Infectious dermatitis: how to treat the disease in children and adults?

Инфекционный дерматит: как лечить заболевание у детей и взрослых?Good day, dear readers! Did you ever with burning and peeling? It would seem, what could be worse?

An-no! Can! Worse is when the nature of the skin lesions — infection. Will talk with you about a disease called infectious dermatitis.

What is this disease?

For starters, take a look at the photos. At first glance – the classic dermatitis, with all its symptoms:

  • itching;
  • redness;
  • peeling;
  • sputum when brushing.

Causes of pathology

Инфекционный дерматит: как лечить заболевание у детей и взрослых?Unlike the disease just one. The causative agent of this dermatitis is the fungus or pathogenic bacteria.

When they enter the skin or the wound begin to multiply. Modification of the skin – this is a response of the organism to pathogenic germs.

It should be noted that in cases of high body resistance, their reproduction becomes impossible. Without giving the answer in the form of rash, the body suppresses them fast enough.

The expression and localization

The different causative agents of the disease and the rash appears different, and is usually on different parts of the body.

  • Varicella. The rash begins large pink spots, which later become vesicles. Then they get wet and form a crust. Pimples can cover the entire body, including mucous membranes and the scalp.
  • Measles. This dark pink redness of the skin, and sometimes small pimples. Usually begins with the face, but then spread to the body.
  • Scarlet fever is a vesicular rash, which then peel.
  • Typhus. The inflammation occurs on the chest and abdomen, crossing on the creases of the hands and ends with the pigmentation of the skin.
  • Enterovirus infection. Small pimples are covering the torso, you can also watch them at the arms and legs. They disappear after a few days.
  • Scabies. Is localized on the abdomen, feet and palms.
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    Almost all the possible varieties of infectious dermatitis combines increased body temperature and severe itching.

    Diagnostic features

    Any incomprehensible change of the epidermis you must immediately consult a doctor. There is no such a General diagnosis or an online resource that clearly you are diagnosed.

    In children up to three years the symptoms may be modified, therefore, to accurately determine the disease can only be a doctor.

    Also for exact determination of the disease turn to the analysis of blood, urine and examination of scales. Still, there are times when you will need other professionals.


    Инфекционный дерматит: как лечить заболевание у детей и взрослых?Therapy of infectious dermatitis especially effective with an integrated approach. Be sure to prescribers that eliminate the causative agent.

    Each individual species requires accordingly, the various components of treatment. In parallel, can be used antihistamines, which relieve itching and inflammation.

    Antihistamines, as we already know, well clean allergic dermatitis, flaking and redness.

    You need to speak separately about external treatment. Not every infectious dermatitis requires topical treatment.

    Measles, for example, in a situation when there is no strong manifestations do not require external treatment. Rash goes away in a few days.

    Chickenpox, as we know from childhood, is treated with green paint. If we talk about scabies – there is required a special ointment, which is able to rid the skin from the causative agent, by the way, on the contrary, the drugs in pill form are not assigned.

    Cases when there is fever require antipyretics. But to a certain point to lower it is not necessary.

    So we give time to the body itself cope with the infection and thereby stimulate the immune system.

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    Children of different age threshold that the temperature is different, so it is also better to ask your doctor.

    But often such diseases, especially those that we refer to «child» do not give the body temperature above 38 degrees.

    As you can see, not every species requires the same approach. Only an experienced dermatologist can prescribe a treatment plan that is right for you.


    Инфекционный дерматит: как лечить заболевание у детей и взрослых?It is important to understand the value of high resistance as in adulthood, so pay attention to immunity of your children.

    With good resistance to diseases such diseases, as scabies in General will pass you. An infected patient can transmit the disease agent, but would work natural protection of the skin and it just will not be able to reproduce and die.

    To strengthen the immune system need to eat right, sleep enough, make time for walks, drink a prescribed amount of water and maybe take vitamins.

    It is also desirable hardening and exercise. By following some simple rules for immunity, you not only protect yourself from skin diseases, but also from many others.

    Infection prevention

    Apart from a strong body, do not forget about elementary rules of hygiene. Wash hands immediately after coming home, after visiting the toilet and before eating.

    As a rule, different types of dermatitis we bring into the house that is on the cover of the palms and hands.


    Thus, we have already dealt, infectious dermatitis is primarily a disease caused by a specific pathogen.

    Fungus or harmful bacteria gets on the skin of the carrier or patient in a favorable environment to successfully reproduce there.

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    For the treatment of disease used completely different means, which act on the cause and at the same time relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

    In order to prevent such problems, it is necessary to support the immune system and to observe the rules of hygiene.

    To warn the appearance of the problem is always much easier, than then to get rid of it!

    In conclusion, the article put the video on natural remedies for allergies:

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