How to treat teen acne in boys and who to contact for help

The majority of the boys in adolescence are faced with skin lesions in the form of pimples that may be not only a cosmetic problem, but a symptom of an internal disease, and a consequence of hormonal changes in the body. Despite the fact that many parents believe acne is only a temporary problem, you need to know how and what to treat your teen acne in boys. In fact, besides harm to their health from young men often formed a lot of complexes because of their appearance.

The content of the article

  • The causes of acne
  • What doctors should contact
  • Methods for the treatment of acne in boys
  • Skin care
  • Cosmetics
  • Salicylic acid
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • What you can find in a drugstore
  • Folk remedies
  • The chamomile cleanser
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Calendula and honey
  • A decoction of St. John’s wort
  • The mask of egg white
  • Birch juice
  • Prevention of rashes
  • The role of nutrition in the fight against acne
  • The causes of acne

    Most often, pimples appear in teenagers because of hormonal changes during this difficult period. Starting from 12-13 years, in the youthful body and increases the amount of male hormones. The sebaceous glands increases, causing the skin to constantly noticeable unpleasant Shine. Due to the fact that the fat accumulates in the pores and can not go outside are formed black spots and inflammation on teenage skin.

    Poor nutrition, lack of vitamins A and C, which are responsible for normal function of subcutaneous fat is also affected by problems on the face of the boys. Due to the impact of hormones changes the structure of sebum, which in normal circumstances is liquid and without obstacles comes out. The teenager it becomes dense, making it difficult conclusion through the skin. Further formed comedones, and if they are joined by the bacteria on the face appear various inflammatory processes.

    What doctors should contact

    Chief physician in the treatment of acne any teenager has a dermatologist, without which can not do. He will conduct a thorough inspection and refer to another specialist if necessary. Accurate diagnosis the dermatologist will be able to deliver not only after examination of the patient, but after receiving information about the habits, nutrition, chronic diseases and delivery of all necessary analyzes.

    Only a specialist can determine the true causes of rash in boys and appoint competent treatment. Sometimes you may need a visit to a gastroenterologist, because acne often causes malfunction of the stomach and intestines.

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    If a small rash turned into a major problem a visit to the beautician it cannot be solved, so a trip to a dermatologist for teenagers is mandatory for treatment and prophylactic purposes.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Methods for the treatment of acne in boys

    In boys, androgen level is constantly increasing in the period of growing up, so they are much more likely to need treatment of acne than girls of the same age. Modern medicine has many methods to treat adolescent rash. The intensity of therapy depends on the number of lesions and the stage of development of skin diseases. Sometimes the issue of teenage acne resolved itself as they grow older the boy, but hoping for it can be detrimental to the health of the child and miss the beginning of a serious skin disease.

    Skin care

    The first rule of treatment of adolescent rashes have daily personal hygiene. Today on the market there are many products for acne problem skin. Different cleansing gels, creams, foams well will help clean the pores. Simultaneously with the washing, you can remove the skin of all the accumulated dirt, dust particles that have gathered on it during the day.


    For deep cleansing you need to use scrubs and face mask special edition for Teens. So as not to overdry the skin during cleaning select cosmetics according to its type. After a competent cleansing applied moisturizer. At the time of treatment and prevention, the boy should be his personal towel for hygiene.

    Salicylic acid

    Remedies with salicylic acid has long been known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply the product carefully and point to the best effect. Do not forget that in addition to harmful bacteria salicylic acid can disrupt the natural protective barrier without drying skin. Not too often and uncontrollably apply, as the subcutaneous fat begins to stand out even more.

    Antibiotic therapy

    The drugs with the antibiotic should be taken only after doctor’s recommendation because they often destroy the intestinal flora and uncontrolled use lead to more skin problems. A lot of modern drugs that are very widely advertised, consist of antibiotics, so you need to be careful in the application of the fashionable creams.

    The use of external funds on the basis of antibiotics is more secure than in the form of tablets or suspensions. Preparations for the internal reception of the bacteria over time to adapt quickly.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    What you can find in a drugstore

    The composition of the skin every teen is as individual as the number of spots. Medicines to deal with skin rashes should be prescribed only by a doctor. The most popular is Matt and differin, the first of which is applied at night before bedtime, and the second drug is used in the daytime. Among cheap pharmacy means isolated:

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  • zinc;
  • sulfur;
  • Ichthyol ointment;
  • baneuoqin;
  • tincture of calendula.
  • They all have a drying and antibacterial effect on problem skin boys.

    Effective ointments are applied after the consultation with the doctor:

  • skinoren;
  • Fusiderm with severe lesions of the skin;
  • Zener;
  • baktroban.
  • Zineryt contains erythromycin antibiotic which kills bacteria. Zinc dries the skin and removes the Shine from the face. It is applied on clean skin, after mixing the powder with a special solution that is in the packaging of the drug.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Folk remedies

    Well established in the treatment of adolescent rash recipes of traditional medicine. With proper choice of natural ingredients such funds will become a reliable ally in the fight against the hated pimples.

    The chamomile cleanser

    A worthy replacement to the modern cleansers can be infusion of chamomile. It is made from a tablespoon of plant per Cup of boiling water. You can also wipe inflamed pimples this infusion.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Aloe Vera juice

    Fresh juice from the plant aloe squeezed from its leaf and lubricates the pimples throughout the day at least three times. For the procedure use only fresh juice.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Calendula and honey

    One tablespoon of calendula officinalis to connect with Cup of boiling water. When the infusion cools, add a teaspoon of natural honey. On the skin applied in the form of compresses for half an hour.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    A decoction of St. John’s wort

    To remove teenage acne will help decoction of Hypericum. You will need a tablespoon of herbs and a glass of water. The mixture boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Strain and apply on problem areas.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    The mask of egg white

    Whisk one protein fresh eggs. Apply on the affected skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Before the mask to clean the face from dirt.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Birch juice

    As for a cleanser suitable birch SAP. The healing tool can be used every day for prevention and treatment of acne in adolescents.

    Чем лечить подростковые прыщи у мальчиков и к кому обратиться за помощью

    Prevention of rashes

    To prevent skin rashes have to correctly care for the skin to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, pimples appear due to hormonal changes in the body of a growing person, but they can be prevented using modern cosmetics and some simple rules for the care of the skin. Each teenager must be individual towel, and during the day the face can be wiped with disposable wipes.

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    You can’t touch the skin with your hands without washing with soap and water, because on them the most bacteria. Even better as often as possible to change the pillow case on the pillow the boy. Once a week to deeply cleanse the skin with special means for peeling.

    The role of nutrition in the fight against acne

    For a complete victory over the acne can not do without comprehensive treatment, a proper diet which plays a key role. From the diet must exclude fatty, spicy, smoked dishes. Consume less sweet products, chocolate, bakery products. The food should not contain large amounts of dyes, preservatives, and salt. Give your child foods high in zinc content, and also not to forget about fresh fruits and vegetables.

    During the day, you must adhere to drinking regime, that is to drink at least 2 litres of water in addition to teas or other liquids. Not to drink carbonated beverages. Pimples in adolescence are often the cause of unbalanced nutrition, so should pay special attention to the menu for a young body.

    The effect of treatment of acne in teenagers may not appear immediately, but consultation of a dermatologist, a balanced diet, proper care will be able to more quickly produce results in the form of clean healthy skin. Folk remedies and a sound approach to skin problems in boys rid them of acne once and for all.