How to use Vishnevsky ointment acne on the face

To combat pathological lesions are applied a large number of antiseptic and regenerative means. Vishnevsky ointment is also used for acne on the face. It is affordable and fast-acting drug, which is used independently, without combining with other drugs.

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  • Medicinal properties ointment
  • The composition of the liniment Vishnevsky
  • That is, over the?
  • Indications ointment
  • Use against acne and acne
  • Medical mask
  • Honey mask
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Conclusion
  • It is impossible to imagine people who would not have heard of, over the. Unfortunately, most available and efficient means disappear from pharmacy shelves. Pharmaceutical companies offer to replace the expensive funds that have a similar effect. Prescription ointments have been developed by the Soviet surgeon A. V. Vishnevsky. This drug was available in the old days and now.

    Medicinal properties ointment

    , Over the designed to perform regenerative and antibacterial functions. It is used for outdoor applications. The drug has a broad spectrum, and for quite a while is in use.


  • disinfection;
  • wound healing;
  • the extrusion of purulent content on the surface;
  • the softening of the skin;
  • the expansion of pores, which improves the access of drugs.
  • The ointment is not only good to cope with pimples and acne, but also heals minor mechanical damage in the form of scratches, small wounds, burns. The liniment is used when the appearance of boils, carbuncles, abscesses, sores and ulcers.

    The composition of the liniment Vishnevsky

    The basic components of the ointment efficiency complement each other and increase the regenerative functions of the tissues.

    1. Tar is a dark thick liquid, resembling oil. This component is natural, because it is of vegetable origin. It is extracted from birch bark. Tar relieves itching of the skin, has antimicrobial properties, dries, improves tissue microcirculation and metabolic processes in the cells.
    2. The xeroform is a yellow powdery compound having a peculiar pungent smell. Has a drying and germicidal properties. Phenol, which is included with xeroform, destroys protein compounds walls of bacteria that contributes to their death.
    3. Castor oil occupies most of the active substances ointment. It still has the name oil of castor beans. The tool is used internally and externally. Oil increases the permeability of the skin to rapidly absorb the healing substances and softens it. Has antispasmodic, analgesic and laxative effect when taken orally.
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    The chemical composition of liniment is harmless, but at the same time a well carrying out their curative and preventive functions.

    That is, over the?

    The drug has a shade from light yellow to brown. Appearance smooth and more fluid than the ointment, that allows you to quickly distributed on the skin after application. Has a specific smell. According to the instructions, the liniment is not recommended to use simultaneously with other drugs of similar action, so as to avoid the formation of new compounds with unpredictable effect.

    Как нужно использовать мазь Вишневского от прыщей на лице

    During pregnancy ointment used after evaluating the possible use of a leading female doctor. The ability to drive vehicles drug influence has not. The ointment is available in tubes and containers for 40 and 100 grams and is considered to be over-the-counter drug.

    Indications ointment

    Through its action ointment is widely used in dermatology, cosmetology and surgery. Balm is used to treat conditions:

  • wounds with purulent content;
  • burns and frostbite of the tissues;
  • inflammation in the layers of the epidermis;
  • acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples;
  • eczematous manifestations;
  • boils, carbuncles, abscesses;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • obesity, parametritis;
  • lymphadenitis, lymphangitis.
  • The use of the drug in acute inflammatory diseases of the skin is used to accelerate the maturation of the furuncle, carbuncle, lymphadenitis, but not to treat them. In such cases, parallel to the antibiotics used to deal with pathological microflora.

    The drug is used to deal with red spots and small scar after the process of acne on the skin. Due to the fact that affects the regenerative processes, improving the supply of tissue with blood and accelerate tissue reactions.

    Age spots are considered the indication for the use of balsam Vishnevsky. The ointment is totally harmless and is available for any part of the population, and economical to use. The tool works deeper than other creams of vegetable origin, but not as fast as special synthetic drugs to fight acne.

    Important! The use of any funds held under the supervision of a physician. Self-medication does not achieve the desired result.

    Как нужно использовать мазь Вишневского от прыщей на лице

    Use against acne and acne

    The liniment is applied exclusively on clean skin. The area that would be impacted with a drug, you need to steam for deeper penetration of the drug. After a preliminary purification, it is necessary to treat the face lotion or tonic that does not have alcohol base.

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    The application point in the area of pathological manifestations, and then the pimple is closed with a bandage or band-aid. This avoids smearing balm. The drug is not removed from the skin, he will be absorbed into the deeper layers of the epidermis. The procedure is done before bedtime.

    In the morning wash your face to remove oily remains of balsam Vishnevsky. The result of using usually visible on the second or third day from the start of therapy. Inflammation is reduced and the pimples are not as noticeable.

    Ointment is used for the treatment of subcutaneous pimples. For this purpose a single application at night will not be enough. In such cases, the balm is applied throughout the day and before bedtime the pathologic area overlaps compress. This allows you to accelerate the maturation of the pathological elements.

    Be aware! Before using the product tested individual sensitivity to all components included in the composition. This is done on the skin of the back or lower extremities, where the thickness of the epidermis above.

    Medical mask

    There is a way by which it is possible to use the ointment in the form of a mask. You need to prepare a fabric mask, having holes in it for eyes and mouth. On its entire surface is applied a liniment and is applied to the face. Fabric you need to fix her so she can stay on the skin for several hours.

    To use this mask is better on the weekends because the facility has a specific odor or no more than 3 times a week.

    Honey mask

    Need to take oil and honey and mix in equal proportions. The product is applied to skin and left on for 40 minutes. You then rinse with warm water. Honey has in its composition the necessary vitamins and minerals, which penetrate into the layers of the epidermis due to the action of castor oil. It also softens and nourishes the skin.

    During treatment with Vishnevsky ointment, you need to abandon the use of cosmetics and adhere to other rules to prevent the appearance of new lesions. Normalization of diet prevents excessive ingress of carbohydrates and glucose in the body.

    The course of treatment with Vishnevsky ointment lasts up to 20 days, if necessary longer. It depends on the patient’s condition and the nature of the pathological process.

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    Be aware! Use of the drug in children has not been studied, so you should rely on the practice in each individual clinical case.

    Как нужно использовать мазь Вишневского от прыщей на лице


    Each medium has certain contraindications, so you need to consult a dermatologist about the possibility of using the drug. As balsam Vishnevsky is considered to be safe, the list of contraindications is small:

  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • neoplastic processes at the site of application;
  • kidney failure;
  • a rash at the site of application, accompanying infectious disease.
  • The tool should not be put on exposed skin during the summer, as enhanced sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation.


    Side effects

    Among the side effects, an allergic reaction that occurred due to the fact that patients did not have a test on sensitivity to active ingredients before using the product. Occurs redness, itching, peeling skin, rash type hives. These reactions are fairly rare. Basically, the skin normally responds to the application of the balm.

    Those who use the drug for a long time, is afraid that the permanent coating will burn or other residual reaction. In some cases, on the surface of the skin a slight local hyperemia, which is caused by the irritating effect of castor oil. This action takes place the day after the end of therapy.



    Vishnevsky ointment is unparalleled for use. It is affordability and efficiency. In the case of the lack of results need to consult with your dermatologist about choosing a different scheme for the application of liniment.