelids, causes and basic principles of its treatment.

Symptoms that indicate periorbital dermatitis

Like other similar skin disease is itching, redness, peeling, swelling and swelling. Might be added the tearing.

Location of disease is able to cover the skin around the eyes completely or remain in the area of the eyebrow or lower eyelid. The photo below details shows what looks like a pathology in the eyes.

Как лечить дерматит верхних и нижних век?

What is the factor for the occurrence of disease?

As the statistics shows in the first place, a dermatitis on the eyes occurs because of improper use of eye drops or other medications. But there are other cases, such as:

  • poor quality or inappropriate cosmetics cause allergic dermatitis;
  • untested drug or eye shadow that are applied directly to the skin can cause contact dermatitis;
  • launched seborrhea of the scalp and eyebrows face the fact that seborrheic dermatitis may be formed in the center of the upper eyelid;

Often, when a patient presents with atopic dermatitis, it can give a rash and itching around the eyes.

Still, the problems in this area easily arise as consequences of diseases such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and other diseases of the eyeball and mucous membrane.

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The first and most important action when it detects the modifications of the eyelid skin should be lifting anything that would provoke them:

  • you need to uninstall both therapeutic and decorative cosmetics with patient’s location;
  • to remove from use any drops and eye ointments;
  • not to take food medications that can cause an allergic reaction;
  • to adjust the diet in accordance with the rules of hypoallergenic food.

Also important will be to visit a dermatologist and possibly an ophthalmologist. Study ophthalmology today at a very high level, and the diagnosis will put you fairly quickly.

As a rule, the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen consisting of an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and sedative pills, if there is severe itching.

When the causes of flaking lies in infection of the mucosa of the eyes, it is necessarily prescribed antibacterial drops.

It is important to notice and react to symptoms. Otherwise, the disease can develop into eczema than spoil a beautiful look for a long time.

It should be noted that the problem with the skin can also affect the vision condition of the mucous membrane of the eyeball.

Such neglect and disease in chronic form are treated much longer and more difficult under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

You should not use any traditional methods, as any of them can aggravate the situation. Treat yourself carefully and keep your beautiful eyes right!

At the end of the article suggest a video where the doctor says about the disease: