Is it possible to eat sweets when the chickenpox?

Hello, dear visitors of dermatology. Agree, all of us in the shower is a sweet tooth. It is especially difficult to do without sweets for the kiddies. What to do if a child or adult chicken pox there where suffering is assigned the diet? Is it possible sweets? After reading the article, you will know the answer and understand why.

Diet mandatory

Можно ли кушать сладкое при ветрянке?Ill have chicken pox weakens the immune system. Any malicious factors can develop complications. The body is in a weakened state does not have time to digest those unhealthy but delicious foods, which normally did before.

Ill of the above, the pox is prohibited fat, meals with spices, roasted, can cause allergies and any sweets. Here is the answer to the question.

Why Goodies-sweets are prohibited?

The threat in such products is sweet carbohydrates. They are found in starchy foods (buns, pies, cakes, etc.), candy, sugar. What can make these carbs with the body ailing? Lot of negative, for example:

  • strengthen the inflammation;
  • enhance itching;
  • to increase the sensitivity of the skin;
  • to provoke the emergence of a new rash;
  • to trigger the development of an allergic rash.

Why is everything so unfair to ask of a sweet tooth. But because the carbohydrates in our body perform the energy function. The sugar is the best vospalitel energy.

Можно ли кушать сладкое при ветрянке?When the human condition is normal, this product in moderation, even helpful, as due to the active lifestyle the body requires more energy. But when he hurts, so much energy it is no longer required. Excess energy will not be absorbed by the body.

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Consequently, the sugar will no longer be cleaved. Because of this, the sugar will circulate in your blood and to increase the level of insulin. And suffering from chicken pox is very dangerous.

Sweets — double the load on the brain

Pox in adults sometimes ends up with complications on the brain. It is extremely life-threatening complication, which is treated hard and long. Sugar in this situation brings the risk of inflammation of the brain, as it also has the ability to adversely affect this important organ.

Scientists have found that an overload of sugar with the chicken pox can lead to the syndrome of Laforêt. This is a disease in which glycogen is deposited in brain cells. The result of such violations may be:

  • epileptic seizures;
  • loss of coordination;
  • dementia and other mental problems.

Можно ли кушать сладкое при ветрянке?In children, chickenpox often occurs in the form of light. But for them sweet during this disease dangerous. Do you wonder why? Because most kids are prone to allergic reactions.

Sugar may provoke the emergence of new allergic rash, itching and strengthen due to the fact that the child’s body after consumption of sugary foods is excited.

What to do if you really want sweetie?

Можно ли кушать сладкое при ветрянке?Here we found out why sugar-containing products to patients varicella is contraindicated. Now I will talk about what to replace the standard buns, cakes and chocolates.

If sweet wanted badly, a sick child or an adult can eat a little dark chocolate. In its composition the sugar in its pure form is missing. Despite this, black chocolate, like any other, elevates mood and prevents nervous breakdown.

When lesions solid products such as chocolate, you need to eat very carefully. Products you can accidentally injure rashes on the mucosa in the oral cavity.

Why the violation of the integrity vetranary folderico dangerous, I have repeatedly explained in previous articles, which you can see on this website.

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Something to note sugar-containing products?

Chocolates and biscuits chickenpox it is better to replace a more safe, natural, organic products — fruits and vegetables. Instead of the standard «bad» sugar is better:

  • apples;
  • bananas;
  • melon;
  • watermelons.

Just do not give your child citrus fruits, as they are often provocateurs allergies. Even sugar-containing foods can be replaced with dried fruit. They will go well for candy, if you drink their tea. Dried fruits are very useful to man, and in particular for the digestive system.

Instead of candies and cakes it is better to eat a baked Apple. After the oven it will be less sweet than the chocolate. If sweetie wanted very much, you can drink tea with honey.

This product will positively affect the state of the mucosa in the oral cavity and encourage quick healing of watery lesions.

Sweet «pests» harmful different

Можно ли кушать сладкое при ветрянке?Not all sugar is considered harmful to suffering from chickenpox. Some similar products are suffering can be given in small quantities, but only if he has no rash on the internal organs.

How harmful different types of sugar-containing Goodies? For example, biscuits and cakes are often bad for the body due to the fact that in their composition a lot of margarine or butter.

Chocolate bars low quality harmful because of the real chocolate in them the almost there.

It is replaced with vegetable fats, which are not absorbed by the human body. Crackers and drying harmful because too rigid. Such products can injure not only the elements vetrennay rash, but the mucous membranes in the mouth.

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That’s all the information about sweet and its dangers with the chicken pox. Remember that the diet should appoint and to design a doctor. It yourself to ascribe to themselves is not worth it. During the illness must adjust your diet as this will speed up the healing process.

I hope to read it was interesting and entertaining. Read the information you wish to share on social networks, and subscribing to the updates of the website will keep track of new publications. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)