Iodine warts: is it possible to cauterize the growths on the skin?

Йод от бородавок: можно ли прижигать наросты на коже?Hello, dear readers. Today we talk about an effective method of removing warts on the skin.

Alas, it is a skin disease now is quite common and causes a lot of negative feelings, especially in women.

Once the body noticed slight bowing, he should immediately get rid of. The fact that such skin lesions are often contagious and can be transmitted to others or spread throughout the body.

In addition, regular warts because of the accidental damages may cause cancer, which is extremely dangerous.

Now, many medical and beauty clinics offer good options to remove the tumor.

The most popular methods such as cauterization by liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy, laser burning, radio-wave interference.

Of course, it is easier to visit the salon and safely remove the wart, but do not forget that these treatments are very expensive, so not everyone available.

An excellent alternative to medical operations are a folk remedy against warts. In fact, a lot of them, but I would like especially to highlight a tool such as iodine.

What is so good iodine solution in the fight against tumors?

Йод от бородавок: можно ли прижигать наросты на коже?Iodine is a great antimicrobial agent. It is an irritant to the problematic tissue, and at high concentrations provides cauterization of warts.

The portion of drug absorbed through the skin, owing to what affected it affected area. However, it is rapidly absorbed and therefore to smear the problem areas need no less than 2 times per day. Only then can effective treatment of warts with iodine.

An important factor for many people is the price of this tool. It is very cheap and available to everyone.

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Even if this medicine will not work, you can use it for other purposes – to get rid of varicose ulcers and acute otitis, inflammation of the throat and tonsils, as well as for prevention of iodine deficiency. So this drug will never be unclaimed.

The positive feedback from our patients

Йод от бородавок: можно ли прижигать наросты на коже?Those who fought the warts with iodine, leave a lot of positive reviews:

  • You can bring all skin lesions for one month.
  • From scorching of the iodine disappear not only the tumors, but the scars from them. The skin becomes clean and smooth. This applies only to small growths on the body.
  • After treatment with iodine dissolve even large and flat warts.
  • Baths with sadowym solution great help for genital warts.
  • Minimal recurrences.

However, the use of this tool, there are negative aspects

  • The skin may form a strong enough burn, especially if you overdo it with the application.
  • Some people have improvement sadowym solution the number of warts increased (probably very rarely).
  • In the treatment of genital warts (intimate area) skin can turn white and flake off. This is due to the increased sensitivity of this region. It is recommended not to smear these warts, and use only godovye bath.
  • In some cases, iodine does not help in the treatment, especially if the growth is localized on the rough, thick skin (plantar warts).
  • Iodine fairly quickly penetrates the tissues. As a result, it is actively absorbed by the thyroid gland. Because of this, it may become hyperactive.
  • After removal of warts can appear in the scar.
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I suggest you to watch our introductory video about this tool:

Recommendations for treatment

Йод от бородавок: можно ли прижигать наросты на коже?As mentioned above, iodine warts only helps with repeated use. The affected area of the body must be treated with a cotton swab dipped in medicinal solution.

The procedure is performed every day several times a day. As a result of these manipulations, the warts should mertveci and then disappear. This will be the end of your treatment.

Iodine solution applied to skin education for at least weeks. Sometimes it takes about one month to fully cure.

Remember that iodine is a cauterizing tool and careless handling can cause burns of the dermis.

In any case, if you find a growth on the body, you must first consult a dermatologist who will be able to determine the stage of its development, and assign sparing treatment. And iodine can be a helpful tool in the fight against skin lesions.

Contraindications to the use of alcohol godovogo solution

In fact, contraindications for this medication as a remedy for warts a lot:

  • It is not recommended to cauterize the growths they young children because of the increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • You should refrain from this kind of treatment in case of intolerance of the drug;
  • Iodine is applied with caution if the wart is damaged;
  • During pregnancy treatment sadowym solution is not recommended;
  • If the skin is prone to Diatto and acne this tool to smudge impossible.

Йод от бородавок: можно ли прижигать наросты на коже?Is it possible to cauterize the wart with iodine? Yes, you can. But to constantly make such procedures is not necessary, otherwise it may lead to unpleasant consequences.

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Based on the foregoing, it follows that the iodine is a good treatment for warts at home, although it has a fairly long list of negative effects on the human body.

Be careful to apply it on the skin or even abandon this method if you have at least one contraindication. It is better to choose other methods of wart removal that can help also good.

Most popular drugs at the present time are: garlic warts, the juice of celandine, salicylic acid and products on its basis, as well as various creams that are sold in the pharmacy.

And did you iodine solution from the warts or you resorted to other methods of treatment? We will be glad each of your review. Stay healthy and let the problem of warts never affects you and your family.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)