Infiel with the chicken pox: how to cure?

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?Hello, dear readers. Everyone knows that chicken pox is a viral disease, which causes one of the subtypes of herpes virus type. From the foregoing, it can be argued that the use of Infiel with the chicken pox it is advisable.

Why? Because its main component is the immunomodulator interferon.

About interferon and its importance in varicella we talked about in previous articles. He has a powerful antiviral effect and stimulates the development of protective functions of the immune system.

And in this article let’s look at the drug, which can be used to quickly get rid of the symptoms of chickenpox. Happy reading!


In this tool, manufactured in gel form, there is one feature. When applied it forms an invisible protective film from which the active substances, including interferon, gradually begin to penetrate into the skin.

Thus, the drug acts on the virus particle is longer, destroy more of them. In addition, his abilities include:

  • reducing itching;
  • elimination of inflammation and irritation;
  • stimulation of regeneration;
  • disinfection from bacteria.

The integrated product will help suffering from small pox to reduce the severity of the disease and to quickly remove the symptoms.

Treatment Infieles — all the details

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?The gel should begin to use at the first signs of a viral infection. When applying it you need to gently RUB into the epidermis, trying not to injure the rash. When the chickenpox gel smeared red raised, tender spots that appear in the future Valderice.

Most importantly, do not miss the moment when these spots first came out, otherwise the treatment will not be as effective. To control the number of rashes and find new elements will help Zelenka.

To use the gel, you need three times a day. The treatment will last 7 days (until no new jump spots). If a gel is going to treat chickenpox in children, it is better to apply it only on the elements of rash.

Adult skin is less sensitive, so that the preparation can be applied to all parcels.

Before applying the cure tedious thoroughly. To do this, apply a small amount on your fingers and RUB. Why? Just its components can be separated into fractions during long-term storage.

Apply a thin layer, otherwise the drug will be poorly absorbed. After application on the treated areas of the epidermis may feel a slight burning or tingling. It is absolutely normal, so the medication starts to act.

Can I use gel for pregnant and nursing?

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?The bulk of the drugs against the symptoms of chickenpox is contraindicated in women carrying baby and nursing. But not Infiel. Pregnant women can apply it without fear, as it is applied to the skin and has no systemic effect.

Breastfeeding mothers can also use the above medication, but it should be done so that it does not hit the baby in the mouth.

The treatment of the disease in the mouth

This unique product can cause mucous to children and adults. Pregnant women to use it thus only in the period of more than 12 weeks. The principle of treatment of mucous the same as the skin.

In what situations to be treated a cure is impossible?

If you read the manual, it is possible to notice a small list of prohibitions:

  • hypersensitivity (individual) and allergic to the ingredients of the medication;
  • autoimmune pathology of increased complexity.

That’s all the main contraindications. Agree, this drug is considered safe and versatile.

The gel stimulates the immune system?

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?Stimulation of the immune system to produce antibodies is due to the impact of certain cells. Interferon produces a stimulation of the process of phagocytosis and formation of antibodies and special substances — lymphokines.

Phagocytosis is called a complex process in which cells absorb special infected, and then destroy them using enzymes and oxidizing agents.

Antibodies against the virus pigeon pox necessary to at ill after recovery have developed a strong lifelong immune protection. These substances are produced by b lymphocytes.

Lymphokines are substances that produce stimulates production of b-lymphocytes.Key action Ipages can be described as follows:

  • antivirus;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • antiproliferativoe.

Cost and reviews

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?Gel comes in tubes of aluminium with a capacity of from two to ten grams. The price depends on the amount of drug in the package. For example, the minimum value of the tube equivalent to 80-100 rubles, and the maximum 10-gram — 290-350 RUB.

To buy this medication at any pharmacy item. It is sold without prescription, so I advise you to get them just in case. Infiel effective against various herpes viruses.

The reviews about the drug are almost always positive. I suggest to get acquainted with the most common of them.

Love writes:

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?Many thanks to the manufacturer. For me this medicine is a salvation from all troubles. Rash in a child is also treated them, in this case the effect was stunning. The pimples appear in small quantity, almost not scratched and healed very quickly.

Olga writes:

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?I like this gel because it is colorless, perfectly dries, relieves itching and pain, helps to heal wounds. I had chickenpox at the age of 20. It was excruciating until then, until I learned about Infiele.


Mazal rash this medication for a week. The effect was noticeable after the first application. Pimples completely passed by, leaving no scars. No complications were.

Catherine writes:

Инфагель при ветрянке: как правильно им лечиться?This unique tool. If suddenly jumped up herpes, one treatment is enough. The disease literally freezes, stops growing, then the sores can easily cover up with makeup.


When jumps «cold» on the lips before an important meeting or event, I always use the gel.

That’s all the information about Infiele and treatment of chickenpox. If you liked the article, share it with friends on social networks. Also don’t forget to subscribe don’t update the site. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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