If hives is contagious or not?

Good day, dear readers! Urticaria is a disease which is accompanied by severe itching.

Each of us, when he sees the symptoms in another person wondered if hives is contagious or not. If passed this nasty disease, we will find out in this article.

Contagious disease in adults?

Заразна ли крапивница или нет?Of course, pathology is not contagious that is not transferable from person to person. However, be aware that it can be triggered by different aspects:

  • food;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • household allergens;
  • viruses, fungi, bacteria.

These factors are the causative agents of disease which are transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one.

So, if an allergic reaction in an adult caused the herpes to get infected with hives from it. However, there is a huge risk of Contracting herpes.

When infected with this disease, you may not feel uncomfortable symptoms of hives as the body of each of us is an individual.

Is there any disease in children?

Заразна ли крапивница или нет?Children are different factors that cause allergies. The only difference is that in children the disease may develop on the background of childhood diseases: chickenpox, rubella and so on.

For most adults, the pathology is not a hazard. And when you touch a sick child with a healthy, infection of these diseases.

At occurrence of first signs of urticaria in adults and children, should find out its root cause, as there is a risk of infection from the patient to the disease that caused the hives.

Why are hives dangerous?

This disease is not fatal and not contagious, as mentioned above. However, the treatment should be undertaken promptly, as complications may develop angioedema, as shown in the photo below, anaphylactic shock.

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When the swelling appeared on the face, you may experience a sad complications, so you need to immediately start treatment.

Evidence of infectivity of pathology

Заразна ли крапивница или нет?Scientists have proved that the urticaria is absolutely safe for the environment and simply cannot be transmitted through skin contact from one patient to another, as is the reaction of the organism to the pathogen or symptom of a serious illness.

If the underlying disease has an infectious origin, then it can be transmitted by contact-household.

Urticaria is a reaction to an irritant, it can occur, and may be absent altogether, if the immune system of another person stronger.

Always remember that urticaria can lead to serious complications, and this is a very serious condition requiring immediate hospitalization of the patient.

Fortunately, many people are very serious about their health. They cautiously interact with the people whose skin is covered with red spots.

Often after contact with a sick person might think about infection, and the most receptive people begin to fantasize about the existence of very serious health problems. Of course, to take care of your health needs every.

But knowledge about the nature and manifestations of elementary lesions will help to avoid bad thoughts and time to start treatment.

How to treat the disease?

When the first symptoms – skin rashes, you must immediately start treatment, despite the fact that the disease is not contagious.

Timely treatment will help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and therefore, the surrounding will not pay attention to you.

In order to get rid of hives, you should understand why it occurred.

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  • The first thing you should pay attention to the nature of the chair. If the culprit of disease food allergen, then you should wash out the stomach and to comply with hypoallergenic diet.
  • It is advisable to take anti-allergic drugs.
  • Many people save the drinking soda, healing waters of Borjomi.
  • In the case of very severe itching can help diphenhydramine.
  • Permanently in chronic recurrent urticaria all of these steps will not work. For this it is necessary to resort to other methods of solving the problem. Here can help a qualified technician.
  • Patients with chronic form of disease appointed corticosteroids.
  • Hives, which constantly recurs, can be successfully treated with physiotherapy interventions: wraps, UV, etc.
  • To use means external use does not matter. Temporary relief can be achieved by the use of liquid paste, cooling the skin surface.
  • Features power

    Заразна ли крапивница или нет?To recover faster, you need to observe a hypoallergenic diet:

    • to unsubscribe from allergic products;
    • to eliminate food allergens.
    • the menu should gradually add previously forbidden foods, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism;
    • all products must be subjected to heat treatment.

    Foods that should be included in the diet is fruits and vegetables bright colors, lean meats, milk products. Meals should be steamed or boiled. Cereals and potatoes should soak in cold water.

    Hypoallergenic diet and the right treatment is the key to a speedy recovery and elimination of unpleasant symptoms.

    How to treat hives during pregnancy?

    Заразна ли крапивница или нет?Pregnant women have a weakened immune system, so during this period increases the risk of Contracting different diseases. Urticaria can be a symptoms of a disease.

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    So at the first signs of the disease, should undergo full examination to exclude more serious diseases, which can severely harm the child.

    During pregnancy many drugs are banned. Before you start any treatment, is to consult with an experienced doctor.

    The treatment is based on eliminating precipitating factors that cause urticaria. Antihistamines should be taken with caution, as some may promote uterine contractions.

    Pregnant women frequently observed food allergies. Experts insist on the strict observance of a hypoallergenic diet. Avoid contact with cosmetics, Pets, household chemicals and medicines.

    A woman should monitor the amount of consumed liquid and periodically cleanse the body using sorbents. In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe taking corticosteroids.

    Remember that skin rash is a symptom, indicating that you should immediately begin treatment. Good day, dear readers, be well!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)