In what ways are passed on warts?

Какими способами передаются кондиломы?Hello my dear readers! In this article I want to raise the question about how genital warts are transmitted from person to person.

The answer to this question is of great importance, because, knowing the ways of transmission of the virus, you can prevent it from entering the body.

But before we begin to consider ways of transmission of the virus asking you to pay attention to the book, which is available on this page.

It describes the complete treatment of warts, following which you can get rid of the disease for 2-3 months.

The causes of the disease

Pointed condylomas are small papillomas, which are grouped to resemble the florets of cauliflower.

Besides the cosmetic disadvantage, they can still cause pain and itching, with constant friction may become cancer.

A particular danger of the virus that he could barely remain in the body without clinical manifestations, with a decrease in protective forces, the body covered with small warty lesions.

Most often, these growths appear in the area of male and female genitals, the anus, and also in the neck, armpits, where the increased separation of the sweat.

The cause of the disease is the human papillomavirus, which is transmitted primarily through sexual contact.

Microbiologists and physicians identified and investigated more than 80 strains of the virus, most of them do not carry a special danger to the health and life of the patient, but among them there are about 30 types that cause cancer of the genitourinary system in both sexes.

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As mentioned above, HPV can have such ways of transmission:

  • sexual;
  • household.

Какими способами передаются кондиломы?Sexual transmission is the most common. The fact that HPV likes to settle in those places where there is constant friction, heat, and moisture.

Through sexual contact and create the most favorable conditions of reproduction. If the partner is a carrier of the disease and does not have pronounced clinical symptoms, this does not mean that sex with him can be safe.

Even in this situation the virus can enter the body and manifest themselves after several months or even years, with a sharp decrease in the protective forces of the organism.

Less common, but still existing way of HPV infection – contact-household. The fact that sometimes the HPV can be in the secretions.

If the family has not instituted a rule individual hygiene items, including towels, women and men can pass the disease to the child through everyday life.

The mechanism of infection during intercourse

Какими способами передаются кондиломы?During sexual intercourse the body’s partners are closely in contact with each other. Moreover, the way sexual pleasure is irrelevant.

The virus during microinjuries of skin and mucous membranes enters the body partner. If it is there are favorable conditions, it aktiviziruyutsya waiting for an opportune moment, low immunity to manifest itself.

In most cases, the first appearance of genital warts occurs in 7-8 weeks, but the latent period can last up to 7-8 months.

After the first symptoms, you should seek help from a doctor. The treatment of this disease deals with the dermatologist, but given the specific location of the warts that can help in the urologist and the proctologist and the gynecologist.

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The main condition of successful and effective treatment is timely qualified medical assistance.

How to protect yourself from HPV?

Какими способами передаются кондиломы?The main method of protection from HPV is to avoid casual sex.

If this happens, partners need to protect themselves. Especially to remember it is men who need to ensure protected sexual intercourse. And also need:

  • to be honest with your sexual partners, you should talk about the diseases of the SPT;
  • honestly to your partner, and if you know that they are infected with HIV, it is necessary to tell, it’s the care and about their health and the health of your partner;
  • if all previous advice remains ignored, then make sure at least the presence of special intimate means that you must use before and after sexual intercourse. Of course, they do not guarantee 100% protection but significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Methods of treatment of genital warts

Какими способами передаются кондиломы?If you find yourself the symptoms of genital condylomatosis, the most important thing is to seek help from a doctor, and in any case not to self-medicate.

The treatment of this disease, the doctor will select individually for each patient, taking into account the type, severity, and allergic history of the patient.

Innovation in the global pharmaceutical market is a vaccine against human papilloma virus. This drug is not yet proven, but doctors say that the therapeutic effect is.

Moreover, this vaccine is effective in preventing cervical cancer in women, the cause of which is often oncogenic strain of HPV.

In most cases, treatment of genital warts carried out comprehensive:

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  • Radical removal of the overgrown epithelium using laser, radio wave, thermal, or chemical degradation.
  • In the place of removed warts must be applied to local immunomodulating and antiviral drugs.
  • To strengthen the body’s immune defenses, it is necessary twice a year to carry out prophylactic administration of immunomodulators, vitamins, and antiviral agents.
  • Equally important in the treatment of HPV is a healthy lifestyle. And this is the rejection of bad habits, healthy nutrition, sport activities, healthy sleep and rest at least 8 hours a day, avoiding stress.
  • Special attention to each patient I want to draw on the timeliness of diagnosis and treatment of any illness, including genital warts.

    After all, diagnosed the disease much easier to treat than severe running form.

    Health must be protected from his youth, because this natural gift is unique and priceless. We wish your good health!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)