Is it normal will labor with warts?

Нормально ли пройдут роды с кондиломами?Welcome dear visitor to our website. In this article we will tell you how genital warts can affect childbirth.

Currently, the problem of diagnostics and treatment of diseases associated with human papilloma virus, acquired a leading character. Because of high contagiousness (infectiousness) of the virus, the growing number of cases.

A special contingent of present and pregnant mothers, who often for the first time the virus manifests itself during pregnancy, causing the woman to worry not only for their health but also pregnancy, childbirth, but also for the future baby.

Pregnancy is always accompanied by a decrease in immunity, so condylomatous often recurs, or clinical manifestations first appear. The growths on the genitals have a tendency to rapid growth, presenting a risk for both mother and child.

But, first of all, pay attention to the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes the full course of treatment growths, following which you can rid yourself of the disease for 2-3 months.

Should we be afraid of the future mother?

The risk during delivery with the warts still there, albeit slight. According to various sources, the mother passes the infection to the newborn from 4 to 80% of cases. Even during pregnancy the virus is not causing pathogenic effects on the fetus.

Perhaps the pathogen can provoke premature birth, but a clear opinion in the development of malformations induced by virus, no.

Many women ask the question «is it possible to give birth in the presence of warts?». You can give birth naturally, however, many doctors suggest a cesarean section. Each patient should know that the presence of warts is not an indication for surgical delivery.

Нормально ли пройдут роды с кондиломами?But this issue must be approached thoughtfully, because in the presence of significant warts remains the risk of injury, the occurrence of bleeding.

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Does cesarean section guarantee the birth of a healthy baby? No, unfortunately, there is a statistic that says that even after surgical delivery, babies were born, infected with HPV. To verify this, it is enough to recall the ways of spreading of infection: fetal membranes, cervical canal.

Consequences for the child

Experts say that development of certain diseases is directly related to the transmission of infection from mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth. This is a very serious disease that can affect the respiratory system.

First and foremost, it is worth remembering papillomatosis of the larynx. With equal frequency the disease occurs in children aged 1.5 years to 5. growing papilloma gradually narrows the lumen of the larynx, causing breathing difficulties significantly.

The danger lies in the possibility of asphyxia detached running a papilloma, as well as in the dissemination process in the mucosa of the trachea and bronchi. Despite this, the presence of warts in the genital area or anus should not be the primary indication for the cesarean operation is not carried out only to prevent transmission to the child.

The process of childbirth

In most cases, give birth vaginally in the presence of warts. Usually the doctors go, if growths are found in the anogenital area. Such births are considered safe for the fetus.

To toddler danger in terms of infection present warts located on the mucosa of the vagina, on the walls , on the cervix. In this case, a legitimate doctor will offer you a cesarean section.

Delivery through caesarean section is carried out to those women who have genital warts are an obstacle to the passage of the fetus, represent a threat (risk of injury) for the development of bleeding.

Pregnant women should be properly counselled about the low risk of developing the disease in the unborn child. Anyway, genital warts during pregnancy and childbirth are a source of infection, therefore, require appropriate treatment.

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How to treat the disease in pregnant women?

For a start, the doctor evaluates the appropriateness of the treatment, possible methods to benefit from it greatly exceeded the risk. Be aware that warts are not always removed during pregnancy, since treatment depends on the health of mother and child, the safety of pregnancy.

Birth warts are possible if they are located in the perianal region. In this case, they are not removed until delivery. Even small size of tumors located in the mucosa of the genitals, cannot be removed, because any manipulation can cause miscarriage.

Нормально ли пройдут роды с кондиломами?Warts located on the mucosa of the cervix removed because at birth they are a obstacle. The doctor chooses the gentle and least traumatic methods: a simple cutting off, removal by means of electrobiological loop.

Removal of growths in pregnant women is only possible when reaching a gestational age of 14 weeks. After removal of warts and prior to delivery the patient should follow prescribed treatment that will protect against possible recurrence.

In addition, the therapy of concomitant diseases that reduce immunity, as the whole body and local, vaginal.

If you like folk medicine, but, unfortunately, in this case, you will have to give it up. The reason for the refusal is that all folk remedies based on the cauterization of warts, and it could trigger premature labor.

Also you should know that there are drugs with cytotoxic effect, is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy: Podophyllotoxin, Podophyllin, 5-FU.

Also not recommended medication based on the specific antiviral actions. This IFN, kipferon, Viferon. This interferon preparations, with a specific action.

For pregnant women can be recommended rectal suppositories containing immunoglobulin. Often women after childbirth warts disappear independently, which eliminates unpleasant medical procedures.

Sparing drugs are considered «Solkoderm», which quickly and almost without pain relieve the woman from warts. The alternative may be the Epigenes-sex. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties and also promotes immunity (vaginal).

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After applying this medicine, the normalization of microflora and immunity of the vagina, rapid regeneration of mucous epithelium, relieves discomfort.

Almost all diseases are easier to prevent than to engage in their treatment. Before pregnancy, take care of your health, strengthen the immune system. This will help you walk, fresh air, rational balanced diet, exercise, positive emotions.

If the disease has touched you even before pregnancy, get timely treatment. At this time, you can apply different ways of removing warts, to combine and to combine methods for better and more long-term effect.

If you know that infected with human papillomavirus, you will be useful information: no viruses, except for types 6 and 11, are not able to provide harm to the pregnant woman, her unborn child. Research pregnant for the presence of HPV is not the standard method, is only indicated.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)