If warts are passed from person to person or not?

Передаются ли бородавки от человека к человеку или нет?Welcome, dear readers. Many people believe that warts appear after touching the frogs. Of course, this is a myth.

In fact, a wart is a skin virus that can appear anywhere on the body. Mostly unpleasant growths formed on his hands.

The reason for this often are contacts with infected people and surrounding objects. In today’s article we want to talk about what are warts from person to person and how to avoid infection.

Why do warts appear?

Передаются ли бородавки от человека к человеку или нет?The main cause of HPV is the decrease of protective forces of an organism. Also affect this hormonal disruptions, prolonged stress, overwork, poor nutrition, adverse effects, poor environment, etc.

How do you get?

As mentioned above, the cause of getting warts human papillomavirus. Almost every person has this virus, however, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, strengthen the immune system, it is not aktiviziruyutsya, and you never know what is warts.

So, how are warts? Sick in several ways:

  • Through everyday – through personal hygiene products, clothes and shoes;
  • Right way – when shaking hands, that is, through contact with a sick person.

The bacteria and virus enters the body through cracks in the skin, owing to what there comes infection. The incubation period ranges from 2 to 6 months.

If you have strengthened the body, then he have to cope with the disease. The multiplication and progression of the virus will stop and the skin you will not appear.

Передаются ли бородавки от человека к человеку или нет?So, you touched a personal item of the patient, through small fissures of skin you got a virus. In the human genome DNA of the virus leads to cell proliferation.

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Blood flow to the damaged area increases, whereby the cells began to grow. You may not remember where and as contracted as it can take up to 6 months until the wart appears on your body.

Most quickly it is possible to get infected in areas with humid and warm air. The most «dangerous» places are saunas, baths, swimming pools, gyms and sports halls.

Through the water, fortunately, the disease is not transmitted. You come into the common areas, grab the handrails, skirting the pools, and in the end you can catch the virus.

You can’t know who touched them before you, and it may be just an infected person. It is therefore common lesions are wart – hand.

Some ask the question – can the warts be transmitted through kissing? Yes you can, as it is also in direct contact. In this case, the virus can manifest anywhere on the body.

Передаются ли бородавки от человека к человеку или нет?There are cases when warts are sexually transmitted. As a result of infection, tumors are formed in intimate places, and on the mucous membranes of the genitals.

This is the most common sexually transmitted disease. According to statistics, genital warts appear half people leading an active sex life.

These warts can bring discomfort their medium, to itch, swell, etc. generally these warts are harmless but many are trying as quickly as possible to get rid of them, because it is not only ugly, but uncomfortable.

In the intimate area growths appear as in women and men. In women, warts on the mucous membrane can cause infection of the child at birth.

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Also, the human papillomavirus can lead to cervical cancer. That is why you should regularly visit your doctor to avoid such consequences.

If the virus is transmitted by inheritance?

Передаются ли бородавки от человека к человеку или нет?Actually no – not transmitted. Yes, you can see families where the wart affects the whole family, but it has nothing to do with heredity.

Just the family members are in close contact with each other, and that becomes the cause of the constant infection.

Is it possible to catch the virus from animals?

Our smaller brethren are also exposed to different diseases, including HPV, but for humans it is not dangerous. From dogs and cats warts are not transmitted, but one animal can infect another. Infection occurs from contact, toys and bowls.

How to avoid infection?

So you never had warts, you must follow a few rules:

  • Follow the hygiene of your body.
  • In swimming pools, saunas and other areas with a wet environment do not go barefoot, and use only his shoes.
  • After receiving guests at home, try to immediately wipe the floor, preferably means chlorine, as it is kills bacteria.
  • Regularly dry, disinfect, ventilate the shoes.
  • Try to eliminate contact with people who suffer from warts.
  • When going to the beauty salons when you ask to disinfect all the items that will benefit the master (manicure, hairdressing accessories, etc.).
  • So, you learned how really do you get human papillomavirus. I want to note that if you will strengthen your body and also to comply with preventive measures, do not know what the warts.

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    Nevertheless, if you have skin lesions, seek the advice of a dermatologist, who will suggest effective treatment methods, as well as the ways to remove warts. Just do not self-medicate. Be healthy!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)