It helps the freezing of warts and what to do?

Greetings to all readers of our site! Today I want to tell you about one effective and affordable method of getting rid of warts which can be successfully used alone in the home.

Who are they and how to get rid of them?

Как помогает замораживание бородавок и чем это делать?Warts on your body are welcomedby benign tumors that appear as a result of infection with papilloma virus (HPV).

To pick up this virus can be contact-household or through sexual contact. As practice shows, the majority of patients infected with HPV when you visit public places (saunas, toilets, saunas, gyms), quickly spreads the virus during unprotected sex.

The danger of this disease is that some types of HPV can cause cancer.

In addition, when a constant mechanical force on the body benign tumors can degenerate into malignant lesions of the process.

For this reason, all the dermatologists say that self removal of warts on the body can have negative consequences.

Modern medicine offers a wide range of methods and tools to remove these growths on the body.

Traditional medicine offers many effective methods that allow you to quickly get rid of the growths:

  • laser therapy;
  • surgical excision;
  • chemical destruction;
  • cryotherapy.

One of the modern methods of removal of papillomas, warts and other growths is cryotherapy based on liquid nitrogen freezing.

If to speak a simple language, then freeze it, bringing it blackens, dries up and disappears.

A few years ago, the freezing of the warts was performed only at specialized medical offices, then as it is today in the pharmacy you can buy such a tool without a prescription. Below is an overview of the most effective and safe medication for cryotherapy.

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Pharmaceutical preparations for freezing of the growths

Among all the means for self-removal of warts, the most efficient way to apply the products for freezing:

  • Wartner Cryo;
  • Kriofarma;
  • Maximart.

Wartner Cryo

Как помогает замораживание бородавок и чем это делать?The active ingredient of this tool is DME alcohol and propane, which may be at home freezing at -400.

According to patient feedback, this tool allows you to quickly, efficiently and painlessly carry on the procedure of cryodestruction in the home.

Before use, read instructions carefully and, preferably, consult with your doctor. On a special holder that attaches to the aerosol container it is necessary to attach a clean applicator.

The applicator is pressed two fingers inside, a hole for the holder. When the applicator is connected to the holder and the container, you need three seconds to press it until you hear a hissing noise.

After 3 seconds, the holder is detached from the balloon and hold for 20 seconds in his hands, and then apply the applicator with a force to the wart for 20-40 seconds.

The exposure time depends on the size and type of the tumor. After the procedure the applicator is removed, it is forbidden to take it with his bare hands.

On the place of wart blister formed, which gradually dries and 10-14 days is no longer, exposing the healthy part on the spot warty outgrowth.

The Drug Kriofarma

Как помогает замораживание бородавок и чем это делать?Medication for wart removal Kriofarma is analogous to the previous formulation. Spray bottle is also supplied with 12 disposable applicators that are used for easy application of the neoplasm.

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The drug is approved for use in children older than 4 years. After the procedure small warts are eliminated after 1 treatment, while plantar or large growths may need a second treatment.

When correctly performed procedure, the patient is not experiencing pain and other unpleasant sensations. The only thing noted by all patients who have experienced the effectiveness of this means that in the first minutes after freezing in place. you can feel a slight tingling and burning sensation that disappear after 20-30 minutes.

How to apply Maxifort to eliminate warts?

Как помогает замораживание бородавок и чем это делать?Modern medication for cryotherapy, which is equipped with everything needed and requires no additional devices.

On the relevant area apply with an aerosol bottle, which is upside down pressed tightly to the wart.

One tap on the bottle, the dimethyl ether is applied to the skin for removal of warts you need to make 3 clicks in a row and keep the bottle in the same 10 seconds.

After 2 weeks the warts disappear without scars. Sometimes, to enhance the effect of the freezing, the skin is moistened before the procedure with water. By this means they are frozen completely to the full depth.

Safety rules when working with freezing preparations

Как помогает замораживание бородавок и чем это делать?To prevent adverse side effects when working with medications to freeze the warts should:

  • carefully follow instructions for use;
  • do not use this tool for the removal of moles, nevi and other neoplasms of unknown origin;
  • if signs of frostbite or inflammation of the surrounding areas of the skin, it is necessary and urgent to contact the doctor.
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Do not use this method in such cases:

  • children up to 4 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • diabetes and other diseases associated with impaired metabolism;
  • when tumors of unknown etiology.

We hope that our tips will help to get rid of warts quickly and effectively.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)