Ichthyol in the boil: the effect of treatment and application circuit

The boil is very painful and unpleasant disease, it develops very quickly, therefore are looking for various ways to get rid of it. Ichthyol in the boil is a reliable helper, its beneficial properties help a lot of people forget about purulent inflammation of the skin. The based ointment of Ichthyol is available to all and is very easy to use, why it is so popular.

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  • What is Ichthyol ointment
  • Treatment of boils Ichthyol ointment
  • How to use the Ichthyol ointment to treat boils
  • The principle of action of Ichthyol ointment for abrasions
  • The advice of a dermatologist
  • Contraindications
  • What is Ichthyol ointment

    Ichthyol is obtained by processing oil shale tar, it has a sulphur to 10%, associated with than nasty sharp smell of ointment. Contains petrolatum as an additional substance and has a black, tar-like structure. However, despite the unique properties, Ichthyol discourages many people by its smell, appearance and they are choosing more modern and expensive tools. The drug is still widely used in the treatment of boils because it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic effect, relieves pain on the inflamed area of skin.

    Among the favorable properties of the ointment are:

  • tissue regeneration;
  • increasing blood circulation in the diseased area;
  • restores damaged inner layer of the skin;
  • the pus is drawn up;
  • antimicrobial effect;
  • decreases inflammation.
  • External use of Ichthyol contributes to the rapid recovery of damaged tissue in any part of the skin. Itching and redness also removed this healing ointment, and also reduces the pain.

    Treatment of boils Ichthyol ointment

    Ichthyol ointment is one of the best in the treatment of ulcers, in spite of its odor, it is a few days significantly reduces swelling and redness around the boil. The duration of therapy depends on the course of skin diseases. To achieve maximum results from the treatment, you need to follow a few rules on the application of the ointment:

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    1. Cannot be applied simultaneously with ihtiola drugs containing heavy metals, alkaloids. For example, the use of iodine together with cause a burn ointment.
    2. Ointment boils will be more effective in the early stages of development of a purulent process than in advanced cases when no medical examination is not necessary.

    It is not recommended to squeeze out the contents of the abscess, since there is a high risk of infection. This procedure is best left to a specialist. Before the treatment at home you need to consult a doctor, because there are cases when to get rid of a boil can only help the operation. The treatment for boils on the basis of ihtiola available for each, and the scheme of applying the ointment is very simple.

    Ихтиол при фурункуле: эффект от лечения и схема применения

    How to use the Ichthyol ointment to treat boils

    To completely get rid of the boil, you will need to apply an ointment to the affected area. Before the procedure, the abscess and the skin around it is treated with antiseptic solution or wash out warm water with soap. The required amount of drug is applied to red bump with a thick layer, then cover the top dressing out of the sterile material. A compress of ointment should be securely fixed with adhesive plaster or a bandage. Before the ripening of the boil procedure is done twice a day.

    You need to wash your hands thoroughly so that excess didn’t get on mucous membranes. Besides the cream the doctor prescribes the bactericidal means, sometimes it is necessary to guzzle antibiotics, or enter them in the form of injection. External treatment works well in the initial stages of ripening of the boil, because in most cases you will need additional therapy simultaneously with the compresses. After the release of pus effective drugs with antibiotics and compresses with ihtiola also continue to apply for a better healing of tissues.

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    Ихтиол при фурункуле: эффект от лечения и схема применения

    The principle of action of Ichthyol ointment for abrasions

    The drug will help speed up the ripening of the boil and pull out the purulent contents. A valuable property of the Ichthyol is pain relief since the active substance has anesthetic effect. Components of the ointment irritates the skin and promote rapid healing of the wound after the breakout of abscess. Will fit 10 or 20% drug.

    There are instances when the boil after the first application of the ointment was much reduced in size. Thanks to its bactericidal properties it is well suited for disinfection of wounds, relieves inflammation and swelling. Staphylococci, which are the most common cause of boil, killed by exposure means. If you put it on the newly formed red bump, it is possible to prevent further development of a purulent process.

    Ихтиол при фурункуле: эффект от лечения и схема применения

    The advice of a dermatologist

    After breaking the abscess, the wound can be treated with peroxide, and then continue to bandage with a drug. One application is not enough for full recovery. Treatment Ichthyol ointment should last several days depending on the stage of the disease. It is recommended to apply it carefully, only the place of the boil.

    Especially effective is the tool, if the boil is deep within the skin, because its components are quickly pull up the contents of the boil.


    Among the contraindications ointment allocate individual sensitivity to the components. Allergic reactions occur very rarely, because you can safely use the drug. During pregnancy and lactation the product is used only after the consultation with the doctor. In children rarely allergic to Ichthyol, but it is not recommended to apply it on the skin until the age of 6 years, and sometimes the doctors forbid the drug to 12 years. Ointment is used for external use only, should not be applied to mucous membranes, especially if there are open wounds and abrasions.

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    The action of the Ichthyol ointment is very fast and competent application completely eliminates pus formation on the skin. If the drug is caused at an early stage and in the right scheme, he could become a good substitute for surgical intervention and prevent serious complications, at first glance, small and safe boil.