Iodine Allergy: does it happen and how is it determined?

Аллергия на йод: бывает ли и как ее определить?With joy I welcome you, visitors and regular readers! Iodine Allergy is not one of the most frequent diseases, however, at the present time has become increasingly common. A until recently, not aware of the existence of such intolerance.

In itself, the substance can cause allergies, but getting on the epidermis or into the body, it enters into a definite reaction in which a foreign protein is special.

The protein and serves as a provocateur of hypersensitivity to iodine and iodine preparations (which consists of the substance). Let’s study in detail an iodine intolerance.

Why develop hypersensitivity to iodine?

As you know, this substance is found in many food products such as walnuts and seaweed, as well as the medications that are used to treat the endocrine system.

The symptoms of iodine sensitivity, do not occur after the first exposure to a stimulus in the body. The nature of this disease is cumulative. Thus, its causes can be several:

  • Excessive intake of iodine-containing drugs.
  • Chronic diseases of the endocrine system and the digestive tract.
  • Individual increased sensitivity (where the body categorically does not accept iodine).
  • Аллергия на йод: бывает ли и как ее определить?The first reason provokes hypersensitivity is extremely rare, as caught in excessive numbers in the body of iodine per day and neytralizuya absorbed by the thyroid gland if it is healthy.

    By the way, in order that the body has got a critical dose of the above substances that can cause serious deterioration, you need to eat in one sitting 5-7 kg of seafood (seaweed, for example).

    Chronic illnesses are more likely to cause allergies. Any violation of metabolic processes in the body are fraught with allergies. For example, a child with a weakened body and immune system in particular, allergies can cause iodine-containing drugs:

    • alcohol or aqueous solutions of iodine;
    • Lugol;
    • Biligrafin, Sodamin and other similar contrast media that is injected intravascular;
    • drugs to treat thyroid;
    • antiseptics based on iodine.
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    Аллергия на йод: бывает ли и как ее определить?Symptoms of iodine intolerance

    The sooner allergies notice symptoms, the easier it will be to overcome the disease. How do you know that you have an intolerance to iodine?

    In most situations, it occurs after external application of iodine-containing drugs. For this Allergy is characterized by:

    • so special that she was given a separate name, reaction — iododerma (shown in photo);
    • nasal contact with the stimulus;
    • itching and peeling;
    • vesicular rash with serous content
    • a symptom of Stevens-Johnson (severe cases).

    The above are local reactions on the skin, which is the easiest way to identify the disease. However, Allergy to iodine-containing medications and products are not always evident to the local way.

    Sometimes it is accompanied by a systematic deterioration: increasing shortness of breath, difficulty breathing; swelling «Quincke»; angioneurotic edema type; bronchial spasms; shock-anaphylactic condition.

    Often the reaction to iodine is accompanied by mild or moderate symptoms. Severe hypersensitivity occurs only after intravenous administration of iodine-containing medicines.


    For example, did you notice the above deterioration and decided that you have iodine swervedriver. What to do next? Not be amiss to go to an allergist and confirm the diagnosis. Diagnosis of hypersensitivity is produced with the help of certain tests:

  • The doctor takes iodine alcohol solution and a cotton swab.
  • The drug is applied to different parts of the body of the Allergy in places with the most sensitive skin.
  • Iodine can be absorbed by the dermis throughout the day. All this time for the skin and its reactions must be observed.
  • If during the absorption of iodine the skin is not inflamed and does not swell, the diagnosis is not confirmed. But if on the treated epidermis there is a swelling, redness, rash, the diagnosis is confirmed.
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    This analysis you can lead at home. Even if the result is positive, to engage in self-appointing yourself drugs are not worth it.

    Be sure to go to doctors who will prescribe an effective treatment. By the way, are you curious how to treat iodine hypersensitivity?

    Treatment iodine intolerance

    Аллергия на йод: бывает ли и как ее определить?First of all, you must eliminate the irritant from the lives of allergic. Stimulus can be a specific product or medication.

    Hypersensitivity in infants may develop due to the fact that iodine was fond of when pregnant or enjoys his lactating mother. In pregnancy, the use of iodine-containing products in excess is strictly prohibited.

    If allergic attack happened dramatically and in the moderate form, to treat it have an antihistamine.

    Fortunately, at the present time, the range of medicines striking diversity. Allergies prescribed: Tavegil, Aerius, Zyrtec, Zodak. Details about these medications you can read on this website.

    If you have any local reaction (on the skin) after application of iodine-containing ointment or solution, then you should immediately wash away the irritant and take antihistamines for the ambulance: or Suprastin Diphenhydramine in a tablet form.

    How does a skin reaction to iodine, you already know if you read the article fully.

    In the event of severe allergic attacks, for example, anaphylactic shock state, it is necessary to call an ambulance. Such symptomatology is eliminated, the special anti-shock therapy.

    Sudden iodine intolerance have nowhere to stay. Therefore, in the future, the allergies will have to avoid contact with the irritant.

    Preventive measures

    • abandon the seafood — sea Kale, crabs, shrimps, as well as from iodized salt;
    • carefully examine the part and instructions of the medicine before taking;
    • carefully choose antiseptics and preparations for external use;
    • to warn physicians about the presence of hypersensitivity;
    • if the allergic person is a child, warn the educators in kindergarten and teachers in school.
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    Adhering to these rules, you fully control of iodine hypersensitivity. If you liked the article, please do tell your friends about it on social networks, and subscribe to site updates. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)