Is it possible to tear off the crust with the chicken pox or is it dangerous?

Можно ли сдирать корочки при ветрянке или это опасно? Hello dear visitors of dermatological website! When vetryanye pimples begin to heal, in their place are formed crust. All doctors say that to hurt them and to tear off it is impossible.

Why? They are the natural protection to prevent infection of wounds by bacteria and viruses.

Ill do not be threatened only after the scabs alone to fall off. This process can take a long time.

Want to know how much to speed it up and how to properly care for the dried up blisters that on their me without a scar? Then you have come to the right place!

Why you need a crust on the wounds?

These sturdy education is necessary in order to protect the wound, arose on the site of the ruptured pimples, infections, bacteria and viruses. How to look crisp, you can see in the photo. As you know, chickenpox remains contagious for five days after the last blister.

Dry sores in this situation to prevent re-infection. In case of re-activation of the virus-provocateur has been developing shingles. That’s why the protective function of our body, constructing these formations are brown color, is very important.

How long will be attending brown?

Можно ли сдирать корочки при ветрянке или это опасно? This question is of interest to all suffering from chicken pox. They will be held even if there is no handle. But keep in mind that the healing process will be longer. If you treat these tumors, that they will heal faster.

Are you curious about how the wounds heal after pimples? This process takes 10 days (on average).

For 10 days the pimple is completely healed and crusts will disappear only in case, if not inflamed and not infected. But that did not happen, it is unnecessary to strip off the natural protection.

Than to accelerate the process of wound healing?

The answer to the question: whether to smear the wound, is obvious. Of course, you’re wondering what to smear these skin defects. So I’ve compiled a list of the most effective drugs, which are:

  • speed healing;
  • prevent infection;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • accelerate regeneration of the epidermis.

These drugs can smear not only the wound, with no crusts, but the sores. On them drugs so:

  • will decontaminate;
  • soften;
  • additional protection from infections;
  • accelerate the natural self-cleaning of the skin from crusts.

So, what is this medicine? Fortunately, they are affordable and safe (do not have side effects):

  • Eplun is a wound healing ointment from different types of dermatitis, burns, ulcers and wounds. Main feature microbicide. In addition, heals wounds and softens the crust. Ointment can to treat fresh wounds if there is a risk of infection.
  • Solcoseryl — accelerating the regeneration medium. Is applied to problem areas of the epidermis several times a day thin layer. Quickly heals wounds and detach the cover.
  • Levomikol ointment for the treatment of festered wounds non-sterile. Quickly kills the infection penetrates instantly to the site of inflammation.
  • Baneuoqin — healing and simultaneously a germicide.
  • What happens if you rip off protection by accident or on purpose?

    Можно ли сдирать корочки при ветрянке или это опасно? Keep up with the kids, and to restrain yourself at times we find it very difficult. Sores after the disease look bad, constantly eyesore, cling to clothing and cause discomfort. Of course, supporters will want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Especially partial to crusts are kids. If the child tore off the crust, parents need to carefully monitor the wound and be sure to treat it with antiseptics and wound healing agents. What happens if this is not done?

    The wound stripped protection can anestis infection:

    • virus;
    • bacterial.

    After this happens:

    • inflammation;
    • suppuration;
    • the development of dermatological diseases;
    • a complication of varicella.

    If not treated the wound, which has no natural protection, it will fester, and will heal very long. Then in its place there is a scar or scar in the form of dimples.

    By the way, if the pimples burst and are not covered by the protection as well as long time to heal, it also normal and can cause the formation of scars. Wounds that occur on their site, necessarily need to be treated.

    How to do it right? Read on.

    How to prevent the appearance of scars

    Not waiting for the moment when no longer peel yourself, you stripped them? What to do now? Is there a way to prevent the appearance of scar in the injured wounds? Fortunately, it is possible. This will help you following medications:

  • Contractubex — excellent young heals scars and prevents new ones. The ointment that you use in that case, if the newly sausage skin defect begins to form a scar. The sooner treatment begins, the faster it will disappear skin defect.
  • Kelo-Cote silicone gel that prevents the appearance of scars. Apply recommend for prolonged young dermis of the wound. Perfectly removes feeling of tightness and gives young skin its elasticity.
  • Zeraderm Ultra — ideal for children. Disinfects and heals wounds, speeds up the renewal process of the epidermis. It does not contain allergens and harmful substances.
  • Clofibrate is often used to prevent stretch marks, but can protect from scars in the form of dimples.
  • That’s all the information on the crusts after varicella. Now you know what they do on a day off during the normal course of the disease and how to speed up the process.

    I hope my tips will help you maintain the beauty of the skin. Be sure to tell us about the article to their friends in the social. networks by clicking the share button and remember to subscribe to site updates! I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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